Weight Gain Remedies: Fast and Most Natural

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- Updated on September 13, 2020

Weight Gain Remedies: Fast and Most Natural 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Poor circulation in head due to overbreathing

Weight Gain Remedies: Fast and Most Natural

The most natural remedy to (gain weight quickly) is to improve the digestive system, the liver function, and the appetite (or hunger) naturally by improving blood circulation and increasing body-oxygen levels. When a person is underweight and struggles with weight gain, he or she always has low body oxygenation, generally less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test.

This means chest breathing 24/7 (which drastically reduces blood oxygenation), possible mouth breathing (especially at night), and chronic overbreathing or breathing more than the norm. These abnormalities cause poor perfusion of all organs, a lack of hunger, low levels of energy, a horrible quality of sleep and many other problems. This how to gain weight approach suggests removing the cause of all these problems: too fast and too deep chest breathing.

In this YouTube video below, Dr. Artour Rakhimov was interviewed about gaining weight for people who suffered from alcoholism caused by alcoholism addiction often accompanied by liver cirrhosis, or late stages of HIV-AIDS with or without hepatitis B that also causes body wasting (as well as cancer cachexia).

Weight gain remedies program The how to increase weight program is shown on this diagram. It generally requires up to 30 seconds for the body-oxygen test in order to be very close to one’s ideal weight, and over 60 s 24/7 for the ideal body weight (provided that one has food and some variety of food items).

Note that apart from low body oxygenation, hyperventilation or fast and deep breathing also increases blood glucose levels, and while having low energy levels due to tissue hypoxia, such underweight people are not hungry and that causes problems with weight gain. This can be easily reversed with correct-breathing exercises.

It is a very common effect that when underweight or too slim people start practicing the Buteyko breathing exercises or the Amazing-DIY-breathing device, their blood glucose level drops since the body is “inviting” new calories to be used for weight gain with the goal to get your body weight closer to the norm. Then it is easy and natural to gain weight by increasing calorie intake and keeping oneself warm throughout the day.

Extra tips for gain-weight remedies

Calories generally come from carbohydrates and fats. The common problem is that people with low weight have poor liver and poor pancreas that are able to handle only small amounts of fats and carbohydrates per meal and per day causing problems with weight gain.

One additional solution for this how to gain weight fast program (in addition to breathing retraining and lifestyle changes) is too greatly increase honey intake. Honey does not require digestive enzymes and is very easy to digest. However, keep in mind that only raw honey does not promote pathogens in the gut and one needs to stick only with raw (or cold pressed, or unpasteurized) honey. Note that honey has some laxative effect due to certain carbohydrates that humans cannot digest. But one does not need to worry about this temporary effect and can use up to 0.5-1 kg per day until one’s weight is normal and this feeling of being cold during and after breathing exercises disappears.

Another suggestion is to chew complex carbohydrates or starches VERY WELL. Whatever starchy food someone with low weight eats, from potatoes to bread, rice, corn, and buckwheat, they all should be chewed up to 70-100 times or until the food disappears in the mouth naturally (without any swallowing movements). This reduces the load from the pancreas since ptyalin and other digestive enzymes from the salivary glands in the mouth can digest up to 80-90% of starches in the mouth. This will surely help to gain weight fast.

Next, one can also take steps to restore the liver using betaine hydrochloride (especially if the liver is damaged due to medical drugs and alcohol), black cherry juice (or black cherry juice concentrate), and Milk Thistle (the main herb for liver detoxification that starts to work at about 20 s CP). Use those dosages that are commonly suggested since it is mostly duration (often 1-3 weeks are required) and especially one’s body oxygenation that plays the main role in the liver restoration and the appearance of strong hunger or voracious appetite.

Finally, there is one more factor that dramatically improves and increases digestive force. This factor is hidden right below here as your bonus content.

You need to use various spices that are agreeable with your body and do not cause any GI problems or discomfort. Many common spices, especially strong ones, such as peppers, garlic, ginger, and so forth, as medical studies found, increase production of pancreatic and stomach enzymes by about 3-4 times! It is even better to use several spices during one meal (or at the same time) for the synergetic effect.


How to increase body mass quickly with correct lifestyle changes

Physical exercise must be done only with nasal breathing (in and out) and could be temporarily limited to about 1 hour of intensive exercise, making sure that one gets a lot of sweat (or strong perspiration) and body shaking or mechanical vibrations (like during jogging) for better GI health. It is more important to gain kilos first and then add more exercise later when weight is about normal and one does not feel cold due to breathing exercises anymore.

Earthing (grounding the body to Earth) for electrons is a very beneficial method to eliminate inflammation and restore normal work of nerve and muscle cells.

Finally, do not forget to eat about 100 gr or more of raw honey (or some other easy to digest food) just before a breathing session or else start breathing sessions when your meals are just gone from the stomach and your blood sugar is not low. This eliminates or greatly reduces this unpleasant feeling of being cold after and during breathing sessions.

All other main lifestyle changes (how to prevent mouth breathing during sleep, how to develop diaphragmatic breathing 24/7, how to prevent supine sleep, and so on) are discussed in detail in the “Learn here” Section, and these factors are very important for this program to build body weight.

Natural lifestyle choices before and after breathing retraining

Lifestyle factor: Body oxygen < 30 s Body oxygen > 50 s
Energy level Medium, low, or very low High
Desire to exercise Not strong, but possible Craving and joy of exercise
Intensive exercise with nose breathing Hard or impossible Easy and effortless
Typical mind states Confusion, anxiety, depression Focus, concentration, clarity
Craving for sugar and junk foods Present Absent
Addictions to smoking, alcohol, and drugs Possible Absent
Desire to eat raw foods Weak and rare Very common and natural
Correct posture Rare and requires efforts Natural and automatic
Sleep Often of poor quality; > 7 hours Excellent quality; < 5 hours naturally
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