Healing Depression with NDT

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Healing Depression with NDT 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

In the video above, Dr. Artour Rakhimov discusses with Lynn Himmelman about healing depression.

Relationship trauma The New Decision Therapy can also help those who have depression because it may also originate in some past traumatic event. It works on a spiritual and holistic level to heal the depression. Lynn Himmelman qualifies this with the proviso that they would not usually take on patients with severe clinical depression who are medicated and are under close medical supervision because they need extra supervision. So if someone comes to me saying, �I want to get off my medication and that is why I am coming to see you.� I would say, �I am not trained to deal with medications and tell you whether you should be on them or off them and so in order to work with me they have to promise to maintain responsibility for the medication with the person who is administering those medications to you.�

We partially covered people who have unhealthy relationship patterns already. People who build new relationships based on a past traumatic event and previous patterns. For example, having trauma from their first boyfriend or their first girlfriend results in new relationships continuing to attract the same kinds of relationship pattern over and over again.

So maybe somebody has a strong trauma where they were abandoned. They were left, for example, by a mother who just decided she did not want the child and left them with somebody else. Even being left for a day, depending on the sensitivity of the person, can be traumatic affecting them spiritually. And there are many instances where Lynn has had people come in where the mother and father decided to emigrate and just left both their kids to be raised by the grandparents and the kids only got to see their parents once a year for six weeks of summer vacation and were traumatized and had a sense that �there must be something wrong with me�, �I’m not worthy�. �All my friends� parents still have kept their kids but my parents didn’t keep me so there must be something wrong with me.� �I’m not pretty enough.� �I’m not smart enough.� It can be just at too young an age because at that time they are very dependent on their parents. If they do not have a proper explanation they will just come up with their own and then that will run their lives.

I am working with an adult right now who has that very type of story where she was not raised by her own parents and her sense of self-worth is just minuscule and she is just gradually finding herself and realizing it did not really have anything to do with her parents not loving her it was just the nature of the circumstances at the time so we examine that in a very productive way while they are in the mirror letting go of the trauma, and that new understanding changes everything.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov talks about an experience with one of his students during a very short event many years ago when he was four or five years old and was left on another side of the street separated by cars moving in both directions and it was just a few minutes duration, a one or two minute event where he felt overwhelmed just being separated from his parents for those one or two minutes. And it resulted in him crying for days later. When he was in his twenties that was the event that came up in muscular testing that related exactly to that situation with the parents standing on one side of the street and he was the other and just those few minutes was enough to trigger crying for days and I realized that if he was crying for days it was very likely to become a trauma later.

Being affected by depression negatively effects your unconscious breathing patterns and your health. By improving your body-oxygen levels, it allows more positive emotions and improves your mental health.