Sinusitis: Causes and Fast Treatment (Over 90% Success Rate in 5-10 days)

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- Updated on October 29, 2020

Sinusitis: Causes and Fast Treatment (Over 90% Success Rate in 5-10 days) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Causes of sinusitis

Effects of overbreathing on brain oxygen levels Sinusitis is an inflammation (irritation and/or swelling) of the sinuses caused by reduced blood circulation and low body O2 due to chronic habitual overbreathing or breathing more than the medical norm. According to more than 200 Russian and Soviet medical doctors, causes of sinusitis relate to low body-oxygen levels (less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test in cases of infections) due to hyperventilation (breathing at least twice more than the medical norm). Additional factors that reduce oxygen levels in cells are upper chest (thoracic) breathing and habitual mouth breathing.

Sinusitis can be triggered by viruses, bacteria, allergies and certain health conditions. However, since chronic hyperventilation is a norm in the sick, overbreathing plays the central role in the development of other problems as well. It is known that overbreathing leads to tissue hypoxia, suppresses the immune system and creates conditions for new infections and chronic inflammation.

While mainstream medical sources usually divide sinusitis on frontal (that take place in the forehead), ethmoid (between the eyes), maxillary (behind the cheekbones), and sphenoid (behind the eyes), all of them have the same pathophysiology (see the graph on the left side below).

Causes of sinusitis: infections and overbreathingSinusitis causes: allergies

When sinusitis is caused by allergies (see the graph on the right side above), the hypersensitive state of the immune system is due to chronic cell hypoxia with less than 30 seconds for the body oxygen test, while the normal level is about 40 seconds.

Fastest natural treatment for sinusitis (often a few days)

In this YouTube video, Volker Schmitz and Dr. Artour discuss causes and fast natural treatment for sinusitis.

5 young MDs smilingOver 90% of people with nasal congestion can get a natural relief in less than 2 minutes if they slow down their heavy breathing using a simple breathing exercise. This easy respiratory exercise to eliminate nasal congestion is an immediate proof of its cause. It was invented by Soviet MDs practicing one special breathing method. More than 170 MDs taught this most natural remedy to thousands of their patients with asthma, rhinitis, cystic fibrosis, chronic mouth breathing, and many other conditions. With further progress in breathing, you can avoid a nose surgery naturally since you address the causes of sinusitis.

Woman with sinusitis This natural treatment and remedy also work for children, pregnant women, and those with symptoms of fatigue. The respiratory exercise can be applied during sleep or at night as well in order to clear nasal passages and fall asleep faster. The technique is very old since ancient Sanskrit texts suggest that this is one of the most popular meditation techniques.

Here is the link for the breathing exercise ” How to get rid of your stuffy nose in less than 2 minutes”.

If you slow down your automatic or unconscious breathing (get closer to the international norm) and achieve more than X seconds for the body-oxygen test, your problems with blocked sinuses will disappear. This magic number X is provided below (in the next hidden paragraph) as your bonus content.

Get over 25 seconds for the CP test 24/7.


During active stages of the sinus infection, use a very diluted garlic juice as drops for your nose. Make the solution that is strong enough, but not too strong to irritate the mucosal layers. Apply this sinusitis home remedy 10-15 times per day (e.g., every hour), about 20-30 drops in each nostril, while moving and rotating your head in various directions to ensure that the solution can reach all inner and hidden surfaces of your sinuses.

Here is a YouTube video testimonials: Sinusitis Cured Testimonials using the Buteyko method and breathing retraining: two testimonials by Chris Prokop and Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

An additional powerful remedy to clean sinuses from germs is to use a diluted garlic solution. It works faster and better than essential oils and other methods. But one needs to be disciplined with this method. Here is a link to detailed how-to instructions for this garlic-water remedy for infected sinuses.


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