Healing Emotional Traumas (Shock, Anxiety, Depression) due to Car and Other Accidents

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Healing Emotional Traumas (Shock, Anxiety, Depression) due to Car and Other Accidents 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

In this Dr. Artour’s interview with Lynn Himmelman, NDT Master Trainer, he asks her about emotional trauma due to car accidents and other physical injuries to the body, and how the NDT (New Decision Therapy) quickly heals the mind and emotional life of the victim.

Video synopsis: Dr. Artour Rakhimov asks Lynn Himmelman about one type of trauma which is physical trauma or physical injury, assault, events or damage caused by mechanical damage or surgery, and how this can affect the person’s emotions.

Lynn describes as an example, car accidents, and explains that she was run over by a car and her sister who was also hit actually died. So her sister’s death massively compounded the trauma. She describes the huge magnitude of the trauma and how the initial shock was the tip of an iceberg for her and there were larger parts of the traumatic story.

In the New Decision Therapy, one of the key components included in healing is forgiveness. However, it is a very different way of forgiving from the normal notion of forgiveness. It can only happen after we have opened certain energy pathways in the body which enables the person:
– to know what is true
– to speak what is true
– to receive what is true.

In the New Decision Therapy, we are working with three layers or levels of denial. Once those three pathways have been opened up the person who suffered the physical trauma or accident will be faced with themselves in a mirror. In this state, with energy channels opened and in front of a mirror, the eyes play a huge part in the healing. Many people have not experienced this intensity of self-communication before – a formal dialogue with the self. Usually, mirrors are used to check one’s superficial surface appearance, one’s hair or outfit often for self or social approval, simply the appearance rather than for what is needed for deep self-reflection.

Two women show NDT healing of emotional injuries, anxiety, depression due to car accidents and physical trauma In the New decision Therapy, the mirror is used to look directly into the person as in the expression “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. So the person is looking into their very soul through the eyes and asking “What does the soul need in order to heal?”. So we are questioning ourselves at a very deep level.

These ideas also explain how and why car accidents commonly contribute to the development of poor physical health. Such accidents and injuries make victims suffer emotionally. This promotes chronic hyperventilation and reduces body oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the lungs. As a result of tissue hypoxia, chronic diseases develop (see the Homepage for clinical studies). In addition, there are common changes in lifestyle: reduced ability to exercise, supine sleep (with a desire to sleep on one’s back), depressive and negative thoughts causing additional negative changes in blood flow, gene expression and protein production. As a result, breathing retraining is a great additional tool to recover faster from car accidents and other types of physical injury.