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KGB GULAG Mafia and Buteyko Doctors

Mind control involves clandestine techniques that can deceive and make a person do things that he or she would not normally do. For example, the brainwashed can murder other people, even family members, and then immediately commit suicide.

GULAG (abbreviation in Russian, Glavnoe Upravlenie Ispravitel-no-trudovykh Lagerei or Chief Directorate of Prison Camps in the former USSR) - a system of labor camps run by Soviet KGB agents in the 1930'-60's, the largest world's laboratory for mind control experiments with over 10,000,000 "guinea pigs" sacrificed.

KGB (abbreviation in Russian, Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security in the former USSR) - a secret service or state security intelligence agency of the Soviet Union. (Now it is called FSB or Federalnaya Sluzshba Bezopasnosti, but they are generally the same people in local areas.)

As you read the following, be aware that the author, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, in 1994, witnessed numerous crimes, deaths and cases of brainwashing with total mind control in a cult organized by KGB-related people. This cult included his family member and many people whom he knew for years. Also, in 1994, he reported crimes and murders committed by KGB-related people to Russian and Western authorities, moved to Canada, and later became the target of these KGB agents (only a minor part of KGB).

Try to imagine: the Minister of Health of the USSR comes to some hospital patients and say to them, "Hi, folks. You will be visited by one crazy doctor Buteyko, who will try to enroll you into a clinical trial for his breathing technique. You all should refuse... " How many people would follow this appeal? The next question then is: Which state authority may come and make 100% patients agree to reject K. Buteyko? Similar situations can be analyzed in relation to a medical practice. Would, for example, the Health Minister be able to prevent ordinary asthma sufferers from learning the method? Who would achieve better compliance of patients using some dodgy techniques and slimy excuses?

It is simply too naive to think and believe that KGB would have nothing to do with the super secret project that was led by Dr. K. Buteyko in relation to optimum air composition, breathing retraining, CO2 effects, etc. Again, compare Buteyko situation with the situation of the famous Oxford Professor John Haldane, who was hired in 1920- 1930’s by British Navy to study air in submarines and whose name then disappeared from the world scientific community. Clearly, each Buteyko's act, word, trial, publication and conversation was controlled by Siberian KGB. Who were they in the 1960s?

During 1930s-1950s over 10 million Soviet people died due to repressions and persecutions organized by Stalin and Soviet secret service. What happened later in the 1960s after Stalin's death? The Soviet state and its officials did absolutely nothing in relation to those Gulag executioners, who were guilty in killing of millions of Soviet civilians, mostly in Soviet Siberian labor camps (Gulag), as described by a Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who miraculously survived this hell and wrote his famous "The Gulag Archipelago

There is no historical evidence about existence or activities of some medical Mafia in the 1960s in the USSR. There were no literary or newspapers mafia during those Soviet times either, but many Soviet writers, reporters, and journalists were persecuted by KGB agents who manipulated relevant state officials and organized various dirty tricks to destroy and spoil personal health, work, relationships, success, and other aspects of one's life.

No medical official could plot a murder, falsify results of medical trials, manipulate patients and medical officials or organize other acts of vandalism and sadism against the leading Soviet physiologist Konstantin Buteyko and his colleagues in the 1960s and later without direct guidance from KGB secret agents. This was the nature of the Soviet state.

Note that after Stalin’s death in 1954, KGB agents could not anymore openly imprison, torture, and/or persecute progressive people or Soviet free thinkers. Hence, KGB agents switched to clandestine manipulation of surrounding people, including relatives, friends, co-workers, supervisors, and others, as well as using poisons, drugs, as-if-natural accidents, mishaps, and murder. As a result, many people got a wrong impression that Dr. K. Buteyko and his colleagues were persecuted by some medical Mafia.

For more information on this rather humanitarian, psychological, social, spiritual, and historical topic (persecutions, harassment, obedience to authority, Gulag roots, comparisons with Nazi's Holocaust and Milgram' studies) one can study these articles about roots, foundation, and behavior of modern Siberian KGB-FSB Gulag agents and their followers who, after killing millions of Soviet people in the 1930's-1950's, are still thriving in Siberia and harass the world with crimes.

Terrorism and Activities of Gulag KGB agents (all web pages):
- Right after a small US university from Fairfax (Virginia) decided to organize an exhibition about KGB GULAG labor camps and educate the world about the remaining world's largest group of mass murderers, there were 4 mysterious suicide-murders in a small county. Read more about Russian KGB agents and how they could set up these four 2006 Fairfax suicide-murders using fast seduction-based KGB brainwashing techniques leading to total mind control.
- Terror threat: The main terror threat comes from fast seduction-based brainwashing techniques developed and widely used by GULAG KGB agents worldwide for acts of terrorism.
- Mystery murders, suicides, massacres, plane crashes, and many other tragic events worldwide are often designed by surviving GULAG KGB secret agents.
- Brainwashing techniques: trauma-based CIA brainwashing techniques vs. fast seduction-based KGB brainwashing techniques in search for total mind control, including origins and failure of CIA's MK ULTRA and Monarch mind control methods. Do you know that KGB had dozens of brainwashing labs and millions of human subjects for the development of total brainwashing methods?
- How to avoid brainwashing: Methods and techniques, physiological changes in the brainwashed people.
- Mind control and how KGB uses mind control to control minds of people worldwide.
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- National Security Agents Are Above Presidents: Secret agents from National Security Agencies feel themselves smarter and more important than Presidents and other rulers. Learn about this gradual and subtle transition that was originated in the Soviet Communist state and took place decades.
- How secret agents use psychology dirty tricks to avoid or even display responsibility on their victims.
- How secret agents play legal experts due to training from higher authorities that create thousands of gullible highly confident security intelligence clowns whose only skill is confidence based on zero knowledge and zero creativity.

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