How to Be More Confident: Increase Brain/Body-O2 Levels

- Updated on November 14, 2019

- Medically Reviewed by Dr. David Walker, CPA, Licensed Psychologist

Confident business people

This how to be more confident approach is not about body language or voice, but how increased O2 in the brain and body cells boosts your confidence naturally. How to be more confident naturally? Many corporations and organizations utilize methods and techniques to increase their employee’s assertiveness and confidence. Nearly all of these techniques are based on the following assumptions:
– being more confident means looking more confident (from the outside) due to signs related to body language (posture, gait, the position of the head, etc.), the tone of the voice, chosen words, and so forth
– being more confident means feeling more confident (inside)
– improvements in this inner feeling (or increased self-esteem) and improved body language or outer signs of confidence lead to being more confident or assertive.

How to be more confident (popular training): dog before and after After popular how to be more confident training, people tend to feel more confident and become more assertive in their behavior. Therefore, it seems that the problem of low confidence is solved since trainers and students agree that there is a change manifested in feeling and looking more confident.

However, this “how to be more confident” remedy:
– does not address the cause of low confidence or abnormal physiological states of the brain and body
– does not improve the ability to do the job or improve skills (real-life performance in sports, sciences, arts, music, relationships, etc.)
– does not improve (and can worsen) the ability of the person to correct own superstitions, silly fantasies, and personal flaws.

Furthermore, this popular approach increases the ignorance and obnoxiousness of the person preventing him or her from profound changes and acceptance of new ideas that can bring the real change. Such changes in an ordinary person with low brain oxygenation are very common after assertiveness training provided by national security organizations, like FBI, CSIS and many others.

Become more confident naturally

Brain oxygen levels for normal breathing and deep breathing Instead of such popular and superficial methods to boost confidence, one can increase his or her brain and body-oxygen levels. People with low confidence commonly have less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test 24/7 due to habitual chest breathing, mouth breathing and/or breathing too much air (chronic hyperventilation). These are the key causes of low confidence.

The advantages or “side effects” of this natural method are greatly improved energy levels, focus, concentration, performance, posture (naturally or without trying at over 50 seconds for the body-oxygen test) and many other individual characteristics.

Furthermore, this physiological approach “How to become confident naturally” solves many other problems related to poor health (including such chronic diseases as asthma, heart disease, insomnia, chronic fatigue and many others), poor physical fitness, as well as possible mental and psychological problems (such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and mood swings).

Natural lifestyle choices before and after breathing retraining

Lifestyle factor: Body oxygen < 30 s Body oxygen > 50 s
Energy level Medium, low, or very low High
Desire to exercise Not strong, but possible Craving and joy of exercise
Intensive exercise with nose breathing Hard or impossible Easy and effortless
Typical mind states Confusion, anxiety, depression Focus, concentration, clarity
Craving for sugar and junk foods Present Absent
Addictions to smoking, alcohol, and drugs Possible Absent
Desire to eat raw foods Weak and rare Very common and natural
Correct posture Rare and requires efforts Natural and automatic
Sleep Often of poor quality; > 7 hours Excellent quality; < 5 hours naturally
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