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Breathing retraining can reject transplanted organs

Avatar of Dr Artour Rakhimov, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Master TrainerBy Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author
- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD
- Last updated on August 9, 2018
Learning the Buteyko method by modules
Module 8. Restrictions, side effects, limits, and temporary contraindications

Presence of transplanted organs

For people with transplanted organs, they should generally not have more than 30 s for your CP (preferably less than 27 s) at any time of the day to prevent rejection of the transplanted organs. Why? When the CP gets more than 30 s (it corresponds to transition to the next health zone according to the Buteyko Table of Health Zones), the immune system becomes more sensitive to foreign tissues and cells and can launch an attack on these tissues in the attempt to repair them.

Is this true for all people and all situations with transplants? No, depending on differences in DNAs or matching of the transplanted organ between the donor and receiver, some breathing students with transplants can safely achieve higher CPs, up to X seconds. The number X is provided below as your bonus content.

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- This page in Spanish: Órganos trasplantados: el reentrenamiento respiratorio puede ocasionar su rechazo.

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