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2-A. Your motivation, understanding, and plans or intentions

Avatar of Dr Artour Rakhimov, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Master TrainerBy Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author
- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD
- Last updated on August 9, 2018

Learning the Buteyko method by modules

Whatever the initial health state, improved oxygenation of the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and other organs and tissues produces a profound effect on the physical, mental, spiritual, and social health of a person. The change is particularly striking in people with very poor initial health. Why? Russian Buteyko method doctors discovered that severely sick people (if they manage to grasp the fundamental theoretical ideas about oxygenation and breathing, CO2 effects, and breathing patterns) often progress with an amazing rate. These patients have used medication for years, and fighting symptoms have been almost their main life concern. After the discovery of the main cause of their poor health, they can improve their CPs 2-3-5 times in less than 1-2 weeks and up to 60 s or more in a few months. This is a very fast progress. [We can see here again the importance of good theoretical preparation.]

However, hundreds of Russian "health nuts", many of them without any serious health problem or complaint, learned the Buteyko breathing method (up to 1-3 min CP) for the sake of perfect physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Some people learn only some elements of the Buteyko method, for example, they decide to breathe only through the nose during the day and tape their mouth at night. This often helps to reduce or eliminate medication and better control the symptoms.

This course allows gradual learning of the method, one block at the time. You may try some basic elements of the Buteyko method and see if they make difference in your life. Then you can decide if you are to move further up to the Buteyko golden standard (over 60 s CP 24/7).

Bottom line. Make a plan, set goals, create tasks, then practice Buteyko breathing exercises later.

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