Payments to NormalBreathing Assistants and Buteyko Practitioner Trainees

- Updated on August 31, 2023

Payments to NormalBreathing Assistants and Buteyko Practitioner Trainees 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

NormalBreathing trainings can take place in various countries such as Balkan countries, Ukraine, Turkey, and Mexico and other countries in South America. Some assistants and trainees may travel across the Atlantic to join trainings. This means that many assistants and trainees may not be able to have work permits for those countries where training takes place. Therefore, it should be discussed in advance in which projects you can participate and be legally paid for.

While trainees will earn credits during trainings for their practitioner training, they can also be paid for some part of their work as this page explains: Buteyko Practitioner Training in Exchange for Work.

There are two types of work that will be done on various NormalBreathing projects: digital (or online) work and organization of live workshops and live classes for residents of local countries.

Payment arrangements for digital work

Most projects involve the creation or editing of digital products. Such jobs are listed on the page Startup Jobs for NormalBreathing Assistants:
– editing of videos
– editing and creation of new Amazon and PDF books (in Kindle, paperback, PDF, and audio formats)
– editing of existing pages and creation of new web pages
– help with organization and teaching of teleclasses and Skype lessons.

Such online work can be done remotely. This means that a practitioner trainee or an assistant can work from their home or room during the training period and later. This type of work does not require work permits. (However, trainees and assistants will participate in free live classes related to their breathing retraining.)

Participation in video interviews and doing/organizing such recordings do not require work permits since these activities can be parts of free projects. Editing of such videos and creation of files can be done remotely. Therefore, they also do not require work permits.

Assistants and future Buteyko practitioner teachers (trainees) will be every two weeks (biweekly) for projects related to their digital or online work.

Jobs with Freelancer Exchange of information and payments for such digital work can be also done via In order to be hired for working on Freelancer projects, trainees and personal assistants need to create their personal accounts. Terms and conditions can be found here: Terms and Conditions. However, in this case, the payments will be reduced since charges fees (10% for projects): Freelancer fees.

Payment arrangements for live workshops

Assistants and trainees will need to have local work permits if they participate in organizing workshops and training courses to live students in local areas.

Payments for such work is also done biweekly.