NormalBreathing Training Details for Assistants and Trainees

- Updated on August 3, 2019

NormalBreathing Training Details for Assistants and Trainees 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

2-Month Training Details: Traveling, Housing, Meals, Having Laptops, etc.

Here are common questions that were asked by assistants and trainees (those who become breathing educators/teachers) before trainings (you can leave your questions below in comments).

Overall balance and payments

Since finances is an important concern for many young people, many assistants are interested to know about the overall balance after their 2-month training.

Q: Will I earn money as a result of a 2-month training?
A: Yes, so far all assistants and trainees (9 people in total) had overall positive balance after their training meaning that they earned more money (by working for about 20 hours per week) than they spent on travelling to the training and back, housing, and meals.

Traveling, tickets, and locations of trainings

Q: Where/what location would the successful applicant work from if not an office? In which countries?
A: Training locations will depend on locations of candidates and Dr. Artour’s traveling schedule. Past NormalBreathing trainings took place in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, and Germany. Working from an apartment, hotel, or Airbnb place is a common choice during trainings. All females had a separate apartment and use separate washroom/shower facilities during all periods of the trainings in all locations. After training, successful candiates work online (with communication using emails and Skype) or in one of those cities which Dr. Artour frequently visits. Having an office is also in plans.

Q: How often do we travel during training?
A: Usually we stay in the same place for the whole training or split the training in half between two locations.

Q: Can you prepay for transatlantic flights so that this money could be earned later?
A: Yes. Contact us for details.

Housing, meals, daily schedules, etc.

Q: Will internet access be available during training?
A: Yes, of course. During previous trainings, we always had good internet-wifi connection.

Q: Where would we be staying: hotels, houses, apartments, hostels, B&B’s?
A: These can be hotels or apartments. We had some trainee practitioners who stayed in hostels in Italy, Croatia, Germany, and other countries on the way to the training and after it (just for one night).

Q: What are conditions in such places during trainings? Do participants have private washrooms, shower, and a kitchen?
A: In all cases so far, assistants had private rooms with private washrooms and showers. We had cases when two male trainee practitioners stayed in the same room for some part of the training.
A kitchen or mini kitchen can be inside the apartment or room. If not, cooking facilities can be used on the same property.

Q: What does “training” refer to? Learning the Buteyko Method or more than this?
A: Every working day, there will be 1-2 hours of education (unpaid classes):
1. Breathing classes for you to get 60+ s morning CP.
2. Learning simple skills related to online work, SEO, video creation, etc. depending on the area of your work.

Q: Will we need a laptop or would it be provided?
A: If you have a laptop, let us know which laptop you have and its RAM, VRAM and hard disk memory in GBs, as well as the processor speed. We also have one Macbook that was already used by several participants.

Q: When an assistant has 20 hours of work per week, does this assistant need to complete the breathing/physical exercise requirements outside of this time in their own times?
A: We can have some breathing sessions together during classes. However, to get the required daily time for breathwork and exercise, one would need to practice during their extra time. This is why we limit daily work (paid time) by about 4 hours for weekdays.

Q: Will be the opportunity to pursue other projects, such as working online or writing something, during my free time during internship?
A: During training, an assistant will have no extra time for other jobs/projects. Note that you may also need some time for sleep, shopping, cooking, laundry, etc. and have 2 days of rest (from computer and work) every week.

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