Powerbreathe Review: How to Get Maximum Benefits

Powerbreathe respiratory trainerIn their articles, studies, and reviews, the creators of Powerbreathe say that the training of the inspiratory muscles is the most effective method to improve health and oxygen transport. Clinical trials have revealed some positive effects of this respiration device on athletic performance (Edwards et al, 2008; Edwards et al, 2004; Hart et al, 2001).

How could this device improve oxygen levels in cells? Oxygen levels in body cells will be higher if the automatic breathing pattern is slower and lighter (reduced minute ventilation and higher arterial CO2). Could Powerbreathe lead to this effect?

Effects of over breathing on brain oxygen levels Most people have incorrect ideas about breathing patterns for maximum body oxygenation. As a result, they try to breathe more air (sometimes or often) thinking that they can get more oxygen in the brain and body cells. However, hundreds of medical studies tell us that breathing more than the tiny medical norm (6 L/min at rest) reduces oxygen delivery to cells. How could Powerbreathe improve oxygen levels in cells? Oxygen levels in body cells will be higher if the automatic breathing pattern after the sessions is slower and lighter (reduced minute ventilation and higher arterial CO2).

The training manuals and practical applications (e.g., in clinical trials) of Powerbreathe are based on one key recommendation that makes this device useful for athletes to increase VO2max and improve health. Exhalations, according to the creators of this trainer, are slow and passive. Indeed, should exhalations be fast (assume that it was decided that the training of expiratory muscles is also important), there would be virtually no benefits from Powerbreathe.

Powerbreathe vs. UltraBreathe, Expand-A-Lung, PowerLung

Powerlung vs Powerbreathe You can get maximum benefits from Powerbreathe if you follow some additional instructions related to lifestyle changes in order to improve body-oxygen levels 24/7. It is a mistake to compare Powerbreathe vs. Expand-A-Lung or Powerbreathe vs. Powerlung since it is how you use the trainer, rather than which trainer you use, that matters most for modern athletes.

Furthermore, if you try to exhale longer and even hold your breath after exhalations during breathing exercises (for advanced stages of training only), then you can get even more benefits from Powerbreathe and achieve higher body oxygen levels. You can get even better results if you train with the Training Mask since this breathing device can be used during exercise for 20 or 30 min or even longer (if you click the link above, you can read its review). The Training Mask simulates high altitude training and has most profound effect on VO2max, endurance, health and fitness.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

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