Breathing Exercises and Buteyko Method for Symptoms and Medication in Chronic Bronchitis

- Updated on July 31, 2019

Breathing Exercises and Buteyko Method for Symptoms and Medication in Chronic Bronchitis 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Experience of our breathing students, as well as experience of thousands of patients treated by Russian/Soviet doctors, both show that bronchitis symptoms can be easily and effectively reversed with Buteyko breathing exercises and DIY-Frolov breathing devices combined with lifestyle chages. Only one breathing session (20-30 min) is often enough to dramatically reduce main symptoms of chronic bronchitis: shortness of breath, coughing, overbreathing, general tiredness, and fatigue.

In this YouTube video below, Dr. Artour explains treatment of bronchitis with breathing retraining and the Buteyko tehcnique.

Breathing retraining allows quick reduction in medication, often in a few days, especially when students practice up to 2 hours of breathing exercises per day. In most cases, chronic bronchitis is even easier to treat than asthma or sinusitis.

Typical initial CP numbers (results for the body oxygen test) in people with chronic bronchitis are about 15 seconds. Those who have severe chronic bronchitis can have around 10 seconds for body oxygenation. During attacks or exacerbations, the CP can be only around 3-8 seconds indicating severe overbreathing that dramatically worsen inflammation in bronchial tubes due to bronchoconstriction and increased friction in narrowed airways.

Woman with acute coughing and bronchitis symptoms As a result of breathwork and lifestyle changes, people with chronic bronchitis experience an immediate decrease and, later, elimination of medications and the main symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

With the increased results for the body oxygen level, acute bronchitis exacerbations become less frequent and less severe leading to gradual reduction in infallamtion and dosages for the required medications.

Other effects of breathing noramlization include reduction in swelling of mucosa (reduced chronic inflammation) and decreased hyper-secretion from the mucosal surfaces of bronchi (i.e., less mucus is produced).

Higher CO2 levels in airways cause elimination of bronchoconstriction or bronchospasm.

Breathing retraining also allows prevention of complications of brocnhistis that include chronic obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema.

All students who achieved significant improvements for the body oxygen test results and/or normalized their breathing, aslo experience significant improvements in their quality of life (more energy, better sleep, increased mental alertness and clarity of mind).

The bonus box below provides a specific result for the body oxygen test in the morning and 24/7 that people with chronic bronchitis need to achieve in order to experience remission of their symptoms and elimination of medication.

In order to reduce problems with bronchitis to nearly nothing, you need to get 30 seconds for the CP test 24/7.


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