Breath Technique to Improve Talking Skills and Maintain High Brain Oxygen Levels

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- Updated on October 29, 2020

Breath Technique to Improve Talking Skills and Maintain High Brain Oxygen Levels 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

(Module 17 of the Section Learning the Buteyko breath Technique)

Effects of poor talking skills on brain oxygen levels Proper public speaking skills and correct breath techniques, while talking, are crucial in order to have a good focus on the topic, be persuasive, and achieve effective communication.

As we discussed before, excessive talkativeness and improper speaking skills reduce oxygen levels in body cells. Normal body-oxygen levels are crucial for mental and physical wellbeing. Hence, improper speaking skills also produce devastating health effects and promote chronic diseases: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many others. Let us discuss how to improve talking skills.

Breathing rates in healthy, normal people vs diseases

What are the correct talking skills?

breath Technique During lectures and public speeches, or when just talking, it is important not to take deep in-breaths between phrases (Buteyko, 1969). Inhalations must be short (or with reduced tidal volume) in order to maintain normal CO2 levels in the lungs and arterial blood.

Often, people start their sentences and phrases after deep inhalations, then quickly blow out the air from their lungs, together with precious carbon dioxide, as they speak. That is a feature of modern talking style and it can be routinely observed in many TV reporters and commentators. Such a speaking style makes the speech more appealing or even dramatic for viewers. However, it also increases ventilation, causing reduced carbon dioxide stores, and then reduced oxygen levels in all body cells. Moreover, taking deep inhalations, or speaking with a loud voice and/or high pitch, or strong emotions, all make breath Technique heavier during and afterward such speaking.

CO2 model in air above the ocean It is also important to take inhalations through the nose while talking and make these inhalations using the diaphragm. Most people do it differently these days: they make large gasps for air through the mouth using the upper chest. This causes all those problems related to mouth breathing and chest breathing. Chest breath Technique leads to a dramatic decrease in oxygenation of the arterial blood since the lower portions of the lungs get about 6 times more blood due to the effects of gravitational forces.

Summary of the proper public speaking skills and correct talking breath techniques developed by Russian medical doctors:
Good MDs smiling – Start speaking at the end of your usual exhalations.
– Take only small inhalations at the end of the phrases using the nose and the diaphragm (not through the mouth and not using the chest or thoracic muscles)
– Hold your breath and calm your breathing if you have longer pauses (e.g., when other people speak).

Additional suggestions are:
– A simple belt around the middle of the body trunk can dramatically improve speaking skills and effectiveness of public speaking due to enforced diaphragmatic breathing and prevention of deep chest inhalations. For details of this technique, consult: Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing 24/7.
– If you speak on the phone a lot (e.g., for more than 30 min for a conversation), consider doing some exercise while speaking (e.g., walking back and forth or even exercising on an exercise bike). Physical exercise generates many times more CO2 that will improve your body oxygenation.

Generally, it is a difficult challenge to have good speaking skills when one’s body oxygen level is below 25-30 seconds. A correct or good talking technique appears naturally when the person gets over 40 s for the morning CP (body-oxygen test). Hence, if you have less than 40 s for your morning body oxygenation, reduce the amount (and intensity) of talking. The same suggestion can be found in numerous ancient yoga scrolls (“avoid the company of men”, “keep silent”, and so forth). If talking is necessary for work and life, it is important to learn and practice correct talking techniques.

You can get even more oxygen in body cells and become healthier if you apply this simple natural remedy any time when you need to speak. This remedy is explained right below here as your bonus content.

You need to pedal on an exercise bike or do some other continuous physical activity (lifting dumbbells) any time when you need to talk for minutes or longer. Exercise will prevent lowered CO2 levels preserving oxygen content in cells.