Diabetes Cause: Low Oxygen in Cells Due to Heavy Breathing

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- Updated on October 29, 2020

Diabetes Cause: Low Oxygen in Cells Due to Heavy Breathing 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Diabetes Cause: Low Oxygen in Cells Due to Heavy Breathing

Brain hyperventilation effects What causes diabetes? On a cell level, the cause of diabetes is simple. Several medical research groups (Moritz et al, 2002; Carroll & Ashcroft, 2006; Regazzetti et al, 2009; Halberg et al, 2009; Heinis et al, 2010; Cheng et al, 2010) have recently discovered that oxygen levels in pancreatic beta-cells regulate the activity of pancreatic cells through hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha.

Tissue hypoxia and reduced perfusion lead to poor glucose and insulin control, and insulin resistance. There are many other problems caused by tissue hypoxia.

The reasons behind low body O2 is heavy breathing. This fact was confirmed by all 5 clinical studies that measured breathing rates in people with diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes Cause: High Minute Ventilation Rates

Minute ventilation numbers explain the diabetes cause

*One row corresponds to one research paper or medical science article
Condition Minute
Number of
All references or
click below for abstracts
Normal breathing 6 L/min Medical textbooks
Healthy Subjects 6-7 L/min >400 Results of 14 studies
Diabetes 12-17 L per min 26 Bottini et al, 2003
Diabetes 10-20 L per min 28 Tantucci et al, 1997
Diabetes 13 (±2) L per min 20 Tantucci et al, 1996
Diabetes 15 (±2) L per min 45 Tantucci et al, 2001
Diabetes 12 (±2) L per min 8 Mancini et al, 1999

Hence, if we consider medical facts, we can realize that all diabetics are hyperventilators (fast and deep breathers). Therefore, the Table above explains the physiological cause of diabetes.

Over 180 Soviet doctors developed and tested a therapy that normalizes breathing in people with diabetes (see details below).

The video of the left side (“Cause of diabetes) features Dr. Artour Rakhimov who explains the reasons behind low O2 in cells for people with diabetes, heart disease, and asthma and how breathing retraining treats diabetes and eliminates its symptoms.

Causes of diabetes The ineffective respiratory pattern or heavy breathing in diabetes causes systemic hypocapnia (CO2 deficiency in the alveoli, arterial blood, and other cells). Hypocapnia leads to vasoconstriction and the suppressed Bohr effect. As a result, hypocapnia reduces body and cell oxygenation. It can decrease insulin production (due to insufficient perfusion and oxygen supply to pancreas) or it can lead to chronic pancreatic inflammation. Furthermore, those patients who have more severe forms of hyperventilation (less than 10 s for the body O2 test) will experience more problems due to complications of type 2 diabetes.

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