Myths and Illusions: Secret Agents and Buteyko Method (+Massacres and Crimes))

- Updated on December 10, 2020

Myths and Illusions: Secret Agents and Buteyko Method (+Massacres and Crimes)) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

November 2020 video “Anti-Buteyko and Anti-Health Conspiracy by 2 Tiers of Secret Agents (+War) and Safety Suggestions” in which Dr. Artour talks about many examples of strange suicide-murders, weird massacres, truck and van attacks (to kill more people), and other terror acts:

State secret agents or national security intelligence can represent various states such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, etc.. They are known under such names as FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), MI-5 (Military Intelligence – 5), Secret Garda branch (in Ireland), and so forth.

Do not get surprised if you meet secret agents who are likely to involve you in some special operations related to other people involved in Buteyko learning or promotion.

During and after meetings with secret agents, it is common for those ordinary people, especially who know about the power of the Buteyko breathing method, to develop various myths or fantasies (illusions) related to secret agents.

Why do these myths or confusion appear? One reason is that over 99% of ordinary people have the tendency to think in relation to any authority in terms of absolute drama (i.e., opposite extremes: they are either good or bad). There is also another factor.

During such meetings, it is a common tactic of national security agents to provide information in such way that people develop multiple, often conflicting explanations and ideas in their heads about national security agents. (This is simply a professional feature of secret agents accepted worldwide by them for granted.) Note that the same person can have, in their mind, explanations, ideas, or myths that can contradict each other.

Myth 1. “Secret agents do not know about the power and abilities of the Buteyko method to cure many chronic diseases and provide super health.”

National security agencies are well aware of the role of breathing in human health for decades. They know much more about breathing, breathing retraining, and the Buteyko method than the average Western Buteyko practitioner.

Myth 2. “Secret agents are helping or going to help in the promotion of the Buteyko method.”

Security intelligence agencies are not paid for better health of the general population. Ten or hundred times more people can start to die due to effects of hyperventilation, millions already die every year, and millions of people have nearly vegetable existence due to overbreathing. None of these humanitarian concerns are of any importance for NSA (national security agencies). Security intelligence agents are paid to fight terrorism, and this is exactly what they do on a daily basis: FIGHT.

Myth 3. “The activities related to the Buteyko method is of no significance for security intelligence agents.”

Previous web pages already mentioned mysterious deaths of leading breathing healers (Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov (1938-2009) and Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova (1912-1989)) and 7-9 assassination attempts, including the “successful” one, related to Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, MD, PhD (1923-2003). About 100 Buteyko medical doctors had to stop their teaching (only in Siberia, unless “suspiciously died”; see their names here).

Why could then Western and other secret agents be interested in the Buteyko movement? In my view, some part of the Soviet KGB still organizes crimes in those areas of the world which become too active in development or promotion of the Buteyko method. These crimes can include massacres and/or may involve weird accidents with close relatives, or friends, or innocent bystanders, or children. Therefore, development or promotion of the Buteyko method in any specific region increases chances of terrorism in this region. This is the key concern for local security intelligence agents.

Myth 4. “National security intelligence or secret agents from the same country have the same vision and attitudes towards the Buteyko technique.”

It is common for people to assume that if one has an account in the bank, the account has the same balance for any branch of this bank. This has nothing to do with security intelligence agencies. Even within the same region or area of the same country, there could be large variations in the perception, methods, and techniques used by security intelligence in relation to Buteyko students and Buteyko teachers.

Myth 5. “Most ordinary people, and especially me [the reader] can easily spot different attitudes of security intelligence agents towards the Buteyko movement. I can spot possible bad intentions of secret agents.”

In about 99% of cases, the prediction and beliefs of an ordinary person, due to several situational factors, are going to be the exact opposite. In other words, those secret agents who select more confident, more aggressive, and more ugly-nasty style with more destructive nature of their operations will likely get a better rating from their clients or ordinary people. This will be especially true after execution of special tricks suggested by agents.

Your specific part or role is hard to predict (most likely, you will be asked to become a stooge and execute a trick so that you will mentally attach yourself to agents). This leads to the following illusion. In many cases, it is important for security intelligence agents that there is some element of hostility or negativity attached to the action of the stooge in relation to the target.

Myth 6. “If I execute this thing suggested by the agents, it will not influence my relationships with the target and there will be no other effects”.

The crucial factor or the purpose of secret agents is that the stooge does something practically for the target without knowing the exact details and place of this action in the main design (that should be hidden from the person). After execution, the stooge is bound to invent mental justifications (or theories) of the own actions. Formation of these theories in the head of the stooge is one the primary purposes of the appearance of security intelligence agents.

Note that in both cases, when the stooge executes something positive for the target (that the target does not deserve) or negative (like being late, cheating with something, etc.), the effects on future relationships with the target are destructive, and this is one of the key goals of secret agents. In other words, instead of saying that they have strong (possibly unconscious) emotions in relation to the target and try to destroy his relationships with others, the national security agents involve stooges in actions that lead to destructive effects later. (The details and examples of destruction are shown in the video below.)

In nearly all cases, secret agents ask a stooge to sign an oath of secrecy before instructing the stooge about details. Why do secret agents need the oath of secrecy?

Myth 7. “An oath of secrecy is created to protect national security and safety of the public from terrorism.”

Thousands of people sign oaths of secrecy in the high tech industry, corporations, industries that deal with potential threats such as bacteria, viruses, poisons, toxins, explosives, radioactive materials, and so forth. However, none of these industries and oaths of secrecy protect people and actions of involved people. In other words, normal or common oaths of secrecy cover some specific secrets, processes, and technologies. In the security intelligence world, the oath of secrecy covers actions of people and people who organize these actions. It is all in details.

In other words, the typical oath of secrecy for NSA, secret agents, and their leaders imply that however criminal and illegal activities of national security agents could be, these agents will be protected from any future persecutions and even scrutiny of law-reinforcement authorities.

But why do secret agents need you to sign this specific all-covered paper? The psychological part of this trick is following. After signing this paper, the stooge needs to invent a myth, even a subconscious one, that secret agents are holy and innocent. This is the only justification that will create a (volatile) peace of mind for the stooge.

Indeed, it would not be smart to sign such papers if there are any, even tiny, suspicions, related to possible wrong-doing by security intelligence agents. Therefore, the act of signing is, in reality, a moral and legal evaluation (absolute acceptance) of the national security agents and everything that they do. (By the way, did you notice that, for an average year, there are 1,000s of police officers, military people, lawyers, etc., but no secret agents who are caught in wrong-doing? Now you know why.)

Note that operations of national security agents and their interactions with others are not recorded and not accessible for further scrutiny by any other agency or people. Hence, secret agents function in the condition of personal and group (i.e., double) anonymity. (Even those secret agents who know about criminal actions of their colleagues are not able to share this info with the public. This is the expected effect of their all-included oath of secrecy.)

The video below shows effects related to personal anonymity only since the actions of the whole group in relation to the target are openly recorded (they do not have group anonymity). For activities of national security agencies, it is common to have both personal and group anonymity (double protection from having any responsibility).

Having clarity of mind can help you to have a clearer picture of the world and the role and place of secret agents in development and promotion of the Buteyko method and health on the planet.

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