Why and how Buteyko testimonials disappear

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Why and how Buteyko testimonials disappear 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, MD, Ph.D. looking at testimonials stolen by secret agents Many years ago, one of my breathing students with severe heart disease (he was over 100 kg and about 6.5 feet or nearly 2 m tall) made a comment about the importance of testimonials. He said, “In my country, if someone discovers that he was not told about some powerful health remedy, then he would say to the one who was silent, “And you did not tell me about that…”.” Then he made a sudden move with his hand showing with a mock blow how his hand landed on his chin… He surely did not know that there is security intelligence culture that has totally opposite values and rules of conduct.

In my practice of breathing retraining, over 90% of testimonials of students do not appear, as expected, or disappear, especially video testimonials. At the present moment, there were only 2 people who provided video testimonials related to my teaching and courses: Volker Schmitz and Misha Sakharoff who are both breathing practitioners now. (Both are also musicians, and it is a separate topic why musicians get some artificial advantages in learning, giving testimonials, and teaching the Buteyko method.)

In my view, other Buteyko teachers experience the same problem to a lesser degree depending on their location and other details (such as, how and what they teach). This problem of disappearing testimonials surely plagued the NDT (New Decision Therapy) created by Kandis Blakely.

Who and why prevent the appearance of new Buteyko testimonials?

This is done by secret agents in the name of protection of lives of these students and their relatives since the GULAG KGB Mafia can easily kill relatives of these students, especially children if good Buteyko testimonials make it to the public on Youtube or through over online sources. But if these testimonials are not present then lives of these Buteyko people and their relatives are safe. If some people do not have relatives, the Mafia people can kill neighbors, friends or co-workers or even their children. Thus, there are many targets for the Mafia, while it is physically and technically impossible for secret agents to guard all these secondary targets or civilians.

My impression is that this situation and practice (of elimination of Buteyko testimonials) has decades of traditions due to this worldwide conspiracy among security intelligence secret agents for USSR (Russia), Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, the USA, Netherlands, Canada, etc..

Why do Western national security agents choose this approach?

This approach (elimination of testimonials) allows the agents to go to successful Buteyko students and claim that, in the name of national security and public safety, it is better not to provide new testimonials.

The alternative for Western national security agents is to declare or inform state officials (who hired these secret agents and pay salaries to thousands of agents for many decades) that they (secret agents) do not control the situation related to protection of public or civilians. However, in this case of sincere communication, even though secret agents reflect the true state of affairs, these secret agents do not look confident and some agents may even feel bad about their own uselessness. The agents would show their helplessness and inability to protect public or civilians from the Mafia that has full access to private emails, phone calls, text messages, online banking and even use of credit cards(!) – this is how and why the Mafia could easily organize numerous high-tech murders of 20+ leading microbiologists in 2001-2005, 8 alternative health practitioners in Florida in 2015, Rhoden family in 2015, and many more.

But in the case of elimination of testimonials (the current approach), secret agents appear to Buteyko students as saviors on white horses who look very confident and feel mighty within, a very important psychological factor for modern security intelligence existence.

The other factor relates to roots of this Mafia: these are people from the security intelligence community of former Soviet KGB who organized and run GULAG labor camps during Stalin repressions and later. Thus, revelations related to former Soviet agents can trigger questions related to Western security agents: “What these people are really doing?”

Online falsification is another option

If some undesirable-for-agents testimonials make it online, secret agents can also delete these testimonials or videos from internet servers. One more alternative is to defile Buteyko testimonials with special defiling techniques that represent probably up to 90% of life skills of modern secret agents. (In other words, it is among top valued skills in modern security intelligence community how to secretly defile or defecate on different people or results of their work.)

Thus, there are two techniques that are used by security intelligence agents for the elimination of Buteyko testimonials:
– using extreme irrationality of Buteyko students and their total dog-type obedience to authority (up to the ability to kill innocent others, as Milgram experiments showed)
– using control of electronic devices and internet servers in order to make changes or falsify any content that is present online or seen on computer screens.

As previously discussed, these are the same two methods that were used by national security agents to falsify the results of Buteyko clinical trials on asthma.

In these conditions, it is obvious that it is exceptionally hard for the Buteyko method to compete with Big Pharma and even other alternative health therapies. If 90+% of best Buteyko testimonials are removed, it is like secret agents breaking a leg of a runner who is now to compete in a race against normal others. Surely nobody removes or prevents the appearance of positive testimonials about the goodness of drugs invented by Big Pharma.

Long-term effects of work of secret agents

The long-term were discussed on the page about the effects of falsifications of Buteyko trials.

Testimonials are the crucial, often the most important, part of any promotion or product or technique. Each disappeared testimonial, especially the powerful one, means many dozens or possibly hundreds of people, including children, who are to die in future due to public unawareness about advantages of this specific technique.

One can calculate how many sick people already died, up to the present moment of time, due to these disappearances, falsifications, and delays organized by Western secret agents, as well as how many people have had miserable lives.)

In a way, modern NSAs (national security agencies) and their secret agents work as wings of Big Pharma.

Hence, there is some truth in ideas expressed by Sergey Altoukhov in his Buteyko Trilogy and in information from other Soviet sources talking about Big Pharma responsible for some weird or artificial problems and persecutions of Dr. KP Buteyko and his doctors-colleagues in the USSR/Russia by some “mysterious” people who also organized several documented assassination attempts and eventually killed Dr. Buteyko in 2003.

These were among the reasons why I included my testimonials (related to my pre-Buteyko problems with frequent sinus infections and reactive hyperglycemia with reactive hypoglycemia) in my recent YouTube videos:
Cure sinusitis with Buteyko
Improve reactive hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

If Buteyko practitioners make similar video testimonials, we can surely increase public awareness about the power of the technique what we teach. Feel free to send me your video URL links so that I can post them on my personal and NormalBreathing social networks.