Samozdrav: Review of the TFI Samozdrav Breathing Device

- Updated on November 1, 2020

Samozdrav: Review of the TFI Samozdrav Breathing Device 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Smiling physiciansThe TFI Samozdrav (also known as Cosmic Breath or Cosmic Health) is another Russian breathing device that has been popular in Russia for about a decade for treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). It was patented in Russia in 2000 (see the reference below). The authors of the invention are Academician Nikolai Alexandrovich Agadzhanjan, Professor, Former Head of the Department of Normal Physiology (Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia), Yury Nikolaevich Mishustin, and Sergey Fedorovich Levkin.

Samozdrav - Cosmic Breath - Cosmic Health (Breathing Device)Academician Nikolai Agadzhanjan worked for Soviet Cosmos (Outer Space Research) and wrote a book titled, “Function of the human organism in conditions of hypoxia and hypercapnia” (in Russian). He was aware of Dr. Buteyko’s discoveries. Hence, as was the case with the Frolov breathing device, the Samozdrav was inspired by the legendary Buteyko breathing method.

Due to purely historical reasons, heart disease and hypertension became the main applications for this respiratory device. The Samozdrav breathing device has a similar physiological effect as the Buteyko breathing technique and the Frolov breathing device: intermittent hypercapnic hypoxic training.

Whatever breathing methods, techniques, and exercises we use, their effects depend on permanent changes in our automatic or unconscious breathing patterns and improved body-oxygen test results (see test instructions below).

Hence, if one uses the Samozrdav for health improvement or sports performance, it is smart to consider one’s lifestyle factors based on Dr. Buteyko’s discoveries. Otherwise, lack of nutrients, or insufficient amount of physical exercise (with nose breathing only), or supine sleep, or mouth breathing can undermine or halt any progress in breathing retraining. More info about the right lifestyle for higher body oxygen levels can be found here: Learn the Buteyko Method.

How does the Samozdrav work?

CO2 model above oceanThe creators and promoters of the Samozdrav breathing device provide advanced ideas related to effects of CO2 on blood vessels (vasodilation) and, hence, improved oxygen transport to all vital organs. Additional effects of CO2 are listed below.

Diaphragmatic breathing during breathing sessions is an additional factor that improves blood oxygenation since most people are chest breathers. A large amplitude of respiratory movements is an excellent massage of the abdominal organs and the lymphatic nodes located beneath the diaphragm.

People with hypertension (high blood pressure) In comparison with the Frolov breathing device training, the creators of the Samozdrav suggest 4 stages of learning for people with high blood pressure or hypertension and other health problems. For Level 1, first breathing sessions are short (e.g., 5-10 min depending on the health state of the student).

Later, during more advanced levels of learning, more resistance is created by limiting air flow and by the application of an additional container (e.g., a large 1 Liter glass jar or a third large plastic container). This makes breathwork even more challenging, and higher CO2/body-oxygen levels are achieved. However, it is also possible to use an additional or larger outer container for the Frolov breathing device or the Amazing DIY breathing device with the similar effects.

Another difference (in comparison with the Frolov device) is that the Samozdrav comes with a special bag to measure minute ventilation at rest (in Liters/min) and calculate approximate alveolar CO2 content. This is an additional advanced tool to evaluate your breathing.

The Samozdrav can dramatically improve one’s health (see Buteyko Table of Health Zones and Effects of Breathing Retraining). The effects of the program can be greatly amplified with right lifestyle changes.

References (Russian patent of the TFI Samozdrav Breathing Device)
The Device for Creation of Bioactive Respiratory Mixture from Exhaled and Normal Air, Russian Patent No. 2177334, Application No. 2000125042/14 from October 3, 2000.

Warning sign Warning. Breathing exercises can cause powerful cleansing reactions and can be dangerous for pregnant women, people with organ transplants, GI problems, and panic attacks, as well as those who take medication for diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and other conditions. Consult your health care provider and follow special guidelines, which can be found in the Module Restrictions, limits, and temporary contraindications.

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