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Epsidon Eridanni Skitter

Rasberry Jam and Peanut Butter 

The Eridani Skitter

This is the second of the creatures recently discovered on the inner-most planet circling the Epsilon Eridani star. You may not know of the recent return of the first probes to this star system and the cargo that they brought back. An uncle's brother-in-law snuck it out to me and I have been taking care of it.


This thing is fast! It uses ceilings and walls just like they were flat ground. I lost this critter briefly in March. I kept hearing something moving around in the house and the cat was pretty freaked out. I kinda figured that it was this guy, but could never find it. I tried putting out some live traps, but all I ever caught was a couple of mice - dang cat isn't doing his job. Finally, I glued a thick piece of Styrofoam to a sheet of plywood and then spread some raspberry jelly and peanut butter on the foam. The next morning I found this guy with his legs (feet?) stuck in the foam. It was pretty irate. It was whipping that tail around. I was afraid to pick it up, so I tried to sick the cat on it, but he wasn't having any of it. I finally made a net out of an empty mesh bag that I bought some oranges in. I put the Skitter in a cardboard box and it kept running around and poking holes in the the sides. The box really started to look like a sieve, so I started throwing in sesame crackers with raspberry jelly and peanut butter on 'em. I guess it gorged on those, and calmed down some.


It is made of a Giant Palm nut, African Blackwood, and African Porcupine quills.


The quills are glued into small Blackwood sockets which then thread into the palm nut. 20 tpi threads on the quill sockets and 16 on the box.


I boiled the tail and then used a heat gun to bend it.


16 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter.