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Educational graphs and tables

- 3 graphs with bars (3 pages) - Breathing rates or minute ventilation in patients with heart disease, diabetes, and asthma supporting Buteyko theory of hyperventilation and hypocapnia (MS-Word file).

- 2 graphs with bars and 2 tables with all references (4 pages) - Control Pause in Patients with Various Chronic Disorders and Historical Changes in Minute ventilation in Normal Subjects (MS-Word file).

- 5 tables with all references (8 pages) (PDF file):
Table 1. Western scientific evidence about the prevalence of CHV (chronic hyperventilation) in patients with various chronic conditions (33 medical studies)
Table 2. Minute ventilation at rest in healthy subjects (14 medical studies)
Table 3. Historical changes in minute ventilation (or minute breathing rates) at rest for normal subjects (24 medical studies)
Table 4. Breath holding time (Buteyko Control Pause) in normal and healthy people (27 medical studies)
Table 5. Control Pause in sick people (13 medical studies)

- 2 graphs: Normal Gas Exchanges and Effects of Hyperventilation on Circulation and Normal Gas Exchange: Vasoconstriction, Suppressed Bohr effect, and Cellular Hypoxia (2 pages with 34 medical studies) (PDF file and Word file).

Breast cancer clinical trial: Fivefold reduction in 3-year mortality for breathing normalization group

One hundred twenty patients with metastasized  breast cancer participated in this controlled study published in Oncology Journal (Kiev); 2 pages (translated PDF file)

Practical Manuals (instructional guides)

Manual "How to prevent sleeping on one's back" - 2 pages (PDF file)

Manual "How to stop mouth breathing" - 3 pages (PDF file)

Daily logs

Main daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions and for DIY breathing device sessions - 1 page (Rich-Text Format or PDF file or Excel Spreadsheet)

Daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions (no RB after CP) and for DIY breathing device sessions - 1 page (Rich-Text Format or PDF file)

Daily log for short Buteyko breathing sessions (no CP) and for DIY breathing device sessions - 1 page (Rich-Text Format or PDF file)

Daily log for long Buteyko breathing sessions - 1 page (Rich-Text Format or PDF file)

Daily log for "Steps" exercise (children) - 1 page (Rich-Text Format or PDF file)

Contents and parts of PDF and RTF-format books to download right here

- E-Book "Oxygenate yourself: breathe less" - 4 pages (PDF-file)

Normal Breathing Book display- E-Book "Normal breathing: the key to vital health" and chapters 1 to 5 - 109 pages (PDF file)

- E-Book "Dr. Buteyko Lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969" and its first part - 20 pages (PDF file)

- E-Book "Amazing DIY breathing device" (Complete Breathing Retraining Manual) and its first 4 chapters, together with Chapter 10 - 45 pages (PDF file)

- E-Book "Yoga Benefits" - over 40 pages (PDF file)

- E-Book "Cystic Fibrosis" - 30 pages (PDF file)

- E-Book "Cancer" - 34 pages (PDF file)

- Award-winning sports article "Developing endurance" (Rich-Text Format); 2nd edition December 2000

- Sports article "Low blood sugar in endurance athletes" (Rich-Text Format); November 1998

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