Effects of Breathing Exercises on Asthma Symptoms, Allergies, and Medication

Note. Only some (not all) breathing exercises and lifestyle changes (treatment with breathing retraining) lead to permanent improvements in automatic breathing patterns and increased body-oxygen levels.

Woman with acute asthma symptoms (coughing) - An immediate decrease and, later, complete elimination of all asthma medications.
- Increase in the body oxygen level (the CP test or DIY body-oxygen test) is accompanied by normalization of immunity.
- With the increased body oxygen level allergies and allergic reactions are reduced and become less severe. The number of allergens that can provoke acute asthma attacks (exacerbation), and required medication decrease.
- Improved physical endurance, reduced coughing and improved quality of life.
- Avoidance of allergy triggers and high CPs (over 35 s 24/7) for 2-3 weeks lead to complete disappearance of allergies, disappearance of asthma symptoms, signs, cough, swelling and inflammation in airways, and normalization of lung function tests.
- Prevention of complications such as emphysema, COPD, chronic obstructive bronchitis, and pulmonary hypertension.

More details about causes, symptoms and treatment of asthma can be found in this YouTube video "Asthma".

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