1-B. Why Studying the Theory Behind Buteyko Breathing Matters

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1-B. Why Studying the Theory Behind Buteyko Breathing Matters 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Learning the Buteyko method by modules

Does it matter if you understand the theory behind the Buteyko Method? Can’t you just do the practices without theoretical preparation?

Psychologists commonly state that when people ascribe more meaning to what they do, they learn things faster, more thoroughly, and reap greater final results. Thus, it will be easier for you to improve health and increase body oxygenation through Buteyko breathing, if you better understand concepts such as ideal breathing patterns, CO2 effects, body oxygen test, and other topics explained on this website.

Allow me to quote Doctor Konstantin Buteyko, who in his practical manual The method of volitional elimination of deep breathing (Buteyko KP, Translation of the Small Buteyko Manual, Voskresensk, 1994) wrote:

The patients study the theory within 1 to 3 days, then their knowledge is checked and they are given marks according to the 5 point scale system. There exists a direct interconnection between the level of the theory assimilated and the effect produced by the treatment. Quick-witted patients begin to reduce the depth of respiration independently and manage to improve their condition.

Such patients who have undergone deep-respiration tests and assimilated the theory with an excellent mark are allowed to proceed with the second stage of training. Those who have not understood the theory will continue the studies…

Dr. Buteyko knew, and any Buteyko today knows, that understanding the fundamental science behind the method is very important for successful practice.

So how can you get educated? I offer three avenues toward this end. (I recommend you spend at least two hours on one, or more, of these avenues.)

Method 1: Watch educational YouTube videos

It’s fast and relatively easy for you to get educated about breathing retraining by viewing the 17 introductory videos on my YouTube playlist “Buteyko breathing.” (Check out my YouTube channel as well for new and updated content.) For best understanding, it’s important that you watch the video clips in the right order: 01, 02, 03, etc.

Method 2. Study this website

For those who like to read, you can study pages on this website. You should look to find answers to the following questions:
– What is the goal of the Buteyko method in particular, and breathing retraining in general?
– Why and how does hyperventilation (i.e., over-breathing, breathing more than the medical norm) reduce cell oxygen content?
– What are the parameters of a normal breathing pattern and the ideal breathing? What are the usual parameters for automatic breathing at rest in the modern person?
– How should we breathe to achieve maximum brain and body oxygen levels?
– What are the main physiological effects of carbon dioxide on the human organism?
– How to measure your body-oxygen level using the Control Pause (CP) test?
– Which lifestyle factors intensify breathing and reduce body oxygenation?
– Which lifestyle factors reduce breathing, increase CO2 levels in the lungs, and improve oxygen transport to cells and tissues?

Method 3. Study the book that has all details in one place

Book cover: Breathe Slower and Less You can buy and read my concise PDF e-book Oxygenate Yourself: Breathe Less ($3 USD). The book contains the main theoretical ideas about the Buteyko method and numerous questions and answers related to breathing retraining. This book is also available on Amazon (in Kindle and paperback) with the title Breathing Slower and Less: The Greatest Health Discovery Ever.
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You can also find a list of my other e-books, addressing various aspects of breathing and health, here.

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