Effects of the Fraud: Clinical Trials of the Buteyko Method for Asthma

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Effects of the Fraud: Clinical Trials of the Buteyko Method for Asthma 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

“Just because you’re the lone voice in the wilderness, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong.” Mahatma Gandhi

On the previous page, we discussed how secret agents organized global conspiracy-scam with falsification of results for lung function numbers for Buteyko asthma trials. These were national security agents from these countries:
– Australian National Security or Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)
– British Security Service (MI5)
– New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS)
– Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Why bother with this topic

The reason why I am dealing with this ongoing scam and numbers is because that there are high ranking security intelligence officials who do not want to bother themselves with numbers related to life and deaths of humans on the Earth. When, for example, Alexander (Sasha) Stalmatsky arrived in Australia (later to the UK, Ireland, and the USA), he became a source of inspiration that changed and even saved thousands of lives. This is how Buteyko people viewed him in the past and view him now. I personally believe that he provided more contribution to the health of Australians than top 10 or 100 modern Australian doctors and Australian health officials (who promote useless drugs anyway).

So, Sasha Stalmatsky brought health. However, secret agents from all these countries, on the other hand, noticed and directed their attention to mysterious execution crimes that appeared with him anywhere he was. These crimes were organized by a third party who demolished over 100 Buteyko medical doctors in Siberia decades ago (see their names and positions here: GULAG KGB Mafia). Therefore, Western secret agents treated Sasha Stalmatsky as “nuisance”, “pest” to control, “burden” and even “threat”. Nearly the same attitude and approach had been common for Russian KGB-FSB agents in relation to KP Buteyko in Moscow, Russia. FBI agents adopted the same approach to Kandis Blakely who created the New Decision Therapy in California.

Therefore, this article is going to provide numerical estimates related to what Buteyko method was supposed to bring in terms of saving lives and what Western and other secret agents changed and are changing in our distant future.

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, MD, PhD Here, we are going to consider various effects related to falsified Buteyko asthma trials. There are many groups of people who were, are and will be influenced by this scam, likely for many decades, if not centuries. Let me start with effects on Buteyko practitioners and people who promote the Buteyko technique.

Effects on Buteyko teachers

How should a Buteyko teacher or supporter react to this fact: the best trials found that Buteyko does not change asthma? At least confused (as I had this sensation for decades until the first days of November 2016). Would one try to organize another Buteyko trial in the Western world? Well, if six top trials say that Buteyko is ineffective to change airways in asthmatics, then it would probably take 10 new blinded randomized controlled Western trials in order to create just doubts in minds of doctors because ultimately, in the modern world, doctors are to decide if the method is to be officially used for asthma or not.

Effects on doctors and the medical profession

As about the current state related to the perception of the Buteyko method by Western doctors, it is simple and reflected in, for example, Wikipedia article that, in turn, refers to Australian and UK official guidelines for asthma:
– Australian Government’s Department of Health (2015) states here that, as about the Buteyko technique, no clear evidence of effectiveness was found.
– British clinical guideline (2014) in this document says that the Buteyko method improves some asthma symptoms and quality of life, but has little impact on lung function.

The current Wikipedia article is actually more neutral than those hostile versions that were online in 2005-2015. However, the general conclusion is that it is at least “unproven” or “ineffective” for lungs of asthmatics.

Therefore, if for me and many other Buteyko teachers these results have been confusing, there is no confusion for an average doctor or over 97-99% of modern doctors. It is clear to them: the tests (numbers) showed no change in inflammation of the airways of asthmatics. Hence, the method is like a quakery. About a 90% reduction in medications for these Western trials may even annoy many doctors and increase their desire to ignore, pervert and distort the technique. Indeed, they have 2 options: to start learning and teaching something that is complex, hard to learn, and new or just prescribe drugs as they learned this skill in medical schools. What would be an easier and simpler option for an average doctor? Give them the drug. Hence, the existing results of Buteyko trials allow doctors to do nothing in relation to changes in their conventional asthma management. Should numbers for trials be positive, doctors would need to start doing something different for their patients.

How to calculate mortality-related effects?

What about the effects of this scam on people with asthma and other conditions? This would probably depend on their trust in doctors. While trust in doctors is falling for many decades, it is still high ranging from about 50-60% for Americans, Russians, Chileans, Bulgarians, and Poles up to 75-85% for Swiss and Danish. More details are here.

In order to proceed to calculations of actual numbers related to preventable deaths, it is necessary to make some assumptions about current and future applications of the Buteyko method.

We can assume that the current application of the Buteyko method is about zero since the current number of users of the method, for example, with asthma, is less than 0.1% from all asthmatics in any given country. The number of users for other health conditions is much less.

There are two assumptions that are going to cause main effects:
Assumption 1: This scam will delay advance and later worldwide clinical application of the Buteyko technique for 100 years (the delay factor). Indeed, it can easily take another 100 years to have enough clinical evidence for doctors to say that the lungs of asthmatics do improve due to the Buteyko method. In reality, the number can be much longer meaning increased mortality numbers.
Assumption 2. Assume that only 10% of people with asthma will be using this method in a very long-term (in X centuries) when the method is proven to help asthmatics.

Now we can construct some graphs showing the number of prevented deaths in two situations: normal development of the Buteyko method and artificially altered development with the delay factor.

Preventable deaths or mortality for Buteyko method: natural vs. agents-induced developments

On this graph:
– the horizontal line represents time in history
– the vertical line is the number of preventable deaths
– the blue curve is the number of preventable deaths expected for “natural” development of the Buteyko method that would take place without this fraud-scam
– the red line is the number of preventable deaths expected for a similar development that will take place later with the delay factor (some number of years) due to activities of secret agents.

The difference between these two developments (the number of preventable deaths) is then the area between these two curves. This is shown in green. From geometry, it is known that this green area is equal to the area of the rectangle that has the “delay factor” as its base and the “acceptance factor” as its height. Hence, all we need in order to find the number of preventable (or artificially induced) deaths is to multiply these two numbers: the delay factor times the acceptance factor.

We can see, that, whatever the future acceptance period of time (when the maximum application of the method will take place, in 200 years, 500 years or 20,000 years), the number of preventable deaths, due to this scam, will depend on the “delay factor” and “acceptance factor” (or the learning-percentage number).

There are many extra factors that will change the actual results:
– Other effective techniques, such as the Frolov device therapy or ketogenic diet, can advance and be used officially against asthma and other diseases. (However, the current advance of the Frolov device in the world is likely hampered by this fraud as well since many people would think about the Frolov method as about the “another Russian swindle”).
– The number of people in the world will be much greater. (This factor increases the damage due to this fraud.)

Now we can provide estimates for various health conditions.

Effects on people with asthma

From these two sources (1 and 2), we know that:
– The USA has about 25 million people with asthma causing over 3,600 deaths per year.

Over 300 million people have asthma now (see this site), and there are about 250,000 deaths from asthma (status asthmaticus) on the Earth per year (see this page).

If ultimately only 10% of all asthmatics use this method in a long run (in 500 years or 10 centuries – no difference for this model), we are talking about 2,500,000 preventable deaths from asthma.

Other health conditions

Would this scam deter people with other conditions from learning the method? If Buteyko is ineffective for changing lungs in asthmatics (and the method is mostly advertised for asthma), then over 95-99% of people with COPD, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. will have a natural and sensible desire and serious reasons, for decades or centuries to come, to ignore the Buteyko method as useless or quakery. This is what they do, in over 99.999% of cases, now.

COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

About 30 million people have COPD in the USA now (2016), and there are over 380 million people with COPD on the Earth (see this page). US mortality due to COPD is about 40 per 100,000 per year or over 120,000 Americans per year. Global mortality due to COPD then is over 3 million people yearly (see this page). If the Buteyko method can prevent 10% of these non-spectacular deaths (and Buteyko can easily do, and there will always be 10% willing to practice hard if they know that it works), then this 100-year delay is going to kill over 24 million people with COPD. This is 10,000 times more than Orlando massacre, Breivik’s shooting, GermanWings crash, 9/!!, etc. altogether only in relation to one condition: COPD. Learn math from the Mafia…

Diabetes mellitus

Over 420 million people suffer from diabetes with 3.7 million deaths due to diabetes and high blood glucose (both numbers are from this page). That yields another source of future deaths due to this fraud: over 37 million people with diabetes.
People died from diseases caused by secret agents or security intelligence

Cancer and related oncological diseases

Cancer kills over 600,000 people in the USA and over 8.2 million people globally per year (see this page). Hence, assuming that Buteyko can prevent only 10% of these deaths, over 82 million people with cancer will die due to this assumed “100-year delay”.

Cardiovascular disease

Even higher mortality comes from heart disease: it is now the No.1 killer in the USA with about 800,000 yearly deaths in the USA. It causes over 17.5 million deaths worldwide per year (see this page). This yields another 175 millions of preventable deaths due to this fraud since the fraud-scam leads to public ignorance-unawareness about abilities of this method.

Total numbers for preventable deaths

Hence, while saving 10s or even 100s of children in the past from new Mafia crimes, Western secret agents prepared coffins for over 320 million people in total (more than the whole population of the USA now). These future deaths will include many millions of artistically unimpressive deaths of children sick from the same diseases. Hence, we are talking here about “six falsified numbers” that will kill the whole country like the USA.

In total, for this 100-year-delay and 10%-later-learning model (major assumptions), these national security agencies from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada will kill more people worldwide in future than they are supposed to protect in their own countries now: truly “doctors without borders”. Even when considering their own countries where these agents reside, the number of local deaths can be presented to millions of people (about 5% of the population for each country).

PS. Note from December 10, 2016. This article about the effects of the fraud related to clinical trials described only a small part of activities of modern secret agents. In reality, there are many more secretive activities related to the development of Buteyko, NDT and possibly some other therapies. The inner environment of security intelligence (national security organizations) created many secret agents who were and are perceived as “heroes” who, for example, managed to change private lives of Buteyko practitioners and other people in some (negative) way. The most frustrating part of this article, for nearly any secret agent, is then that it is possible to calculate how many hundreds or thousands of people will die due to this or this specific single activity of agents who undermine Buteyko, NDT, and other movements. Thus, instead of looking like “heroes” who saved 1-3 lives now, these agents turned out to be scumbags who murdered many more later. Therefore, the Mafia has a much better view of reality, prediction of future, and stronger frame of reference in this spiritual game – and that explains why secret clowns always lose and always behind in the game… But the average secret clown still believes that he outsmarted the Mafia by this or this trick.

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