Persecutions of Buteyko Alternative Health MDs in Siberia by GULAG KGB agents

- Updated on May 14, 2020

Persecutions of Buteyko Alternative Health MDs in Siberia by GULAG KGB agents 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

It is well known and documented that Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, MD, Ph.D., the creator of the Buteyko breathing technique, a powerful alternative health technique, was severely persecuted in Siberia by some mysterious Mafia who, apart from psychological pressure and persecutions, also organized several attempts to assassinate or kill him. You can find these details in the Dr. Buteyko Trilogy written by close Dr. Buteyko’s friend Sergey Altoukhov. They eventually managed to kill him during his trip to Novosibirsk. (The actual death from wounds took place later, in Moscow.)

The persecutions also took place during the 1960-90’s against about 100 Soviet MDs trained by Dr. Buteyko. These were exceptionally healthy and effective MDs since many of them had around 60 seconds or more for the body-oxygen test and had years of experience in teaching this alternative medicine method.

Almost every Siberian MD had hundreds of patients successfully treated with the Buteyko method and every doctor listed below reported their amazing success during the 2nd Conference of breathing doctors in 1990 (published in the book “Buteyko method. Its application in clinical practice“, 224 pages, edited by K.P. Buteyko, 1991, 2nd edition, Titul, Odessa). However, virtually all Siberian MDs stopped teaching the Buteyko method in Siberia due to dirty tricks and persecutions organized by GULAG KGB agents, who were acting as prison guards. Many of these doctors are still working in medicine, often in the same positions. Some moved to natural holistic or spiritual organizations or organizations involved in physical education, but none of old Buteyko’s Siberian medical colleagues, in spite of their obvious passion for the method, according to available information, practice this alternative medicine technique now.

Medical doctors persecuted as prison inmates Here are top Buteyko doctors from Siberia. These MDs, based on their own experience with hundreds of patients, first, reported that the Buteyko breathing could cure such conditions as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and so on. Then, they, second, stopped practicing the Buteyko method in Siberia:
– Angelina Nikolaevna Samotesova, Chief Endocrinologist of the Krasnoyarsk region
– Vilma Augustovna Genina, Head Physician of the Tuberculosis Clinic in Novosibirsk
– Lyubov’ Sergeevna Kozshemyakina, Head Physician of the Railway Hospital in Krasnoyarsk, a pediatrician
– S. I. Kantor, Head Physician of the Slobodskoi Clinic, Kirov region
– E. B. Naumov, Head of the Division of Reproductive Function of the Institute of Medical Problems of the North, Krasnoyarsk
– T. V. Kondakova, Chief of the Pulmonology Division, Medical Hospital No. 51, Krasnoyarsk
– Kira Nikolaevna Baklanova, Chief of the Allergology Department, Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital No. 1.

Apart from these high-ranking Buteyko doctors, there were other medical professionals:
– Valentina Vasilevna Kharlamova, a respiratory physician, Krasnoyarsk
– Olga Vladimirovna Gornostaeva, a physiotherapy physician, Krasnoyarsk region
– Ariadna Vasilevna Zimina, a cardiovascular physician, Krasnoyarsk
– M. P. Odintsova, a family physician, Novosibirsk
– Nelya Nasonkina, a family physician
– Sergey Semenovich Soulyagin, a family physician, Novosibirsk
– D.V. Demin, a family physician
– S. N. Zinatulin, a scientist of the Faculty of Psychiatry and Narcology of the Arkhangelsk Medical Institute
– N. A. Shiryaeva, the doctor-allergologist of the Krasnoyarsk Central Polyclinic
– S. A. Visna, family physician, Rybinsk Central Regional Hospital, Krasnoyarsk region
– E. E. Ehrlich, physical education physician of the Sayanogorsk Central City Hospital, Krasnoyarsk region
– N. Druzhinin, physician of the Black Sea Central Clinical Hospital, Odessa
– L. R. Gurtova, doctor-physiotherapist of 2nd Achinskoj Clinic, Krasnoyarsk region
– T. K. Bogachevskaja, physician of the sanatorium “Krasnoyarsk zagorie”, Krasnoyarsk
– N. A. Shiryaev, doctor-allergologist of the Krasnoyarsk Central Clinic
– E. M. Grek, physical education physician of the Leso-Siberian Central City Hospital, Krasnoyarsk region
– O. I. Zaharova, doctor-pediatrician of the Children’s Clinic, Hospital-51, Krasnoyarsk
– V. A. Kuzhim, family physician of the Central Regional Hospital, Krasnoyarsk region
– N. F. Fadeeva, the doctor of functional diagnostics of the Krasnoyarsk Clinic-14
– V. V. Volkova, physical education physician, Divnogorodsk City Hospital, Krasnoyarsk region
– V. I. Zykova, family physician, Krasnoyarsk.

Among those, who are still practicing alternative therapy and the Buteyko method, are those who moved out of Siberia:
– Sergey N. Paschenko, assistant to Faculty of Operative Surgery of Trauma Anatomy of the Zaporozhye Medical Institute, Ukraine (now at Zaporozhskij State Institute of Further Medical Education, Ukraine – author of the recently published controlled clinical trial on breast cancer)
– Natalia A. Lapa, physical education physician, Novosibirsk Children Hospital No. 8 (moved to the UK many years ago and is still teaching Buteyko there: “The Kingston Natural Healing Centre in SW-London, established in 1983, offers BBT courses for small groups as well as one-to-one sessions. Our therapists: Dr. Natalia Lapa trained under Prof. Buteyko in 1985 and has worked in his clinic” – Source:“)
– Sergey Altoukhov (moved out from Siberia to Ukraine, his website is and he is the author of the famous Dr. Buteyko Trilogy, a historical documentary of Dr. Buteyko’s life and Buteyko movement in the USSR and Russia).

All those alternative health doctors who lived in Siberia stopped teaching the method, while all those who moved out of Siberia (abroad or even within the borders of the USSR and Russia) still teach this holistic therapy. It was surely an act of murder or killing the alternative medicine in Siberia (where they had formal control due to official KGB positions, probably up to the year 2000).

The tactic of persecutions likely involved various security intelligence activities: dirty psychological tricks, possible murders or poisoning of patients or their children (when they start using the new therapy), using stooges for “promotion” of other, nearly useless, health therapies, and so forth. Using death as a method to anti-condition people has been an exceptionally popular method used by GULAG KGB agents.

Here is a video in which Dr. Artour explains his views on persecutions of Buteyko doctors in Siberia, assassinations attempts and murder of Dr. Buteyko:

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