Ways and choices to learn the Buteyko method

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Ways and choices to learn the Buteyko method 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

“There exists a direct interconnection between the level of the theory assimilated and the effect produced by the treatment. Quick-witted patients begin to reduce the depth of respiration independently and manage to improve their condition.” Dr. Buteyko KP, The method of volitional elimination of deep breathing (known as The Small Buteyko Manual), Voskresensk, 1994.

The Buteyko method can be learned from a practitioner (group sessions, individual lessons, phone consultations, video conferencing, etc.), book, video, internet information, and their combinations. When body oxygenation (the CP) is low (less than 20 s), very few people are able to learn the method from written sources (less than 1% according to Russian estimates). This was the reason why Doctor Buteyko personally trained about 200 Soviet medical doctors and numerous breathing instructors in order to help the sick and severely sick.

1. Learning from a practitioner: How to choose a Buteyko teacher

If you find a practitioner, ask their morning CP (index of oxygenation) and experience (how many years practiced and students taught). Practice shows that practitioners can teach the method only until the same level of oxygenation as they have. (This was the reason why medical doctors, who were taught by Doctor Buteyko, were required to have 60 s CP 24/7 in order to teach the therapy.) Next, describe your health history briefly, and ask how long would it take for you to recover. The practitioner should inquire about your age, obesity, past medications, and health problems, in order to provide the correct answer. Many conditions (asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, etc.) for most patients can be solved within 1-2 months (no symptoms and no medication), as numerous trials proved. However, more severe cases can take many months. Cases with, for example, emphysema and diabetes often take years before breathing and body oxygenation can be normalized and structural and physiological integrity of the body is restored.

2. This website offers a new way to learn:

Learning the Buteyko method by modules

3. My personal phone/Skype consultations

I offer courses for students and Buteyko teachers and travel for group teaching. The group courses are conducted in different states mostly throughout Canada, the USA, and European countries. Telephone and Skype consultations are often available. Individual lessons and phone/internet fees are 30 Euro for 30 min; 45 Euro for 1 hour; and 60 Euro for 1.5 hours. The student is also to pay all expenses related to connections.

* If you are very-very interested in learning, but cannot afford it (e.g., you are homeless, or unemployed, or low-income, or from non-western country), send me an email and explain your situation, including the following details: your name, address, occupation, company you work for, wages, and reasons of your interest in the Buteyko method. We will discuss how I can help you.

4. Cooperation and other projects

You can email me about your ideas, projects, plans or concerns: artour at normalbreathing.com. More details about my practice (teaching groups and individuals with and without our physical presence) can be found here: Practice