NDT Number of Sessions Needed and Trauma Clearing

- Updated on August 3, 2019

NDT Number of Sessions Needed and Trauma Clearing 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

In the video above, Dr. Artour Rakhimov discusses with Lynn Himmelman the wisdom of the body.

Girl ready for ndt change with arms open Dr. Artour Rakhimov introduces the topic known in the New Decision Therapy that clients usually require several sessions. So he asks Lynn Himmelman what would be the differences between these sessions? Of course, we are guided by the wisdom of the body in the first session to show us how to clear and release emotions or energy stored in the body. Then we take a break for some days and the client comes back again. But what would be the wisdom of the body when the client needs several sessions?

Renewed Awareness with NDT

Usually, when someone has made a decision to come and try out this process they are struggling with something and usually what they will present to the practitioner is the thing that is uppermost in their mind that they want to deal with. If they are very strongly invested in that is what I am here for I would say, “fine, let us see if that is where you are meant to go today”. I will always leave the door of possibility open and sometimes that will be what they will address and sometimes it will not. Something new will be a complete surprise to them, but still totally related to what they came in wanting to solve. The reason they came in is connected to something that they didn’t realize was connected with the problem that they came in to deal with.

Readiness Key in Change

The wisdom of the body comes in when the client is not aware of their problem. Lynn just adds that “She so enjoys the fact that their body knows how to clear and release trauma and stored emotions”. Also, the body knows what is true and can show Lynn where to help them put their attention. That I do not have to have an agenda when they come in the door. In fact, my agenda would be just getting in the way. So that is part of how we learn to be fully present to the client is to leave any agenda alone. The practitioner might feel that they may be ready to deal with, for example, their parents next time. But we will not know that for sure till indicated through the wisdom of the body. They may also be wondering when they are going to be ready and she would respond with �Let’s see�.

In the holistic perspective, our physical body and emotions are linked. When we heal our emotions, our physical health improves. Also, when our physical health improves it benefits our emotional landscape. Dr. Artour Rakhimov teaches about slowing down our automatic breathing patterns. This has enormous benefits for our physical health. Additionally, slowing our automatic breathing patterns improves our ability to focus, our clarity and in having an increase of positive emotions.