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Homepage Norms, rates, CP and body oxygenation

Mouth breathing problems Why breathing should be strictly nasal
Why diaphragmatic Why breathing should be mainly diaphragmatic at rest
Normal breathing rate Why normal breathing rate is low
Why imperceptible Why normal breathing is imperceptible (or shallow, i.e., small in tidal volume)
Breathing norms Parameters, graph, and description of the normal breathing pattern
6 breathing myths 6 myths about breathing and body oxygenation (prevalence: over 90%)
Hyperventilation Definitions of hyperventilation: their advantages and weak points
Hyperventilation Syndrome in the Sick. Table 1.Western scientific evidence about prevalence of CHV (chronic hyperventilation) in patients with various chronic conditions (34 medical studies)
Normal Minute Ventilation (14 Studies) in Healthy Subjects: Easy and Light Breathing
Hyperventilation Prevalence Present in Over 90% of Normal People (24 medical publications)
HV and hypoxia How and why deep breathing reduces oxygenation of cells and tissues of all viral organs
Brain and body-oxygen content is very hard to measure using devices
Body-oxygen test How to measure own breathing and body oxygenation (a simple DIY test)
Body oxygen in healthy Table 4. CP (body oxygen level) in healthy people (27 medical studies)
Complete Normal Body Oxygen Index Table (Breath Holding Time) (27 medical studies)
Body oxygen in sick Table 5. CP (body oxygen level) in sick people (14 medical studies)
Complete body oxygen level Table in the sick Table 5b. CP (body oxygen level) in sick people (14 medical studies)
Buteyko Table of Health Zones with clinical description of most common zones
Morning HV Morning hyperventilation effect or how and why critically ill people are most likely to die during early morning hours

(etCO2- end-tidal CO2 in the expired air; Rf – Respiratory frequency; aCO2 – arterial CO2 tension)

Patterns and O2 Breath patterns and oxygenation

Normal breathing pattern (in healthy people) What is the type of breathing pattern of healthy people?
Ineffective breath pattern (in the sick) What is the respiratory pattern in mildly sick people?
Breath Pattern n the severely sick Breathing pattern type in severely sick people
Ideal breathing pattern Is there an “ideal breathing” pattern for super health?
Types of breathing patterns Summary (List of 4 types of regular respiratory breathing patterns and body oxygenation)
Irregular breathing pattern (or disordered respiratory patterns) What about oxygenation in cases of irregular breathing patterns or disordered breathing?
Breath unawareness Do we notice that our respiratory pattern is heavy?
Lungs oxygen extraction How efficient are our lungs in oxygen extraction depending on the breathing pattern type?

CO2 effects

Vasodilation (CO2 expands arteries and arterioles facilitating perfusion or blood supply to all vital organs)
The Bohr effect How and why oxygen is released by red blood cells
Cells Oxygen Levels are controlled by alveolar CO2 and breathing
Oxygen Transport, therefore, depends on breathing and these 2 effects (Vasoconstriction-Vasodilation and the Bohr effect) are part of 2 diagrams that summarizes influences of hypocapnia (low CO2 content in the blood and cells) on circulation and O2 delivery.
Free Radicals Generation take place due to anaerobic cell respiration caused by cell hypoxia. Hence, antioxidant defenses of the human body are also regulated by CO2 and breathing
Inflammatory Response controlled by breathing since hypoxia leads to or intensifies inflammation, while normal breathing reduces it
Nerve stabilization due to calmative or sedative effects of carbon dioxide
Muscle relaxation or relaxation of muscle cells is normal at high CO2, while hypocapnia causes muscular tension, poor posture and, sometimes, aggression and violence
Bronchodilation – dilation of airways: bronchi and bronchioles by carbon dioxide, and their constriction due to hypocapnia
Blood pH regulation and regulation of other bodily fluids
CO2: Lung Damage Healer: Elevated carbon dioxide preents injury and promotes healing of lung tissues
CO2: Skin and Tissue Healer
Synthesis of Glutamine in the Brain, CO2 fixation, and other chemical reactions: there are many other r
Hypercapnia (or Hypercarbia): Too high CO2: a pathology or a sign of super health?
CO2 myth “CO2 is a toxic, waste, and poisonous gas” myth
Breathing control How is our breathing regulated?
Individuality When chronically hyperventilating, should I experience all these bad effects?
Genes and diseases What triggers bad genes or our predisposition to certain health problems?


* Asthma symptoms, causes, effects, and treatment:
Asthma signs and symptoms overview of the main signs of asthma, causes and treatment
Symptoms of asthma: a more detailed analysis of main asthma signs
Bronchial asthma (destructive effects of hyperventilation of lungs and airways in humans)
What causes asthma web page provides details of effects of hyperventilaiton on people with asthma
How to stop acute asthma Exacerbation educates about a simple breathing exercise that can be used instead of relievers (like Ventolin)
Asthma treatment requires elimination of its cause: chronic overbreathing that leads to low body O2, bronchospasm, chronic inflammation and other signs and symptoms of asthma.
* Anxiety Breathing Disorders Even the name of this condition pinpoints the main cause
* Heart disease Breathing and heart disease: How are they related to each other?
* Brain and CNS overbreathing creates 3 fundamental abnormalities in the human brain
* Depression: Hyperventilation reduces brain O2 and CO2 levels causing serious mental and psychological problems
* Chronic fatigue syndrome How abnormal or ineffective breathing pattern induces chronic fatigue syndrome
* Cancer causes, stages, and treatment:
Cancer: Hypoxia is the known key cause of cancer on a cell level: how it relates to breathing of cancer patients? What are the treatment options?
Cancer and oxygen: Studies claim that O2 levels in cells control development of cancer
Carbogen and CO2 effects on cancer – Adding CO2 to the inspired air improves oxygenation of cancer tumors
Breathing parameters in terminal cancer – Several groups of oncologists measured breathing parameters in people with cancer
– Buteyko Table of Health Zones accurately predicted last cancer stages
Therapies for cancer treatment – If oxygen is so important, the therapies for cancer should include natural self-oxygenation methods
Breakthrough in breast cancer research and treatment – In a published controlled clinical trial, it was found that 2 hours of daily breathing exercises reduced mortality in people with metastatic breast cancer by nearly 6 times.
* Cystic Fibrosis: Therapy For Cystic Fibrosis: Treatment with Breathing Retraining
Cystic Fibrosis in Lungs is Caused by Low CO2
Prognosis of Cystic Fibrosis and Lung CO2 & Body Oxygen
Cystic Fibrosis Cause: Chronic Hyperventilation
CFTR is Controlled by Lung-Blood Gases and Breathing
* Epilepsy and Seizures web pages:
Seizure Threshold Is Controlled by Breathing Pattern and Blood Gases – Tens of medical studies have found that voluntary hyperventilation triggers seizures, while hypocapnia in the brain lowers the seizure threshold due to over-excitement of the nerve cells
The Cause of Seizures – Seizures cannot exist in conditions of normal breathing, but can appear when breathing is disturbed
How to Stop Seizures Naturally in 2-3 Min (Breath Exercise) – When the person has ability and time to control their own breathing, he can prevent many types of seizures with a simple breathing exercise
How to Prevent Sleep Seizures: Lifestyle Changes – Most sleep seizures can be prevented or their severity can be reduced with simple lifestyle changes that make breathing slower, lighter and more regular
Treatment of Seizures Program (90% Success Rate) – Breathing retraining leads to elimination of seizures and clinical remission of epilepsy
Heart disease: Problems with Breathing is always one of the main complaints in heart patients?
HIV-AIDS Therapy: Reduced body-oxygen content is a hallmark of numerous abnormalities related to HIV-AIDS. Hence, breathing normalization is the way to deal with these pathological changes related to digestion, mental life, feeling of energy, sleep, infections and many others
Clinical trial on HIV-AIDS patients revealed that the body-oxygen test reflects the stage of the disease and symptoms of the patients. Hence, the HIV-AIDS cause is chronic hyperventilation and there are breathing techniques which can successfully address chronic overbreathing in HIV-AIDS patients.
– IBD (inflammatory bowel disease): Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis diet, hidden triggers and beyond: Find out how to achieve no clinical remission for these GI problems.
* Raynaud’s disease: Key causes of Raynaud’s relate to lack of CO2 and free electrons in cells
* Breathing when dying What is known about breathing of terminally sick people?
* Breath-linked diseases Which health conditions are connected with abnormal breathing?

Life Quality

Physical health: its definition and it is based on body-oxygen levels
Sleep Duration and quality of sleep are connected with breathing
How to Sleep Less Naturally – Duration of sleep and breathing
Digestion: Quality and duration of digestion are also regulated by breathing
Energy: For most people, body oxygen level (CP) predicts their energy level.
Performance: Our long-term accomplishments are controlled by our automatic breathing patterns.
Sleepy after eating? This is a definite sigh of low body-oxygen levels.
Tired after eating? This is possible only in people with tissue hypoxia (or those who have less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test).

Symptoms of Hyperventilation

Classical Symptoms of Hyperventilation:
Dyspnea is labored or difficult breathing characterized by uncomfortable awareness about own breathing at rest or at exertion and is caused by hyperventilation.
Shortness of Breath (also known as dyspnea or breathlessness) is difficult or labored breathing accompanied by unpleasant awareness about own breathing. For causes, visit What causes shortness of breath.
Difficulty Breathing (aka dyspnea or shortness of breath) is also labored breathing accompanied by unpleasant awareness about own breathing.
Breathlessness and Labored Breathing is the same term. (When the mainstream medicine is confused, it invents many names for the same phenomenon.)

Sighing is usually defined as an involuntary inhalation that is 1.5-2 times greater than the usual tidal volume.

Bronchoconstriction is constriction of airways that is caused by alveolar hypocapnia (lack of CO2). Inflammation and extra mucus may occur.

Bronchospasm is narrowing of bronchi and bronchioles due to alveolar hyperventilation.

Hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in the blood), in cases of chronic diseases, is most likely to be caused by chronic hyperventilation.

Asthma-related symptoms of hyperventilation and their treatment:
Sports induced asthma and how to prevent it.
Asthma Symptoms, Signs, Allergies and Medication – Effects of breathing retraining on asthma symptoms, allergies and required medication.
Stop acute asthma exacerbation in 2-3 minutes with a simple breathing exercise (up to 90% of asthma attacks can be prevented without using ventolin and other broncnodilators).

Heart problems:
Stop heart attack – Angina pain can be reduced without medication as well since it has a single cause (hypoxia in the heart muscle on a cellular level and chronic hyperventilation as the physiological cause)
Heart palpitations – There are simple physical causes of heart palpitations: a lack of grounding (Earthing), low CO2 and O2 levels in heart tissue. Therefore, one can stop heart palpitations with normalization of these key body parameters.
Angina pectoris – Since each person with heart disease suffers from overbreathing at rest and in normal conditions (no angina pain), any additional trigger or stress can immediately trigger angina pain.

Problems with nerves and mind:
How to relax your mind: easy breathing exercise to calm overexcited nerve cells in 2-3 minutes
How to calm nerves with reduced breathing that increases CO2 and O2 levels in brain cells.

Cough – Causes, symptoms, effects and treatment.
Dry cough – Causes and remedies.
Persistent Cough Remedies – Easy breathing exercises to stop chronic coughing.
Cause of Cough – A general overview of the physiological mechanism that makes coughing chronic or persistent.
Get Rid of Cough – The main breathing exercise (treatment of hyperventilation) that is used during bouts of coughing to stop them faster and reduce the damage caused by coughing to airways, lungs, and all body cells.
How to Cure a Cough – In 2-3 minutes, using Buteyko reduced breathing exercise.
Stop Coughing Naturally – A simple breathing technique to stop bouts of coughing and reduce their damage to alveoli in the lungs, airways, and all other cells.
Stop Coughing At Night – A breathing technique and exercise to reduce duration and severity of night coughing. A similar exercise is used for insomnia problems.
Best Cough Treatment Therapy – The permanent solution to chronic problems with whooping cough, dry cough (or chesty cough), coughing at night, and coughing in children.

– How to Fall Asleep Fast breathing exercise has a very high success rate: over 90% of people significantly reduce their problems with insomnia.

Home Remedies for Chronic Constipation.
Constipation Causes: Low Body Oxygen Levels.
Constipation Pain Relief: How to relieve constipation pain using 1-2 minutes simple breath work.

Get Rid of Cramps: How to get rid of cramps breathing exercise.

Nasal Congestion, Rhinitis, and Related Conditions:
Nasal Congestion: Its causes, mechanism, and treatment.
Sinusitis: Causes, pathophysiology and treatment.
Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose: Very easy breathing exercise.
Runny Nose: Causes, mechanisms, and solutions.
How to Stop a Runny Nose: Immediate and permanent solutions to probelms with allergic rhinitis, and other conditions causing running nose.
Stuffy Nose: Main causes (infections and allergies) and remedies.
How to Clear Stuffy Nose in 1-2 min using a simple breathing exercise.
Unblock the Nose naturally in 2-3 min (breathing exercise).

Night sweats
Night sweats are based on factors that cause heavy breathing and low body O2.

Frequent urination
Frequent urination can be triggered by numerous conditions, but there is usually one and the same prime cause.

Cold extremities:
Cold hands and feet is common symptom of hyperventilation
Cold feet are generally caused by lack of CO2, O2 and free electrons in body cells.

Headache After Exercise Relates to Mouth Breathing.

Caffeine addiction is based on reduced brain and body-oxygen levels, while coffee and caffeine containing substances provide a temporary relief from symptoms of hyperventilation.
Coffee addiction can only appear in those people who have low body O2 values due to chest breathing, mouth breathing and hyperventilation.

Low weight or underweight problems:
How to gain weight fast and naturally using those methods that increase body-oxygen levels, improve liver function, appetite, sleep and energy levels.

Chronic Inflammation – Caused by low level of oxygen in cells due to chronic hyperventilation and deficiency of electrons due to static electricity on the human body.

Causes of hyperventilation: Causes of chronic hyperventilation or Why do we breathe too heavily?

Effects of exercise on the respiratory system
Sleep factors What is important in relation to sleep?
Psychological stress Is psychological stress important?
Overeating Can meals worsen our health?
Overheating Can overheating make us breathe more?
Lack of nutrients Can nutritional deficiencies influence breathing?
Toxins and pollution Can toxic chemicals and pollutants from air, water, food and other sources lead to hyperventilation?
Stop slouching or What about poor posture and tense muscles?
Talkativeness Do we breathe more while talking?
Other factors Can other factors matter?
Swaddling babies: when and why Are there any special factors for babies?
Variability of factors Which factors are practically most important when we get sicker?
People in the past Do old movies and films show that people’s breathing pattern in the past was different?
Evolution of air Evolution of air on Earth and its impact on our breathing
HV: Main reflex/drive Hyperventilation as the main reflex and drive in humans

Breathing Techniques – Overview and general information about common or popular breathing techniques

Frolov Breathing Device: General overview
Frolov Device History and origins are connected with the Buteyko breathing technique
Frolov Device: How Does It Work explains the main physiological mechanism (hypercapnic hypoxic training)
Frolov Device Effects described its main clinical effects
Acute Asthma Exacerbations Clinical Trial – Application of the Frolov device in hospital setting
COPD: Breathing Exercises Therapy – Another clinical trial with application of the Frolov device on hospitalized patients with acute exacerbation of COPD
(*** More Trials: Under construction ***)
Buy Frolov Breathing Device with 30 min online support by Dr. Artour Rakhimov
How to Use Frolov Device – Instructions – Ultimate health restoration program (88 pages book) with Dinamika instructions and lifestyle manuals

Yoga Benefits: When and why could yoga be useful
Bikran Yoga: or Hot Yoga is very popular, but provides very limited health benefits to their students
Yoga Breathing: What is the main secret of yoga? What is so special in their breathing?
Pranayama Yoga: Yoga Pranayama: Who and How Gets Pranayama Benefits

Strelnikova breathing exercises for singing Overview, history, its physiology, effects and applications

Pursed lip breathing Overview, health conditions addressed, detailed instructions, its physiology and purpose

Breathslim is a breathing device that is featured for weight loss. This device is a copy of the Frolov device

Samozdrav – Review of the Samozdrav Breathing Device. (This device is also based on intermittent hypercapnic hypoxic training.)

Inspiratory Muscle Training – Inspiratory Muscle Training Review: Who and how can get best benefits from breathing trainers, like Powerbreathe, Ultrabreathe, Expand-A-Lung, and PowerLung
Powerbreathe – This device is used to train inspiratory muscles due to resistance that can be regulated. It is popular among athletes, but its effects go far further than just to train muscles, if you know how to use it correctly.
PowerLung – This is another breathing device popular among athletes with the same key secret that many athletes ignore.
Expand-A-Lung – This is the smallest and lightest breathing trainer (among the reviewed ones) and it can produce miracles with correct application.
Ultrabreathe – This is a version or prototype of Expand-A-Lung and it can also boost your body oxygenation provided that you improve your automatic breathing and body oxygen levels.Resperate – Resperate Reviews: How and Why Resperate Can Work

Buteyko technique Overview
Buteyko history Some historical facts about the origins of the Buteyko breathing method
Ways to learn Buteyko
Learning Buteyko How to learn the Buteyko method? (basic physiology)
Buteyko effects: Clinical effects of the Buteyko breathing method
Respiratory (Asthma; Chronic bronchitis; Acute respiratory diseases, including influenza and cold; Pneumonia; Rhinitis, sinusitis (frontal sinusitis, metopantritis, maxillary sinusitis); Emphysema)
Cardiovascular (Primary hypertension; Ischemic heart disease; Chronic cardiac insufficiency; Arrhythmia; Varicose veins; Neurocirculatory dystonia)
Hormonal (Diabetes mellitus; Hypothyroidism; Obesity)
Gastrointestinal (Chronic gastritis; Chronic non-ulcerative colitis; Chronic pancreatitis; Chronic cholecystitis; Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD))
Kidneys and urinary (Chronic pyelonephritis; Kidney and urinary stones)
Musculoskeletal (Osteochondrosis; Polyarthritis; Chronically poor healing of bone fractures)
Skin diseases (Eczema; Psoriasis; Neurodermitis)
Allergies and immune (Allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps; Allergic conjunctivitis; States of immunodeficiency (secondary)) Graduality Can I change my breathing pattern immediately?

Capnography and etCO2 monitoring: Are they useful for breathing retraining?

Resources (additional information about the Buteyko method)
Biographies of Doctor KP Buteyko
– Biography of Dr. K. P. Buteyko from the website of the Buteyko Clinic in Voronezsh (Russia)
– Biography of Doctor K. P. Buteyko from the website “Health and Life” Smolensk regional public fund of social and humanitarian programs (Russia)
– Interview with Doctor K. P. Buteyko (1982)
– Interview with Doctor K. P. Buteyko. Russian national newspaper “Sovetskaya Sibir'” [“Soviet Siberia”] No. 19, 31 January 1998
– Doctor K.P. Buteyko; the direct telephone line with readers. Russian national newspaper “Komsomol’skaya Pravda” [“Komsomol’s Truth”] 29 October 1997
– Interview with Dr. Andrey Novozshilov. Russian national magazine “Krasota i zdorov’ie” [“Beauty and health”], 2003
– Interview with Dr. Andrey Novozshilov. Russian national newspaper “Argumenti i fakti” [Arguments and facts, Health Section] 30 January 2003, issue 05(442)
– “Buteyko breathing” against autumn-winter increased incidences of diseases. Russian national magazine “Meditsinsky Sovet” [“Medical advice”], September 2003

Questions and answers from the book “Normal breathing: the key to vital health”

Western references (List 1)

Western references (List 2)

Some scientific publications about the Buteyko breathing method published in Russia

Popular articles (by Artour Rakhimov, PhD)
Clear Stuffy Nose in 1-2 Min (Easy Breath Exercise with Permanent Solution)
Internet Lies About Ideal Sleep Positions
How to prevent sleeping on the back
Stress-free breath holding time predicts health of HIV/AIDS patients
Russian doctors had a successful clinical HIV/AIDS trial
The best ever known health test (DIY)
Over 200 Russian doctors learned how to hold their breath for more than 5 minutes for … health reasons
Breathing for maximum brain oxygenation
Health of cancer patients is predicted by stress-free breath holding time test
Prevent “adult diseases” in infants by better oxygenation
When exercise is 100% safe for chronic diseases
Why modern man gets little, if any, benefits from exercise
3 top lifestyle factors for better skin health
Buteyko breathing method: the only self-oxygenation natural holistic medical therapy
Stress-free version of the breath holding time test is the best predictor of body oxygenation
Body oxygenation is low for all chronic diseases
Progress of chronic diseases is reflected in stress-free breath holding time and body oxygenation
Russian doctors: only tissue hypoxia can trigger bad genes and diseases
Stop Acute Asthma Exacerbation in 2-3 Min (Breathing Exercise)
Declassified Soviet research in body oxygenation and development of chronic diseases
Breathing exercises to stop skin itching
Stop panic attacks using advanced breath control
Prevent heart attacks using advanced breath control
How to warm hands and feet using breathing exercises
Lifestyle changes or alternative therapies work, only if they increase body oxygenation
Why and when Candida comes back
Doctors suggest a simple DIY test for ideal health (the Control Pause)
Health hazard: we do not notice when we breathe 2-3 times more than the medical norm
Deep breathing: the greatest health superstition
The best breathing exercise to prevent insomnia
Why Watson’s Little Albert became the most distorted study in the history of psychology
Little Albert Study Was Dr John Watson’s Sexual Frustration
The breathing exercise to unblock the nose


Level 1 “Survival”

Module 1. Crucial preliminary conditions
A. Voluntary hyperventilation or deep breathing test
B. Theoretical studies (at least 2 hours)
1-C. Your interactions with surrounding people

Module 2. Your initial health state and plans or intentions
A. Select your goals and own pace for learning
B. Your rate of progress (uncontrollable and controllable factors)

Module 3. Learn how to measure the CP (Control Pause), your index of oxygenation
Review the webpage from the Homepage Section: How to measure CP, breathing, and body oxygenation (DIY)

Module 4. Learn the Emergency Procedure
4-A. How to stop or prevent heart attack, stroke, asthma attack, epilepsy attack, and other life-threatening situations using Buteyko breathing exercises
4-B. How to unblock the nose, eliminate constipation, and prevent high blood glucose (diabetes problems) using Buteyko breathing exercises
4-C. How to stop or prevent bouts of coughing, sneezing, sighing, yawning, hiccups, deep inhalations, sniffing, and other deep breathing activities using Buteyko breathing exercises
4-D. How to warm up cold hands and feet, prevent insomnia, skin itching and panic attacks using Buteyko breathing exercises

Module 5. Measure and record your EMCP (early morning CP) every day
How and why your morning CP is crucial for your health restoration
Optional link: Morning hyperventilation* from the Homepage

Module 6. Prevent sleeping on your back
Manual (Instructional Guide) “How to prevent sleeping on one’s back”
Web page: Sleep Positions

Module 7. Maintain nasal breathing 24/7
Manual (Instructional Guide) “How to maintain nasal breathing 24/7”
Web Pages Buteyko Mouth Taping Technique and Stop Mouth Breathing Treatment.

Level 2 “Existence”

Diaphragm Function – Overview of the most important functions of the diaphragm in the human body
Module 8. How to develop diaphragmatic breathing 24/7

Module 9. Restrictions, limits, and temporary contraindications
Migraine headaches and panic attacks
Respiratory disorders involving lungs (asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, tuberculosis; pulmonary edema; etc.)
Presence of transplanted organs
Brain traumas and acute bleeding injuries
Blood clots
Acute stages (exacerbations) of life-threatening conditions (infarct, stroke, cardiac ischemia, severe asthma attack, metastasizing cancer, septic shock, multiple organ failure, near-death experience, etc.)
Insulin-dependent diabetes (type 2 diabetes)
Loss of CO2 sensitivity

Module 10. Free Buteyko breathing exercises
Part 1. Preliminary requirements for learning Buteyko breathing exercises
Part 2. Learning relaxation and RELAXED diaphragmatic breathing
Part 3. Learning Buteyko Shallow Breathing (or Reduced Breathing) with light air hunger
Part 4. Your daily log and how to fill it
Part 5. Structure and effects of one breathing session
Part 6. Breath holds: their effects and uses
Part 7. Structure of the program of breathing exercises.

Module 11. Major Nutrients Guide for Better Body Oxygenation
* Part 1. Macrominerals (Ca, Mg, Zn) and Fish Oil
* Part 2. Fish Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Salmon Oil, Krill Oil, Flaxseed Oil: Sources of Omega 3 DHA-EPA,for Better Body Oxygenation and Breathing, Benefits, Sources, Side Effects and Dangers
* Part 3. Sea salt vs. daily salt
* Part 4. Check your iodine deficiency (test).

Module 12. Who, Why and How Should Take Cold Shower: Cold Shower Benefits and Rules

Module 13. Focal Infections Keep Body Oxygen Low Medical conditions that cannot be solved with breathing training and require additional help

Module 14. Buteyko Cleansing Reactions When, how and why breathing retraining can trigger cleansing reactions

Module 15. Good Sleep Hygiene These detailed rules are for anyone who wants to improve quality of sleep and breathing during night and in the morning

Module 16. Benefits of Physical Activity – Increased cell and body-oxygen levels. Learn more about the relationship and optimum proportions between breathing exercises and breath work during breathing retraining.
Benefits of Running – Jogging, according to Dr. Buteyko, is the most natural way to improve body-oxygen levels. Furthermore, it can be the main factor to achieve very high CP numbers and super health states.

Module 17. Proper Public Speaking Techniques and Talking Skills – Correct talking skills require reduced ventilation of the lungs for higher CO2 and O2 levels in body cells.

Module 18. Digestive health has numerous signs that indicate either effective work of the GI tract or poor digestive health. Low O2 levels in body cells is the key cause of poor digestive health.

*** Under construction ***

Teaching (details about my teaching Buteyko breathing method)

About the method (goals, facts and popularity of the method in different countries)
Clinical trials (published western clinical trials of the Buteyko breathing method)
Health conditions (health problems that are successfully addressed with the correct application of the method)
Comments from MDs
Clinical effects
Respiratory problems (Asthma; Chronic bronchitis; Acute respiratory diseases, including influenza and cold; Pneumonia; Rhinitis, sinusitis (frontal sinusitis, metopantritis, maxillary sinusitis); Emphysema)
Cardiovascular problems (Primary hypertension; Ischemic heart disease; Chronic cardiac insufficiency; Arrhythmia; Varicose veins; Neurocirculatory dystonia)
Hormonal diseases (Diabetes mellitus; Hypothyroidism; Obesity)
Gastrointestinal problems (Chronic gastritis; Chronic non-ulcerative colitis; Chronic pancreatitis; Chronic cholecystitis; Gastro-oesophageal reflux (GERD))
Diseases of kidneys and urinary tract (Chronic pyelonephritis; Kidney and urinary stones)
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (Osteochondrosis; Polyarthritis; Chronically poor healing of bone fractures)
Skin diseases (Eczema; Psoriasis; Neurodermitis)
Allergies and states of immunodeficiency (Allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps; Allergic conjunctivitis; States of immunodeficiency (secondary))
Courses and fees (information regarding length and duration of courses, 3 Levels of learning, their requirements and fees)
About Dr. Rakhimov (some details about my training and background)
My teachers (photo of Dr. Rakhimov with his teachers)

Buteyko Toronto Courses
Buteyko Greater Philadelphia Courses
Buteyko Bay Area Services
Buteyko Los Angeles Services

Books and DVD

e-Book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less” (94 pages; introduction to importance of breathing and the Buteyko breathing method)
Content of the book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less” (PDF-file)

e-Book “Normal breathing: the key to vital health” (305 pages; 2009 edition; detailed and systematic explanation of the Buteyko breathing method)
Content of the book and chapters 1-5 – 109 pages (PDF file).

e-Book “Dr. Buteyko lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969” (55 pages; English translation; 2008 edition); Dr. Buteyko lecture with my comments
Content of the Lecture-book and its first part – 20 pages (HTML file and PDF file)

e-Book “Amazing DIY breathing device” (71 pages; 2010). Complete Breathing Retraining Manual (Instructional Guide) for getting over 20 s and up to 30-35 s CP 24/7. Together with addressing main lifestyle factors, described in this book, this is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve 20 s CP 24/7 and eliminate symptoms and medication related to many common chronic conditions.
Content of the DIY Device book and its first parts – 45 pages (PDF file).

List of Amazon Kindle books by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

– “Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises
– “Doctors Who Cure Cancer
– “Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less
– “Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70, …
– “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Hidden Triggers and Symptoms
– “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Recovery Guide
– “How to Use Frolov Breathing Device (Instructions)
– “Amazing DIY Breathing Device
– “Sleep Better and Less – Naturally
– “Breathing Slower and Less: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever“.

List of Amazon Paperback books by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

– “Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises
– “Doctors Who Cure Cancer
– “Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less
– “Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70, …
– “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Hidden Triggers and Symptoms
– “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Recovery Guide
– “How to Use Frolov Breathing Device (Instructions)
– “Amazing DIY Breathing Device
– “Sleep Better and Less – Naturally
– “Breathing Slower and Less: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever“.

Free downloads

Educational graphs and tables:
– 3 graphs with bars – Breathing rates or minute ventilation in patients with heart disease, diabetes, and asthma (MS-Word file)
– 2 graphs with bars and 2 tables – Minute ventilation and Control Pause in patients with various chronic disorders (MS-Word file)
– 5 tables (MV and CP) with about 100 medical references (PDF file)
– 2 graphs: Normal Gas Exchanges and Effects of Hyperventilation on Circulation and Normal Gas Exchange: Vasoconstriction, Suppressed Bohr effect, and Cellular Hypoxia (2 pages with 34 medical studies) (PDF file and Word file).

Free Complete Practical Manuals (instructional guides)
Manual “How to prevent sleeping on one’s back” (PDF file)
Manual “How to stop mouth breathing” (PDF file)

Daily logs
Main daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions and for DIY breathing device sessions – 1 page (Word file or PDF file)
Daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions (no RB after CP) and for DIY breathing device sessions – 1 page (Word file or PDF file)
Daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions (no CP) and for DIY breathing device sessions – 1 page (Word file or PDF file)
Daily log for long Buteyko breathing sessions – 1 page (Word file or PDF file)
Daily log for “Steps” exercise (children) – 1 page (Word file or PDF file)

PDF Books: partial content
– E-Book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less” – 4 pages (PDF-file)
Normal Breathing Book display – E-Book “Normal breathing: the key to vital health” and chapters 1 to 5 – 109 pages (PDF file)
– E-Book “Dr. Buteyko Lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969″ and its first part – 20 pages (PDF file)
– E-Book “Amazing DIY breathing device” (Complete Breathing Retraining Manual) and its first 4 chapters, together with Chapter 10 – 45 pages (PDF file)
– E-Book “Yoga Benefits Are in Yoga Breathing” – 41 pages (PDF file)
– E-Book “Cystic Fibrosis” – 30 pages (PDF file)
– E-Book “Cancer” – 34 pages (PDF file)
– Award winning sport article “Developing endurance” (Rich-Text Format); 2nd edition December 2000
– Sport article “Low blood sugar in endurance athletes” (Rich-Text Format); November 1998

More topics and information

01. Buteyko DIY body-oxygen test (Buteyko breathing method) or the control pause test or the key test of the Buteyko method to monitor the progress of the student. It is done after usual exhalation and only until the first or initial stress.
02. Breathing Patterns and Oxygenation of Human Tissues – This is the most important video related to clear explanation of common breathing patterns in healthy (normal breathing pattern), sick (ineffective breathing pattern) and severely sick people (heavy breathing). An additional pattern is called ideal breathing and it is very rare these days.
03-A- Vasodilation-Vasoconstriction CO2 Effects and Buteyko Method – Since overbreathing is very common in people with chronic diseases, and most conditions do not include ventilation-perfusion mismatch, overbreathing reduces arterial CO2 and causes vasoconstriction, while increased CO2 induces vasodilation since CO2 is probably the most potent known vasodilator.
03-B- Bohr Effect and CO2, Buteyko method – Normal CO2 levels in tissues promote the Bohr effect that controls release of oxygen in capillaries. When we suffer from tissue hypocapnia (Co2 deficiency in cells), we suffer from the suppressed Bohr effect or reduced oxygen release by hemoglobin cells. This causes tissue hypoxia that is a hallmark of nearly all chronic diseases.
03-C- Brain Health and CO2 muscle effects (Buteyko breathing method) – Our breathing patterns have profound effects on brain health. Most modern people breathe about 2 times more air than the norm and therefore have reduced blood flow, oxygen delivery and glucose transport to nerve cells. In addition, hypocapnia (low CO2) makes nerve cells over-excited or irritable.
04- The main change in environment during human evolution – Air composition had dramatic changes many billions years ago since life on Earth appeared at very high CO2 levels (up to 8-12% in outer air) and almost no oxygen (less than 1%). Therefore, overbreathing or hyperventilation was beneficial for this primitive air and did not cause any health problems due to high CO2 levels in air. Now the effects are opposite.
05- How we breathe in the morning (Buteyko breathing method) – People with health problems and especially severely sick people are most likely to have exacerbations due to heart attacks, strokes, epilepsy seizures, asthma exacerbations and many other attacks from 4 to 7 am or during early morning hours. The video provides medical research and explains main addressable causes for this Sleep Heavy Breathing Effect.
06-A- Quality of life and sleep (the Buteyko breathing method) – Sleep quality is tightly linked with breathing patterns since states of the brain and muscles and their recovery depends on CO2 and O2 levels in tissues. Overbreathing or deep breathing causes losses in CO2 and O2 making sleep worse and longer, while only 2-4 hours of sleep are necessary for people with very light and easy breathing patterns.
06-B- Breathing, energy, digestion and performance – How breathing patterns influence our quality of life and such parameters as feeling of energy, digestion and performance. The effects are profound due to the fundamental roles of CO2 and O2 for the brain and all other organs of the human body.
07- Quality of life in exceptional health – If you want to experience how it feels to be really healthy and live the way humans are supposed to live, then you need to get the ideal automatic breathing pattern that provides the body with maximum possible oxygen levels.
08- Ineffective breathing and mortality in the sick – Severely sick people have very heavy breathing and that causes critically low levels of oxygen in all body cells. The condition is called respiratory alkalosis and over 90% of terminally ill patients die in conditions of severe hyperventilation.
09- Bad genes and genetics affect health only if breathing is abnormal, while normal breathing protects from chronic diseases. Indeed, chronic diseases are based on low body-oxygen levels, and the main cause of tissue hypoxia is breathing too much air. Therefore, numerous genetic disorders and other chronic health problems appear only in people who breathe more than the medical norm.
10-1. Sedentary lifestyle and Stress Decrease Body-Oxygen Level and Destroy Health – This happens due to intrinsic properties of the human body. When under stress or due to lack of physical exercise, we start to breathe more air at rest and our results for the body-oxygen test become smaller and smaller.
10-2. Why mouth breathing and Lack of Swaddling Reduce Cell Oxygenation – There are several negative effects due to mouth breathing. For example, it reduces CO2 levels in the lungs causing reduced oxygen delivery. In addition, we cannot utilize our own nasal nitric oxide generated in sinuses. Lack of swaddling in babies causes unrestricted breathing and low pressure of oxygen in cells.
10-3. Nutritional deficiencies, overeating, overheating reduce body-oxygen levels since they produce stress for the human body and distort or suppress various normal processes and mechanisms. Increased ventilation is a result of this biochemical stress. Therefore, these factors cause low CO2 and reduce oxygen levels in body tissues.
10-4. How and why most medical drugs and toxins harm health – The mechanism is about the same as for the previous video: toxic chemicals cause overbreathing due to stress on organs of elimination, such as the kidneys and liver.

There are also old and short Buteyko YouTube videos devoted to certain topics such as:
How to Sleep Less Naturally and Feel Better – Lighter or easier breathing at rest produces positive effects of quality of sleep and its duration. People start to sleep much less. With up to 60 seconds for the body-oxygen test, a person naturally needs only about 4 hours of sleep and cannot sleep longer.
– We Do Not Notice When We Hyperventilate and Have Less O2 in Cells – People generally notice that their breathing is to heavy, when they breathe about 4-5 times more air than the medical norm. However, negative effects of overbreathing (e.g., reduced brain and body-oxygen content) take place when one breathes about twice the norm.
Deep Breathing the greatest health superstition – People generally believe that breathing more is good for our health, and deep automatic breathing patterns provide cells with more oxygen. However, medical studies showed that breathing more delivers less oxygen to the brain and all other vital organs.
The Best Ever Known Health Test DIY Body Oxygen test or Buteyko control pause test accurately predicts health of up to 98% or more people. This simple DIY body oxygen test is much better than any other health test since its results are good in healthy people (up to about 40 seconds or more) and poor in the sick (generally less than 20 seconds).
– 3 Crucial effects of breathing on brain and mental health – When we breathe more air at rest day and night, and this is the case with most people, we experience lack of oxygen, insufficient circulation, deficiency of CO2 and reduced glucose supply for the brain and nerve cells
How to breathe for maximum body oxygenation? What is the best automatic breathing pattern to maximize brain and body oxygen values? While most people believe in breathing more, better results can be obtained with breathing less.

These are more recent YouTube videos (2011-2013):
Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: Treatment Guide: Cure your IBD with lifestyle changes and specific steps to ensure clean gut and signs of normal digestive health
Sleep Better and Less – Naturally, Cure Chronic Insomnia – A book trailer for the Amazon and PDF book that features Buteyko lifestyle factors related to sleep and how to get higher morning CP (results for the body oxygen test)
High Altitude Training vs. Training Mask 2.0 (Sports Performance) – Learn the differences and effects between high altitude training to increase VO2max and endurance versus effects of the Training Mask 2.0
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70… – A trailer of the Amazon Kindle and paperback book that described the clinical therapy successfully used be over 160 Buteyko breathing doctors in Russia to reverse symptoms of cystic fibrosis
Buteyko Exercises – A video trailer of this Amazon Kindle and paperback book “Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises” from YouTube (you can get this book in PDF form on this site too)
Elevation Training Mask – Is this breathing device for exercise effective? How does it work? Learn why people with chronic diseases have poor level of fitness and low VO2max
Breathslim Review – Can Breathslim Help with Weight Loss and Diseases? Review of the breathing device that is featured for weight loss
Normal Respiratory Rate and ideal breathing pattern (for maximum body O2 levels), with details related to breathing frequency during exercise, yoga pranayama and fire breath
Treatment of asthma using those breathing techniques that increase body oxygen levels and normalize the work of the immune system
Asthma causes relate to overbreathing that causes constriction of airways, tissue hypoxia, the over sensitive immune system, chronic inflammation and extra mucus production.
Asthma Causes and Treatment – This video explains the cause of asthma and proven clinical treatment of this chronic health condition based on elimination of chronic hyperventilation.
IBD – “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Hidden Triggers and Symptoms” – A trailer of the Amazon Kindle book that explains poorly known triggers and symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.
How to Stop Asthma Attack (Acute Asthma Exacerbation) in 2 Min – Thousands of asthmatics in the USSR and Russia applied this easy respiratory method to quickly reduced symptoms of asthma attacks without using medical drugs.
Anxiety Attacks Cure – Self Help Anxiety Treatment – In order to cure anxiety completely, one needs to increase brain oxygenation up to about 30 seconds using those methods that make automatic breathing slower and lighter and increase CO2 levels in alveoli of the lungs.
How to Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally: 1 Min Breathing Exercise – Anxiety symptoms can be quickly reduced or even completely eliminated using a simple breathing technique that addresses the key causes of anxiety and panic and provides O2 and CO2 for the brain.
Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea) – This is an ancient reflex of the human body to breathe more air during stress, when reduced body O2 and CO2 levels create even a stronger desire to intensify breathing.
Hyperventilation Syndrome and Breathe-More Myth – Millions of people assume that breathing more air increases body and brain oxygenation, while hundreds of clinical studies prove that overbreathing causes cell hypoxia and many other negative effects.
Constipation Remedy: Cure in 1 Min (Breathing Exercise) – Most people can get nearly instant relief from constipation with this easy respiratory technique that should also be used for easy bowel movements to prevent diverticulitis and other GI problems.
How to Get Rid of Cramps in 1-2 min (Easy Breathing Exercise) – Learn how most people can get rid of their cramps (even at night) while using the Buteyko Emergency Procedure.
Unblock a Blocked Nose – This video is about a simple breathing exercise to provide a quick relief for a congested nose using breath holding and reduced ventilation to accumulate CO2 in the lungs and O2 in body cells.
Doctors Who Cure Cancer – This is an Amazon Kindle book trailer about theory and practice of application of the Buteyko breathing method to cancer with details of a clinical trial that used breathing exercises and decreased 3-year mortality in metastatic cancer by more than 5 times.
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70… – This is another Kindle book trailer about the book with the same name that described successful clinical experience of Russian Buteyko doctors while dealing with cystic fibrosis.
– Amazing DIY Breathing Device: Amazon Kindle Book Trailer – Create your own breathing device in order to practice more effective breathing exercises (in comparison with Buteyko reduced breathing and other Buteyko exercises).
How to Fall Asleep Fast – Lifestyle factors for better sleep, including exercise with nose breathing, more time outdoors, and many others.
How to Get Rid of Cough – Breathe easy exercise to get rid of cough fast, or in about 2-3 minutes due to increased CO2 in the lungs and abilities of CO2 to calm the urge-to-cough receptors and increase body oxygenation.
How to Fall Asleep Fast – “Breathe easy” breathing exercise to fall asleep fast. This is the detailed explanation of Buteyko reduced breathing exercise which is the foundation of the Buteyko method.
Hot Yoga Gurus Teach Nonsense: Yoga Breathing, O2, CO2 – How yoga teachers claim that CO2 is toxic and it is better to breathe deeper and more air to get rid of CO2, but traditional yoga was teaching to breathe less air and hold breath. Who is right?
Stuffy Nose Remedy – Natural Relief in 1 Min or how Buteyko breathing exercise can be applied to produce a quick relief for a blocked nose.
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose – Clear in 40 seconds – A similar breathing exercise to relieve nasal congestion very fast.
Yoga for Beginners: Avoid Mistakes of Most Advanced Yoga Gurus who say that we need to breathe more air in order to get more oxygen in cells. They also say that CO2 is poisonous for our health.
Cancer Cure Include Lifestyles that Address the Cause of Cancers: Any therapy dealing with cancer either fail or will be almost ineffective if it ignores these lifestyle factors to defeat cancer naturally and increase body and tumor oxygenation even for people with early metastasis.
Cancer Causes and Natural Treatment – This video analyzes how and why people with cancer tumors have low body oxygen levels and what the requirements for successful treatment of cancer tumors are.
Home Remedies for Cough are based on 3 easy breathing exercises to stop coughing very fast using Buteyko Emergency Procedure.
How to Stop Coughing Naturally without using any syrups or drugs, but applying a simple reduced breathing exercise to boost oxygen levels in the body cells (to increase immunity) and increase CO2 in ariways to pacify urge-to-cough receptors.
Cough Medicine, Syrups, and Best Cough Suppressants: CO2 and NO – since these are endogeneous cough suppressants that naturally address the causes of cough: the suppressed immune system, chronic inflammation of airways, and over-excited states of urge-to-cough-receptors.
Diaphragmatic Breathing vs. Chest Breathing in Modern People – Modern people commonly have chest breathing 24/7 since they have reduced tissue oxygenation caused by overbreathing (or breathing about twice the medical norm).
Breathing Techniques: How To Choose Them and DIY Body-Oxygen Test – Breathing techniques can be useful only health restoration only if increase body-oxygen levels. In fact, most people and most techniques do not have any criteria of success, but there is a simple test that reflects the degree and direction of one’s progress.
Cold Showers Benefits – Dr K.P. Buteyko Swimming in Snow: Use of cold shower has been an important part of the Buteyko method for Russian doctors who taught and teach that cold shower is exceptionally beneficial for faster growth in body-oxygen levels and breathing retraining.
Cure Heart Attack: Treatment with the Buteyko breathing exercise or Buteyko Emergency Procedure that uses reduced breathing or “Breathe Easy” exercise and brings success in up to 90% or more cases of heart attacks, even though some people may require medication to stop their heart attacks, but in reduced doses.
What Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Asthma? Heavy Breathing and Low O2 in Cells since hyperventilation is the norm in people with cardiovascular conditions, diabetes mellitus, and bronchial asthma. This fact has been proven by numerous medical studies. Channel by Dr. Artour Rakhimov has the same videos as on YouTube:
Sleep Heavy Breathing Effect – The video provides medical research and explains why sick people have highest mortality rates and chances of acute exacerbations during early morning hours (4-7 am)
Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70… – A trailer of the Amazon Kindle and paperback book that described the therapy successfully used be more than 150 Soviet and Russian Buteyko breathing doctors to reverse symptoms of cystic fibrosis
Buteyko Breathing Exercises – A video trailer of this Amazon Kindle and paperback book “Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises” from YouTube (you can get this book in PDF form on this site too)
Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review – Is this breathing device for exercise effective? How does it work? Learn why people with chronic diseases have poor level of fitness and low VO2max
Breathslim Review – Can Breathslim Help with Weight Loss and Diseases? Review of the breathing device that is featured for weight loss- Normal Respiratory Rate – Respiratory rate (breathing frequency, breathing rate, or respiratory frequency) and its variation during exercise, yoga practice, and for different ages.
Asthma Causes and Treatment: 90% Less Medication – This video explains the cause of asthma and describes 6 most effective clinical trials with the new clinically proven method to treat and cure asthma – the Buteyko method.
Deep Breathing Can Cause Low Brain and Body O2 Levels – If you lose CO2, then your deep breathing leads to reduced body and brain O2 levels
IBD: Crohns Disease And Colitis – Hidden Symptoms and Triggers – A book trailer for the Amazon book. Living with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis can be an absolute misery if you do not know all triggers and signs that relate to poor digestive health
Vasodilation-Vasoconstriction and Breathing Patterns (Physiology) – In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains vasodilation, which is primarily controlled by CO2 levels in the arterial blood
Bohr Effect: Healthy vs. Sick People and Oxygen Transport – In this DailyMotion video, Dr Artour Rakhimov discusses the Bohr effect: why and how oxygen is released in tissues of the human body
– “Doctors Who Cure Cancer“: a book trailer for Amazon book that features the most successful even-known clinical trial in history of cancer research
How To Stop Coughing Naturally: Fast Cough Relief – This video explains a simple respiratory exercise (reduced breathing) to reduce severity of bouts of coughing and prevent bronchospasm.
How to Fall Asleep Fast or Breathe Easy – Here are special instructions to prevent insomnia and fall asleep much faster using reduced breathing exercise.
How to Fall Asleep Fast: Key Lifestyle Factors – The main lifestyle factors that influence quality of sleep. They relate to exercise with nose breathing, time spent outdoors, meals, allergies and so forth.
Stuffy Nose Remedy – Natural and Quick Relief – Breath holding and reduced breathing accumulates CO2 and calms urge-to-cough receptors providing relief from problems with chronic or persistent cough, including dry and wet cough.
Cancer Cure with Baking Soda, Cancer Causes – The video reviews medical therapy with baking soda injected in the artery leading to the tumor. The technique has been used by Italian Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Rome. The video focuses on the explanation of this method and lifestyle factors that improve body oxygenation and prevent cancer or reduces the size of tumors.
Home Remedies for Cough, Natural Treatment – The most natural treatment of chronic or acute coughing involves slower and easier breathing using the Buteyko Emergency Procedure.
How to Get Diaphragmatic Breathing 24/7 – Most modern people, as it is easy ot observe, do not have diaphragmatic breathing. This happens due to chronic overbreathing and low body oxygenation. The video explains how to achieve automatic abdominal breathing using gradual breathing retraining.
Breathing Techniques That Improve Body-Oxygen Levels – Not all breathing methods and exercises increase body-O2 levels. Using the body-oxygen test, one can track his or her progress and test the efficiency of specific breathing techniques and exercises.
DIY Body-Oxygen Test (Healthy vs. sick people): results of this simple but special breath holding time test predicts physiological health of people.
How To Get Rid of Night Cough – Easy breathing exercise developed by Dr. K Buteyko also known as the Buteyko Emergency Procedure.
Ineffective Cough Medicine (Syrups) and best therapies that involve simple breathing exercises that can stop chronic coughing naturally.
What Causes Diabetes, Heart Disease – All these chronic health problems can appear and progress only in those people who have heavy breathing causing low O2 content in cells and tissues.
How to Get Rid of Stuffy-Nose in 40 seconds – A simple respiratory exercise that increases alveolar CO2 and helps to eliminate problems with coughing fast.
Cough Medicine, Syrups, and Best Cough Suppressants – CO2 is the best cough suppressant since it increases body O2, restores normal immunity, and pacifies urge-to-cough receptors.
Cancer Treatment and Its Key Lifestyle Factors – The video explains unknown factors that promote growth of tumors since these factors increase breathing and reduce O2 concentrations in cells.
Automatic Breathing Patterns and Body O2 Values – What is the link between the ways we breathe and oxygen transport to cells and organs of the human organism?

Book trailers (

Author’s profile:

– “Advanced Buteyko Breathing Exercises
– “Doctors Who Cure Cancer
– “Yoga Benefits Are in Breathing Less
– “Cystic Fibrosis Life Expectancy: 30, 50, 70, …” with the old version here: Cystic fibrosis book trailer.
– “Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: Hidden Triggers and Symptoms
– “How to Use Frolov Breathing Device (Instructions)
– “Amazing DIY Breathing Device
– “Sleep Better and Less – Naturally”

The Buteyko method for children
Devastating effects of mouth breathing in children, babies, toddlers, and infants: its causes, effects, treatment, and prevention with the Buteyko method

Press releases
World’s Leading Health Media Promotes Disinformation on Best Sleeping Positions (22 Sept 2010)

US patents and trademarks applications related to Buteyko method
Word Mark: “BUTEYKO”; Filing Date: June 22, 1995; Serial Number: 75298007; Live/Dead Indicator: DEAD
Word Mark: “BUTEYKO”; Filing Date: May 27, 1997 Serial Number: 75298007; Live/Dead Indicator: DEAD
Word Mark: “BUTEYKO”; Filing Date: July 1, 2009; Serial Number: 77772822; Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE
Word Mark: “BUTEYKO”; Filing Date: May 19, 2009; Serial Number 79071551, Live/Dead Indicator: LIVE

Russian and Soviet patents related to Buteyko method

Cardiovascular Endurance and Breathing Patterns Main Sports Web Page
Part 1. Exercise for Best Health Benefits: The Crucial Role of the Breathing Route
Part 2. Respiratory patterns and exercise: their inter relationships; exercise benefits
Part 3. How to Get Best Benefits from Running/Jogging
Bodybuilding for bodybuilders: How to Build More Body Muscle with Less Diet Protein

Social Problems and Social Psychology Topics

Little Albert Experiment:
Why Little Albert Became the Most Distorted Study in History of Psychology
The Cause of Little Albert Experiment: Dr. Watson’s Sexual Frustration

Modern Gulag KGB Activities:
KGB Gulag leaders, mass murderers, still thriving in Siberia
Modern Siberian KGB – Gulag mass murderers modeled by 1974 Milgram experiment
Psychological differences in modern attitudes to Holocaust and Stalinists’ repressions
Milgram Experiment Explains KGB or Why remnants of Soviet Gulag KGB-FSB still murder people worldwide
Why the world is silent about Gulag KGB leaders

Modern Activities of Security Intelligence (National Security) Agents:
Part 1.
How Security Intelligence Agents Play With Emotions and Feelings of Others: Floods of Emotional Reminders Technique (Secret agents study the past of their targets so that to use extreme images from his past, such as the first love, main fear, worst enemy, greatest frustration, etc. in order to destabilize his emotional state.)
Part 2. National Security Operations: How Secret Agents React to Emotions – When observing reactions of their targets in secret cameras, one of the key functions of the agents is to identify and amplify emotions of the target or to make a drama of one’s life.
Part 3. Secret Agents Argue about Negative Reinforcement Examples. Does negative reinforcement exist? What is its duration and scope?


Graded Exercise Therapy – How and why this medical therapy can become more effective


Cold hands and feet causes – Poor circulation in extremities is a sign of hyperventilation

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