Treat Tuberculosis Naturally with Buteyko and Breathing Retraining

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Treat Tuberculosis Naturally with Buteyko and Breathing Retraining 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

man with tuberculosis and TB cough naturally treated with breathing retrainingTuberculosis (TB), including recurrent TB, can be relatively easily treated with the natural treatment and home remedy of breathing retraining and following Dr. Buteyko’s lifestyle points including diet, exercise and sleep. The symptoms such as cough can be stopped in about a few days with this treatment, but it could take 1-2 months to be cured. This depends on a person’s age, their willingness to practice breathing retraining, and their current state of health. The breathing retraining course is also very successfull for treating tuberculosis in the bones and in all other parts of the body. But before giving details of this natural treatment, here are general facts.

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that mostly affects the lungs, but can also attack almost any part of the body.  Unbelievable, as it may seem, a third of the world’s population is infected with Tuberculosis, however, in most people, tuberculosis is not threating at all because the TB is latent, as opposed to active. If tuberculosis is latent in a person, he still is infected, but the bacteria in the body are in a dormant state, meaning they will not cause any symptoms. TB is latent thanks to our immune system being strong enough to keep TB from becoming active. Also, while TB is latent, or inactive, it is not contagious. The natural treatment or home remedy of breathing retraining aims at acheiving a higher body-oxygen level and this greatly benefits our immune system and completely prevents TB from being active.

How TB develops in the lungs

When, however, in cases where the immune system gets weakened such as if you contract HIV/AIDS virus, or get diabetes, cancers, and chemotherapy, you are much more susceptible to can get active TB as well. Also, if a person with active TB coughs on you or you breath the same air as someone with active TB for a prolonged period of time you can contract active TB. In summation, active TB is contagious and can infect others even though their immune system is high. Active TB is easily transmitted as bacteria in the air when a person with active TB coughs, laughs, sings, or even talks.

About 2 million people die every year from tuberculosis, due to the destruction of lung tissue that it incurs within an infected person. The destruction of lung tissue is caused by and naturally leads to even more hyperventilation and a lower body-oxygen level. When a person’s lung tissue gets attacked and destroyed, the person will cough up the TB bacteria, spreading it through the air where others can inhale it. Besides death, symptoms of active TB include prolonged coughing, the coughing up of blood, a lot of weight loss, unusual fatigue, high fever, sleeping sweats, cold hands and body, and a loss of appetite.

How TB complications destroy other body organs

Tuberculosis can also spread via bloodstream to other parts of your body. If TB spreads to the spine, symptoms may show back pain or stiffness. TB of the liver and kidneys might impair their ability to help filter waste from the blood. TB in the joints will cause bone pain in the hips and knees. TB in the brain causes the brain to swell (known as meningitis), which causes chronic headaches as well as mental health deterioration. TB in the heart, which is fatal, albeit rare, causes an inflammation of tissue surrounding the heart resulting in an impairment of the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood.

Conventional vs. natural treatment for TB

woman with tuberculosis naturally treated with breathing retrainingWithout treatment, tuberculosis can be fatal. And unfortunately, TB treatment needs a long time when compared to the treatment of other diseases. Yet, it is relatively easy to cure with the natural treatment and the home remedy of breathing retraining. By improving your body-oxygen levels you can achieve clinical remission much faster and prevent repeated or recurrent TB infections. Solely traditional TB treatments can take up to 9 months where antibiotics are taken on a regular basis during those 9 months. Duration of treatment depends on age, drugs resistances, as well as where in the body the TB is located. Treatments for latent TB may just require only one type of drug, but active TB might need several drugs at once. Common medications of TB include, Isoniazid, ethambutil, rifampin, and pyrazinamide. If, however, the TB strain of bacteria has developed immunities to these medications and resists them, stronger antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones, amikacin, kanamycin, or capreomycin may be required in which case treatment can be for up to 30 months. Also, it is recommended to finish all the TB medication that has been prescribed to a patient because if a patient stops the medication early and TB bacteria isn’t that damaging but still isn’t fully wiped, the TB bacteria can actually grow back again but this time it will have mutated and develop immunities against the antibiotics.

You will need to slow down your breathing and get X+ seconds for the body oxygen test to stop chronic coughing and prevent any new bouts of cough. More than Y seconds is required to experience a cleansing reaction to clear the lungs from debris including dead bacteria, mucus, and so forth. Below here, both X and Y numbers are included in the bonus content.

X would be 20 seconds 24/7 and Y would be 40 seconds for the CP test.