Why Buteyko, Frolov, Strelnikova Died – Lies of Secret Agents About Safety of Electronic Communication

- Updated on June 5, 2023

Why Buteyko, Frolov, Strelnikova Died - Lies of Secret Agents About Safety of Electronic Communication 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

“Life you may evade, but death you shall not” TS Eliot

It is surely better to celebrate life than dig out for reasons of some deaths. However, sometimes the future is hidden in the past and can be understood, predicted, and shaped only with a clear vision and understanding of past events. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko (1923-2003), Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov (1938-2009), and Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova (1912-1989) were and are leading Soviet and Russian healers and, for some mysterious reasons, they did not die due to old age or diseases. Let us consider the details from their biographies and known facts related to their deaths and likely involvement of some KGB agents.

In this article, I consider facts related to deaths, but such murders would be impossible without control of or access to electronic communication likely including the internet, cell phone conversations and messaging, bank transactions, and more. This is why it was so childishly easy to organize these murders when all details of victims’ whereabouts, plans, surrounding people, all these things were known before murders took place.

How Dr. K. P. Buteyko was murdered

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, MD, PhD Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, MD, Ph.D. (1923-2003) was a leading Soviet physiologist who developed the Buteyko breathing technique that is now taught by hundreds of Buteyko practitioners worldwide. You can find Buteyko’s biography and more info about his work, the Buteyko method, and its history on other pages of this site. As about his death, there are known documented testimonials of Dr. Buteyko’s friends that someone tried to kill him several times from in the 1960’s up to 1998 and likely 2003. You can find more detail about severe persecutions by some mysterious Big Pharma or medical mafia in Sergey Altoukhov’s Dr. Buteyko Trilogy. In Volume 1 of the book, on page 34, he wrote:

“That night, Dr. Buteyko would make the Discovery for which the medical mafia would vilify him for years and make nine attempts on his life – including poisoning, road accidents, and attempts to lock him in a psychiatric hospital.”

This is how Ludmila Buteyko (now the leading Buteyko teacher in the Moscow Buteyko Clinic) described the events that took place with Dr. Buteyko during his 1998 trip to Novosibirsk:

“On November 30, 1998, when the doctor [Buteyko] was returning to his apartment in Novosibirsk, he was chased by 3 people. They were hitting him with an iron rod. Then they left him to die on snow, but it was minus 45 degrees [Celsius]. The almost frozen body was found by a neighboring dog. The doctors did not promise anything good – hematoma was about the fist-size, constant headaches, but Buteyko actively worked for another 4 years. We visited Prince Charles and New Zealand [to attend the Conference of Western Buteyko Practitioners]. His brain was working continuously. One hour before his death, he had a lively conversation with one practitioner who came to visit the doctor. They mentioned Novosibirsk. Until the last second [of his life], Konstantin Pavlovich was in full consciousness. On May 2, 2003, he deceased.” (Source in Russian – the official website of the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow: Buteyko http://www.buteykomoscow.ru/bkp/ldb_o_buteyko/)

Also in 2004, during one of my European trips, I spoke with one Western Buteyko practitioner who was with Dr. Buteyko during the last days of his life. His name was Peter Kolb. He told me that he was horrified by the state of Buteyko’s skin before his death. It seems that apart from the 1998 beating incident in Novosibirsk, Dr. Buteyko probably got some tropical or other infection caused by a rare virus or bacteria that eventually killed him. Of course, for “political”, psychological and promotional reasons, these details do not appear in other sources, but such methods would not be uncommon for GULAG KGB agents.

Here is how Dr. Artour views forces behind the persecutions and death of Dr. Buteyko:

How Vladimir F. Frolov was killed: mystery

Vladimir Frolov Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov (1938-2009) was the inventor of the famous Frolov breathing device. More than 2,000,000 Russians had been using the Frolov device during the first decade of the 21st century. You can find the Frolov biography on another web page. There are confusing and contradicting details about the death of Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov. Russian forums have messages that were deleted by administrations, and here is an official statement from “Lotos”, the second-largest company that promotes the Frolov breathing device in Russia now.

“Company Lotos, represented by the Director Galina Georgievna Blagova informs that, according to new data, Vladimir Fedorovich Frolov suddenly died on the night from 31 August to 1 September 2009. The death happens on the background of complete health. According to our information, he did not have any diseases that could lead to his death. Not long before this tragedy, I communicated with him on a phone. As always, Vladimir Fedorovich was full of optimism, enthusiasm, and desire to help people. He shared his plans for health recovery of Russia. This mysterious death took place when V. F. Frolov was at his peak of intensive work related to the Declaration for the State Duma [Russian Parliament] about the necessity of creation and development of the state program for non-medicament treatment of the nation. For the last 4 months, V. F. Frolov had been working on this project.”

Apart from me, no sooner as on 29 August 2009, Vladimir Fedorovich met with his closest friend Eugene Fedorovich Kustov. According to his words, Vladimir Fedorovich was absolutely healthy and literally radiated energy.

Starting from 1989, due to an inability of the official medicine to restore his health, Vladimir Fedorovich began to develop the TDI-01 [Frolov breathing device]. After that, he never visited medical doctors due to health problems. Moreover, in the early 1990’s, according to the conclusions of the Second Medical Institute in Moscow, he was diagnosed as an absolutely healthy person.” (Source Lotos-Forum: http://lotos-om.ucoz.ru/forum/28-264-1 – This page from the Lotos forum was removed, but you can see its past copy in web.archive.org here and in my snapshot here.)

As we can see, Vladimir Frolov was preparing a national project for drug-free Russia. He was probably organizing papers from up to 400-500 medical doctors with over 12 positive clinical trials on heart disease, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and many other conditions and with official statistics that nearly 2 million Frolov devices had been sold in Russia. Just use your common sense, is this the right time for a person to accidentally die? Or could his death be organized by for some Russian pro-pharmaceutical Mafia or Big Pharma?

A. N. Strelnikova was monitored

Alexandra Nikolaevna StrelnikovaAlexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova (1912-1989) was an opera singer, theatrical teacher, and the author of the unique breathing gymnastic. More than 50,000 people (the real numbers can be much greater) learned and found her breathing gymnastic very effective. Her main pupil is Dr. Mikhail Nikolayevich Schetinin, MD who has been teaching the Strelnikova breathing gymnastic to thousands of people. In his book, “Strelnikova breathing gymnastic”, 2007, ISBN 978-585407-032-4, Dr. Schetinin describes that she was swimming, while being 77 years old, in Moscow river until the river was covered with ice. As about her death on 22 September 1989, Dr. Schetinin wrote in his book,

“When I was told later, this day in Moscow was warm and sunny. But in the evening the sky was quickly covered by clouds and it started to rain. Alexandra Nikolaevna, after swimming, hurried home. She crossed the road… Two drunk young males on a motorcycle appeared suddenly from a bend of the road and hit Aleksandra Nikolaevna. Then they lost control and hit the pole. Three silly deaths at the same time… “

We can surely speculate about all these details. There are serious doubts if anyone checked blood alcohol levels in these young males. However, several years before her death, as it is described by Dr. Schetinin, Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova actually anticipated her death. In 1983, she told to Dr. Schetinin, “Michael, when I am gone, I will still be helping you”, and raising her arm added, “From there…” (from the same book). She probably had reasons for feeling that there were some mysterious people and activities against her life.

More mysteries

Of course, someone can claim that there are many silly deaths around. I also do not exclude the possibilities that these two last deaths (Frolov and Strelnikova) could be natural. The truth behind these mysteries becomes very obvious if we consider what took place with Buteyko and his pupils (medical doctors) practicing the Buteyko method in different parts of Russia.

When I met Ludmila Buteyko in 2004, she told me that she was actually begging Dr. Buteyko not to go to Novosibirsk in 1998 just before this tragic trip. Somehow, Buteyko was much safer in Moscow, but not in Novosibirsk. (Novosibirsk is the major center of Siberia, where millions of people died in GULAG labor camps organized and controlled by KGB agents.)

What is even more curious is that most of those medical doctors who practiced the Buteyko method in Siberia (including Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, and Tomsk) stopped their teaching a few years after the Second Conference of Buteyko Practitioners in 1991. I am talking about more than 100 medical doctors, including chief clinical physicians of clinics and hospitals (i.e., high-ranking doctors). For their names and positions, you can visit Buteyko persecutions.

There are now dozens of Western nurses, physiotherapists, family physicians, and general practitioners who successfully teach the Buteyko method and have done so for up 5, 10, 15 or more years. I actually do not know a single Western medical professional who stopped teaching the Buteyko method. Why would they stop something that is useful and produces stunning health results?

I can imagine 3, 5 or even 10 doctors out of 100 doctors who would stop teaching the Buteyko method in Russia for private or other reasons. Now imagine that there are more than ONE HUNDRED medical doctors all of whom stopped their amazing work. Most of these doctors reported during the 2nd Conference, in a published book: Buteyko method. Its application in medical practice, ed. by K.P. Buteyko, 1991, 2-nd edition, Titul, Odessa, that they could successfully deal with numerous health conditions and already had hundreds of patients free from diseases and symptoms. Over 20 reports of over 50 medical doctors claim that they could reduce the cost of medication for their patients up to 20-50 times. What or who could make them stop teaching the method? In my view, there was only one power in Soviet times that was much stronger than any Big Pharma. Even all doctors together never had the same administrative and political power as regular KGB agents who controlled Siberia and other parts of the USSR.

As about non-Siberian parts of Russia, those Buteyko doctors, and practitioners who lived and taught the Buteyko technique in Moscow (Aleksey Zadirakin), Ukraine (Sergey Paschenko), Leningrad (Masha Kotousova), and many others were and are still able to practice. Therefore, we have a mystery that relates to Siberia.

If Buteyko was safe or unsafe in Moscow, Novosibirsk, or some other place, who would be responsible for his safety or its absence? Of course, secret agents from KGB. Sergey Altoukhov, in his book, described numerous mysterious events that took place in Siberia. Consider, for example, the following situation. During the 1st Buteyko Conference is Siberia, the lights in the hall were turned off. I bet, should this Conference have taken place in the USA in the ’60s and should the FBI try to destroy the event, someone would order trucks of flowers by phone and the Conference organizers would be asked to pay for them. Or there would be another highly “artistic” piece of crap invented to defile the event. There are actually people these days who are trained and paid by states for infinite variations of activities which in essence are described by words “defile and hide”.

In his detailed biography of Dr. Buteyko’s life, Sergey Altoukhov has numerous referrals to some vicious pro-pharmaceutical Mafia or Big Pharma. They were defiling Buteyko’s clinical trials, projects, conferences, and private life. But who are the chief druggists or people who use deadly toxins to kill or severely harm others in Russia? Ask any Russian person and they would tell you.

What would stop these Siberian Buteyko doctors from teaching the method? If someone starts to poison their Buteyko patients or kill their children (another popular technique among GULAG KGB agents), then the patients would not be able to progress with his or her breathing retraining. If there are tens or hundreds of patients who get worse (due to poisons and deaths around), then doctors would stop teaching it.

It is obvious that GULAG KGB agents could not start killing these Buteyko medical doctors in Siberia since it would be clear then that there was some organized Mafia or terrorist group behind these deaths. The tactic was to destroy the movements by killing the leaders and organizing defilement activities and murders of associates in relation to the rest.

Therefore, there are no mysteries related to these deaths or the 1990’s demolition of the Buteyko movement in Siberia. The main mystery or puzzle here rather relates to the slave-type mentality of the modern man and his fear to face the uncomfortable truth.

Meanwhile, the Western Buteyko movement is growing at an amazing rate, while the Frolov device is exceptionally popular in Russia and also expanding its recognition worldwide. Strelnikova gymnastics is also learned by thousands worldwide. As for the alive GULAG KGB agents, you can find more details below.

Q: Who was or is the most prominent political or social figure promoting the Buteyko method on the West?
A: To my knowledge, Prince Charles who has had a high opinion about the Buteyko method for many years. If you know other people, feel free to leave their names below. Dr. Buteyko and Ludmila Buteyko even met Prince Charles’s personal doctor. Prince Charles also opened Hale Clinic in London which had Buteyko courses taught by Alexander Stalmasky.

Q: Were there any tragic events among relatives of Prince Charles after he started to endorse Buteyko?
A: In 1997, while in France, Princess Diana’s driver “accidentally” hit the concrete wall, while driving very fast, causing her death…

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