Amazing DIY Breathing Device (PDF Book)

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- Updated on August 31, 2023

Amazing DIY Breathing Device (PDF Book) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Amazing DIY Breathing Device (PDF Book)

How to Increase Body Oxygen Fast?

CP test in sick people

Breathing program for health restoration with Buteyko or DIY breathing device or Frolov

Dear Friend,

Since 2003 I have been teaching the Buteyko method helping hundreds of people to get better and was doing pretty well.

And… it was not very long ago that I was spending hours teaching Buteyko breathing exercises to people with less than 15 s CP to try to get at least 20 s CP for better health. (If you are new on this site, click on the image and discover the causes of low body oxygenation in people with chronic diseases and poor health.)

What are the main problems?

1. Buteyko breathing exercises require reduced diaphragmatic breathing

Nearly all people with chronic diseases are chest breathers, and it is hard for most of them to learn reduced diaphragmatic breathing. It is a double and hard challenge to breathe less while using the diaphragm during breathing exercises at low CP.

2. Buteyko exercises require up to 2 hours of daily practice

Yes, according to the original Buteyko method and in order to ensure success and progress in body oxygenation, one needs to practice at least 2 hours per day.

Then I discovered the solution. These 2 problems can be solved with one remedy… This remedy does not require reduced diaphragmatic breathing (even more, it requires maximum abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing) and it reduces your time investments almost two times.

Amazing DIY Breathing Device (PDF Book)

This device is so easy to make and use, I taught a 12-year-old how to make it, and he got over 30 s CP in days…

In this e-Book, you’ll learn exactly how…:
● To start easy and safe breathing exercises (note that improper devices can worsen your health)
● To make your optimum personal DIY breathing device from a piece of a plastic bottle; a container for water (these parts can be easily found in a typical household) and a suitable piece of vinyl tubing (about 30 cm or 12 inches long) that you can buy in a hardware or gardening store. This tubing will cost you less than 1 dollar or 1 Euro for one device.
● To practice very easy and relaxing stress-free breathing exercises that lead to fast CP growth
● To finally set up your health goals and fill your daily log
● To discover and modify those lifestyle risk factors that are most damaging to your health

This e-book will allow you to EASILY IMPLEMENT breathing exercises and lifestyle changes into your daily life.

Parameter Buteyko breathing method Oxygen Remedy Frolov breathing device* Traditional Hatha Yoga DIY breathing device
Learnt without an instructor No No Yes No Yes
Lifestyle factors addressed Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Less than 1 hour per day is sufficient for success in 1 month No Yes No No Yes
Eventually, over 80% people improve their health Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Most people are
symptom-free in 1 month
Yes Yes No No Yes
Most people are
symptom-free in 3 months
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Price of the course (for recovery) or of the device and manual 300-600 USD 250-600 USD 100 USD >300 USD 32 USD
* The information about the Frolov device is based on its traditional application (without lifestyle changes)

Display cover: Ebook Amazing DIY Breathing Device

Using this simple breathing device, most people can boost their body oxygenation by up to 5-10 seconds or more in about 12-15 minutes. After testing hundreds of my students with less than 20 s CP, I discovered that this device is almost twice more effective than famous Buteyko reduced breathing exercises. You will discover:
● How to immediately reduce symptoms and medication for such common problems as asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, and many more
● How to have a clear and focused mind
● And even how to dramatically increase your energy levels and daily performance…

Check Out What Others Are Saying

Asthma (chronic and severe cases only)

From: Steve, 46
I was an asthmatic for over 30 years since my early teens. In my late teens, I gained about 40 pounds and got all kinds of awful health problems. I was on two different inhalers (10-15 times a day) and nebulizers (1-2 a day). I was in the emergency room every month. During each trip, I felt miserable and disgusting there. When I found Buteyko, my CP was 8 seconds. I started to practice breathing exercises with my own DIY device 3 times per day and my morning CP went up to about 25 s after 4 weeks. I was truly amazed. Now I’m in control of my personal health again: no medication at all. I am not reacting to triggers like mold, dust mites or other airborne irritants anymore. Even if you had asthma for decades, the Buteyko therapy can make a big
difference! All my symptoms are gone… I breathe shallowly through my nose, and that has been the foundation of my success. Thank you, Artour, for your care about simple people.

From: Margaret, 58
I’ve had asthma since infancy..… Solution? It involves breathing exercises practiced diligently until the body learns to breathe normally. This program ( with the DIY breathing device is phenomenal. I have not used my puffer once since starting a month ago, compared with 15-20 puffs a day prior. My initial CP was about 9 s! In 3 weeks I was getting up to 25-30 s of oxygen in the body… Every day I go for a 7 km walk and not once have I feel tired or short of breath. In fact, I felt strong and could have kept going. Every other time I have needed to stop for breath and use the puffer. The secret was/is the nose breathing. Close the mouth and breathe exclusively through the nose, even when you exercise. It is a miracle in my life. I am very thankful to you Artour for this manual.

From: Ahmed Hussein, 45
I am 45 years old and have been an asthmatic for virtually all my life. I have had sinus problems most of my life. I had my first asthma attack at the age of 28 and was in the hospital for 5 days after coming close to death. My breathing stayed very heavy since then: I’d be winded walking from my bed to the bathroom in the morning. My drugs were at about $1,000 dollars a month for years… I found the DIY breathing retraining manual on the internet and after the second day of intensive breathing retraining, my sinuses cleared, the tightness in my chest disappeared, my lungs cleared and the secretions stopped. In addition, I felt more relaxed, alert and generally well. I have been off all drugs in 2 weeks. My CP tripled since I started the breathing exercises and I am determined to get up to 60 s CP. Please, let me express here my gratitude for your help.

From: Greg Neil, 34
I had extremely bad asthma: using a Ventolin inhaler very frequently and taking becloforte (corticosteroid, 6 puffs 3 times a day); uniphyllin tablets (twice a day); and prednisolone tablets (another corticosteroid, 10 to 20 mgs a day depending on my state). I was hospitalized a few times, including two times in an ER: oximeter reading of 40, steroids and about 8 nebulizers in the ER alone with my pulse over 160. When I started Buteyko and DIY device exercises I had less than 10 s CP. I hated the idea of taping up my mouth but tried it. Now I tape up each night! It makes a huge difference in the morning. By the end of the first week, I stopped using Ventolin and uniphyllin completely. In 3 weeks I have cut down all my medication, but my morning CP is still only about 18 s. The Buteyko method does require conscious awareness of our breathing for a year or more. Even if it takes longer than this to breathe shallowly automatically I will continue to apply the method and practice exercises with my breathing device as it has made such a huge difference to my asthma.

Multiple chemical sensitivities

From: Anna, 51
I used to get a stuffy nose very easily and had multiple chemical sensitivities. My sense of smell was increased and I was highly sensitive to semi-strong scents like cigarettes, perfume, and paint. I got tightness in my chest every once in a while and upon regular exercise got easily winded. I noticed that upon starting breathing exercises, my nose cleared up within days. The biggest problem that existed for about five years before the course was an allergy-like reaction to cigarette smoke. This problem decreased after a week of the breathing exercises. It used to be that I had to run from the smell if I was anywhere near a lit up cigarette. Now I can even be in the same car with someone smoking, and not have to worry because I react like a regular person. You have no idea how that makes me feel after years of suffering and feeling like an outcast due to it. There’s no way I will ever go back to the way I used to breathe. My morning CP is about 32 seconds. I am able to breathe normally around smoke without feeling sick for the first time in five years.


From: Mike, 26
The breathing course has significantly changed my life. For over 3 years I was being treated for chronic bronchitis. I was getting more and more steroids, antibiotics, and bronchodilators. Then I decided to try Buteyko breathing retraining using the DIY breathing device. Just after 1 month of breathing exercises with the DIY breathing device, I have had no bronchitis and no medication at all. I can easily go running now for 40 minutes with breathing only through the nose. My sleep and energy level are about 10 times better. I wish to thank you again for your sincere concern for helping us to overcome our various illnesses.

From: Cecilia, 47
I was panting at the slightest exertion, even from walking 50 m or climbing as few as 10 stairs. Since starting my breathing sessions (November 2009) I am now off all medication. This winter (2010) I have had no colds, flu or bronchitis. My immune system and general health have dramatically improved, all thanks to you Artour and to Buteyko.

From: Dorothy, 31
For 2 years I was desperate. I had severe chronic bronchitis. Winters were horrible: one bout of pneumonia or bronchitis after the other. My health was worsening month after month. One day I came across the Buteyko method on the internet. Then I downloaded the manual “Amazing DIY breathing device” from Artour. Within 3 weeks I reduced my medication to one puff in the morning. My general health has improved dramatically. I have not had a single infection after starting the Buteyko method. Thanks to you for committing your time to teach this valuable information.


From: Susan, 56
I only had 25% of my lungs left when I began using the DIY water device I’m getting a lot better. Before starting this work, I was on a nebulizer machine every three hours 24/7 and that means I was up every three hours at night also and sometimes every hour. I was on every inhaler you can imagine. My doctors told me there was nothing else they could do for me. I was in the emergency room three times a week and in the hospital once a month sometimes for a week at a time and sometimes two weeks at a time. Today, it has been almost 3 years since I’ve used the DIY device. I started with a miserable 7 s CP. My lungs are now over 60% now and I can go days without using the nebulizer machine. If I have to use it, I will use it only once instead of 15 or 20 a day. For the first time in twelve years, I’m beginning to have a life and hope, and it is all because of Buteyko. My morning CP is now about 25 s. I can take long walks now! I practice for 60 min every day (3 breathing sessions for 20 min with the DIY device) and will continue doing so. Thank you, Artour, for all your great work in writing and sharing this invaluable knowledge.

From: Arnold, 51
I suffered from sleep apnea for over 10 years and emphysema for 3 years. It got so bad that I was hospitalized 4 times to an emergency room. I was so breathless that I literally could do nothing more than lie on the couch while waiting for my wife to find me. I began the use of bronchodilators and steroids, as well as 24 hour O2 therapy. Once browsing the net, I downloaded the manual about breathing retraining and the DIY device. I re-read it 4 times. Within three days of getting the manual – I stopped bronchodilators and put aside the oxygen tanks. It has been hard but it works! In 5 months of practice, I feel better than I have felt in 7 years. What are the changes? My sinuses are clear, no wheezing, no coughing; I have lost over 20 pounds, my sleep is great …

From: Mike, 68
I had emphysema and snoring with horrible mornings and foggy head. I used to wake 3-4 times in a night with very dry mouth and need to get up to drink water. My medications before the Buteyko course: Pulmicort, Prednisone, Atrovent, Rani, etc. After one month of breathing through my favorite toy (the DIY device), I cut all medication except 2 puffs of Pulmicort per day. My sleep is now perfect. Now I am waking up in the morning with a clearer head (thanks to mouth taping and higher MCP) and have also stopped snoring. I will persist until I get my lungs normal and my CP is up to 60 s or more. It is very important to do breathing exercises daily and follow all other ideas related to lifestyle factors. Each of them (nasal breathing only, sleeping on the left side or chest, eating only when really hungry, proper nutrients, etc.) is crucial for success. Many thanks for all your help.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

From: Andrea, 27
I used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since 2004 I had to stay in bed for weeks feeling totally exhausted. I was so tired, I could hardly move my body parts. Two weeks after starting the breathing retraining my chronic fatigue is gone. My initial CP was 6 seconds. By the end of the first week, I had built it up to 20 seconds. Now it is in the mid-thirties. I am much calmer and relaxed. My cravings for coffee and sugar are gone. I am a different person. I am in control of my health and life.

From: Ron, 59
My chronic fatigue started about 15 years ago. For the first 4 years, my health was getting progressively worse. Previously, I enjoyed daily runs, up to 15-25 km per day for about 2 decades. After getting sick, my physical fitness was greatly reduced. When I tried light jogging for 20-40 min only (it was too hard to run more) in cold weather, I would get sick with infections for the next 2-3 days: fever (over 38 degrees), a very sore throat, a husky voice, a totally blocked nose and a lot of mucus. My sleep was up to 11-12 hours per night and it was horrible: waking up several times every night, tossing in the bed for 30-60 min or more, and I also had headaches… My first CP measurement was 7 seconds. In 1 week of breathing retraining, I was up to 20 s. In 2 months, I was up to 50-60 s of oxygen in the morning. My sleep is down to 4 hours now: I fall asleep in about 1 minute and wake up in what feels like a moment later only to find out that 4 hours passed in a flash. After my sleep, I am again full of energy and have no desire to sleep more. I haven’t had a single infection after I started my breath retraining. What is even more surprising is that when I got over 40 s MCP, I started to crave physical activity. I do not run, I virtually fly above ground with … light nasal breathing. I go running for 1.5-2 hours every day and feel even stronger than I was 20 years ago! It is the most incredible health therapy I ever tried and experienced.

Sinus Problems

From: Bret, 23
I had problems with sinuses for many years. My nose was totally blocked all the time. I lost all sense of smell. My initial CP was about 9 s. After finding out about Buteyko and his method, I got a manual and made my personal DIY breathing device. In a week I was able to breathe through my nose most of the time. In less than a month I achieved over 20 s CP 24/7. I can now sense different smells and aromas and my nose is clear. I should thank Dr. Buteyko and you, Artour for this amazing method.


From: Rick, 37
I’m a singer, this is half the reason I bought the product… 15 minutes of using this product on the second day and it awakened my diaphragm into the full singing shape it was 2 years ago when I was getting daily voice lessons. I do not attribute this to muscle memory because I have been trying for weeks to get my diaphragm activated, I think you just saved my singing career…


From: Otto, 63
After three weeks of the DIY device practice my blood pressure went down to a normal level and it has stayed there ever since. My sleep and digestion have improved, I breathe easier and I can even run 5 km without feeling tired. It has been the most amazing change in my health and life! Thank you for your great work.

Hypertension and anxiety

From: Mary, 45
Thanks to breathing exercises I learned how to control panic attacks (when I feel that they are approaching) and keep my blood pressure normal. I do not take any blood pressure medication any more. My CP increased from about 12 to 30 s. Another of the benefits of the breathing exercises is that I sleep really well, only for 6 hours, and wake up feeling refreshed. In the past, 9 hours of sleep were not enough. I plan to increase my physical activity up to 1.5-2 hours per day and get an even higher CP.

Chronic cough

From: Huan, 27
I got problems with chronic coughing after severe carbon monoxide poisoning. On top of that weeks later I developed various digestive problems (bloating, irritable bowel, GERD, etc.). For over 3 years I tried almost everything: supplements, herbs, fasting, colonic irrigation, acupuncture, etc. Some of these things could improve by symptoms but only for a few days. While searching the internet, I stumbled over Buteyko, but I dismissed it. Finally, out of desperation, I tried the breathing retraining program from the DIY-device manual written by Artour (www. and within the first 3 days I started to sleep much better and my cough bouts become about 4-5 times shorter in duration. Eventually, when my CP got up to 30 s, all coughing has stopped. I have even more energy now than prior to Buteyko. Thank you, Artour, for your wonderful work.

From: Michelle, 29
My 9-year son developed a chronic hacking cough at 7. His mouth and throat were always full of mucus and required clearing. For two years we were going from one specialist to another (respirologist, ear-nose-throat, allergy) and they could not find the cause. None of the drugs they suggested and we tried worked. After practicing the breathing exercises (“Amazing DIY Breathing Device”) for just one month, his cough is absolutely gone!

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