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Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, MD, PhDThe Buteyko method was clinically applied during best ever known clinical trials on cancer and asthma (6 trials).

This breath technique was created by Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, MD, PhD, a leading Soviet physiologist. In the early 1960's, he became the Manager of the Respiratory Laboratory created for classified scientific research for Soviet Cosmos and first outer space missions (including the 1964 flight of Yury Gagarin, the first man in space).

The Buteyko breathing technique (also known as the Buteyko method or Buteyko breathing method) is a system of activities that include:
- reduced breathing exercises (similar to meditation in tidal volume, and to pranayama in relation to CO2 increase)
- lifestyle changes.

The goal of the Buteyko technique is to normalize one's automatic breathing pattern (learning how to breathe in accordance with medical norms 24/7) so as to increase body and brain oxygenation. Trials and clinical experience suggest that the method is effective for many other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, bronchitis, sleep apnea, and so forth.

Buteyko breath technique and chronic diseases

Breathing rates in healthy, normal people vs diseases

Dr. Konstantin Buteyko suggested and confirmed using thousands of his patients that:
- People with chronic health conditions suffer from alveolar hypocapnia (a lack of CO2 in the lungs) due to chronic hyperventilation syndrome
- If these people normalize their unconscious breathing, their symptoms and diseases are going to disappear.

Key features of the Buteyko breath technique:

Medical people smiling - The Buteyko method is approved by the Russian Ministry of Health
- Used by over 180 Soviet and Russian medical doctors personally trained by Dr. Buteyko
- Applied by medical doctors on more than 100,000 asthmatics, over 30,000 people with cardiovascular problems and thousands of patients with other conditions (bronchitis, sleep apnea, diabetes, cancer, HIV, liver cirrhosis, and so forth)
- Tested by clinical trials both in the USSR and in the West, including 6 Western randomized controlled trials of the Buteyko technique on asthma (with over 90% reduction in medication) and Soviet trials on HIV-AIDS, radiation disease, heart disease (cardiovascular disease), liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B, and metastatic cancer (with 6 times reduction in 3-year mortality).

The method was chiefly brought to the Western world by Alexander Stalmatski.

The technique leads to a better quality of life especially for people with active lifestyles such as athletes or recruits.

For more information about history, testimonials of Western physicians, clinical effects in relation to specific health conditions, clinical trials, persecutions by Siberian KGB (Soviet secret service), and other Buteyko-related topics, please use the menu located on the one of the sides.

The major modules that describe Buteyko breathing exercises and its crucial lifestyle changes are located in the Learning section: Buteyko exercises.

You can read my in-depth analysis of astonishing results of the cancer trial during which about 60 patients with metastatic cancer practiced Buteyko reduced breathing exercises and reduced their usual or expected 3-year mortality by more than 5 times. The link to this analysis is hidden below as your bonus content. If you know how to defeat cancer, it is generally easier to deal with diabetes, heart disease, emphysema and many other conditions.

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