Treat/Cure Sickle Cell Anemia Naturally With Body Oxygen and Breath

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Treat/Cure Sickle Cell Anemia Naturally With Body Oxygen and Breath 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

sickle cell anemia: red blood cells for normal and disease states for natural treatmentSickle cell anemia is when many red blood cells in a person’s body are flattened, making those blood cells look like a sickle instead of looking round and healthy. Despite many approaches that cannot solve sickle cell anemia, increasing oxygenation in the body by ironically utilizing the CO2 that is usually expelled with breathing has a fantastic success rate for treatment and complete reversal of this painful, debilitating disease.

Our students were able to completely reverse their fatigue, inability to exercise, dactylitis (inflammation/swelling of their hands and/or feet), arthritis, and bacterial infections in sinuses, lungs and the digestive tract. In more severe cases, our breathing students also reversed other complications of sickle cell anemia, such as leg ulcers, splenic sequestration (sudden pooling of blood in the spleen), liver congestion.

Countless doctors and official medical sources and websites currently report that the only cure for sickle cell anemia is the (very risky) treatment of bone transplant. So just like it took a very long time for us to realize that the world is round and not flat. And it took even longer for most of us to recognize that experiencing gratitude, being in love, being playful and feeling other positive emotions have a direct beneficial effect on health, so the medical community at large is now in transition, very slowly learning about the reality of treatments that actually improve body oxygenation naturally and revere sickle cell anemia.

happy exercising girl with successfully treated sickle cell anemiaYou can find very childish and primitive applications or attempts to increase oxygenation on people’s various websites. Despite the fact that pure inhaled oxygen is quite toxic, it is the most popular strategy that people try to increase oxygenation in the body.

How this natural treatment works and its history

In the revolutionary work of Dr Buteyko, who was charged in the late 50’s with developing the ideal air mixture for the first Russian space missions, it was found that for ideal health and for successfully getting oxygen into the cells of the body where it matters, an air mixture that is actually high in CO2 caused a positive vasodilation (proper opening of blood vessels) and also brought about the Bohr effect (where oxygen endlessly cycled around in the blood finally gets utilized and released into body cells).

So the extreme irony: learn to safely breathe less 24/7 to increase your body’s oxygenation. The body adapts to easier and lighter breathing patterns so that as progress is made and negative symptoms disappear, it becomes easier and easier to maintain a positive momentum in improving your health and breathing more peacefully.

Christian Bohr (who was a very brilliant scientist who lived back in the late 1800’s, considered to be the father of the physicist) stated that at lower pH (more acidic environment, e.g., in tissues), hemoglobin would bind to oxygen with less affinity. Since carbon dioxide is in direct equilibrium with the concentration of protons in the blood, increasing blood carbon dioxide content, according to the Bohr effect, causes a decrease in pH, which leads to a decrease in affinity for oxygen by hemoglobin (and easier oxygen release in capillaries or tissues). Here are more details about the Bohr effect.

On the Homepage of this site, you will find a chart showing studies that found that sick people breathe too much air 24/7. Again, doctors are eventually waking up to the consequences and ramifications of this data. The average doctor only receives a mere 20 hours of nutrition training in his entire 8-year program! And he receives virtually no training regarding ideal breathing patterns and ideal volumes of air. So there are many medical doctors who truly care about their patients and yet would probably just laugh at you if you asked them how to breathe for health.

Though Dr. Buteyko did work on the Russian space mission, his love and passion were to use his understanding of oxygenation to reverse chronic disease. While some chronic diseases require a significant amount of breathing retraining, sickle cell anemia responds especially positively and very quickly to naturally increasing CO2 and oxygen in the body cells.

Success story of a child with sickle cell anemia

In this video below, two practitioners of the Buteyko method (Dr. Artour Rakhimov and Volker Schmitz) discuss their wild success with a child patient who had sickle cell anemia treated naturally with breathing retraining.
Before: 10-12 hours of sleep, poor ability to stay unassisted (suggested to use a wheelchair), inability to exercise and blood transfusion frequency about 4 weeks (1 month)
After: 4-5 hours of sleep, amazing fitness, vigor and no need for blood transfusions at all.

For sickle cell anemia, the parameter needed for eliminating about one half of the symptoms and pains is to reach 20 seconds on the do-it-yourself body oxygen test. This may require from 2-6 weeks up to 3-4 months. Once X seconds (see below about this number X) for the DIY body oxygen test is achieved, then like the young boy discussed in the video, you or your loved one can expect sickle cell anemia to be a laughable experience of your past, providing you the freedom to function again and to be happy in life, pain-free.

You can find your target (number X) that completely reverses all signs and symptoms of sickle cell anemia right below here as your bonus content.

One requires to get 60 s for the morning CP and 24/7 and less than 60 for their heart rate in order to stay free from all symptoms of sickle cell anemia.


Learn how to safely and effectively perform the free body oxygen test here:

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