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What Is NDT? Define NDT (New Decision Therapy)

In this YouTube video, Dr. Artour interviewed Lynn Himmelman (NDT Certified Master Practitioner, NDT Master Trainer & Certifier of NDT Practitioners, Kantillation Practitioner and Trainer, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The topic of this video is NDT definition - How to define the NDT?

Dr. Artour Rakhimov introduces Part 1, which concerns the release of trauma through forgiveness. He first asks the general question, "What is New Decision Therapy"? Lynn replies that it is a vast question and she has explained it's definition in many different ways over the years.

New Decision Therapy creator Kandis  Blakely with a client - NDT demo Basically though, when a person suffers a traumatic event, their emotional life is often arrested or stalled and goes into the "pause mode". The decisions that they made at the time are often faulty or unhelpful, hence the need for the "new" decision therapy. Also the decisions are recorded physically in the body and effectively locked into the unconscious. When a client is undergoing therapy we help them identify the point in their life when that original decision was made to better understand the events surrounding it, bringing it to awareness so that they can then improve on the original decision, replace it and make a more productive choice that is in accord with the person they are now. We are our choices and the choices need to be made in awareness or the stress and tension caused by trauma cannot be released.

This is a far better outcome for them than being influenced by old decisions which they are unaware of and which no longer serve us. New Decision Therapy returns control over ones own life choices and aids in personal development and self-actualization. Without awareness a person is often locked into and trapped by a complex of negative emotions that accumulate over time and prevent them operating in the present in a constructive and effective way. This affects relationships to others and relationship to the self and hinders life fulfillment and spiritual development. Instead of spiralling upwards the person can descend in a negative vortex involving many addictions and negative patterns of thought and behaviour that can lead to physically ill health due ot chronic overbreathing and reduced body oxygenation.

Forgiveness traditions In this holistic medical paradigm, one area can positively affect many other areas of life and physical health.

The longer the person holds onto pain, the more damage they can do and the behaviour problems and health problems can become compounded by additional factors. Old trauma can be projected onto other people and new situations in life without the person even aware of the process. Forgiveness and compassionate understanding can help with long term self-esteem and by breaking old patterns can result in positive results in areas as diverse as eating disorders and setting interpersonal boundaries. In fact the effects can be so widespread that it would be difficult to fully document them in a given person.

The NDT also helps to achieve lighter and slower automatic breathing with more oxygen in the brain and other body organs. For these reasons Dr. Artour became an NDT practitioner himself.

NDT (New Decision Therapy) YouTube Playlist: New Decision Therapy: Forgiveness Body Energy Technique - Interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer.

Kandis Blakely
Psychological trauma

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