Natural Treatment for Asthma: Over 90% Success Rate

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- Updated on August 13, 2020

Natural Treatment for Asthma: Over 90% Success Rate 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Brain O2 levels: changes after overbreathing This asthma treatment involves breathing retraining. It was tested in 6 Western published controlled clinical trials. The trials showed 90% reduction in reliever medication in 3-6 month follow-ups. This is sensible since this treatment is based on addressing causes of asthma.

The tested therapy is known as the legendary Buteyko breathing method which has been used by more than 180 Soviet and Russian medical doctors. The purpose of this natural therapy is to eliminate chronic overbreathing (see the graph and references below) that is present in virtually all people with asthma.

Note that this natural treatment for asthma requires lifestyle changes and practice of breathing exercises that increase body oxygen levels. The therapy is based on the DIY body oxygen test (Buteyko CP test) which has an excellent correlation with asthma symptoms.

This natural method allows immediate reduction in medication (about 50%) in over 90% of people with asthma.

Treatment of asthma that addresses its cause

Breathing rates (minute ventilation) of people with bronchial asthma at rest

Table. Minute ventilation (asthma)

Condition Minute
Number of
All references or
click below for abstracts
Normal breathing 6 L/min Medical textbooks
Healthy Subjects 6-7 L/min >400 Results of 14 studies
Asthma 13 (+-2) L/min 16 Chalupa et al, 2004
Asthma 15 L/min 8 Johnson et al, 1995
Asthma 14 (+-6) L/min 39 Bowler et al, 1998
Asthma 13 (+-4) L/min 17 Kassabian et al, 1982
Asthma 12 L/min 101 McFadden & Lyons, 1968

Note that advanced stages of asthma can lead to lung destruction, ventilation-perfusion mismatch,
and arterial hypercapnia causing further reduction in body oxygen levels.

This studies explain why most asthmatics can stop acute asthma attacks using a simple breathing exercise (see resources below). In a long run, as over 600 Russian doctors observed, there are various methods how to get rid of asthma naturally and completely.

Note that, while some asthmatics are afraid of too much CO2 in the arterial blood (due to ventilation-perfusion mismatch leading to arterial hypercapnia), they have low CO2 in the airways and further destroy their lungs due to adverse effects of overbreathing and alveolar hypocapnia.

There are other breathing techniques that are even more successful for treatment of bronchial asthma. These methods involve application of the Frolov device and Amazing DIY breathing device.

YouTube video: “Treatment of asthma”

This asthma treatment is described in the YouTube video “Asthma treatment” shown on the right side.

This video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov who explains the results of clinical trials and clinical experience with asthmatics.

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