Dry Cough: Causes and Remedies That Work in 1 Min Fast

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- Updated on September 10, 2020

Dry Cough: Causes and Remedies That Work in 1 Min Fast 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Dry Cough: Causes and Remedies That Work in 1 Min Fast

Woman Dry Cough Remedies A dry cough (definition) is a type of a cough that does not produce sputum or phlegm. It can be triggered by infections and cold (the most common causes of a dry cough), allergic reactions, traumas, lung cancer, airway obstruction, and other abnormalities. In most cases of the chronic dry cough, an inflammation is an important feature.

Brain O2 levels for normal breathing and after hyperventilation In cases of difficulty breathing, fever, chest pain, heart palpitations, night sweats, or swollen legs or ankles, the situation can be life-threatening and you need to seek immediate medical help. In cases of a persistent dry cough, see your healthcare provider.

Dry cough can be present in people with various respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and many others. In most people, the problem gets worse at night due to additional CO2 losses.

There is an irritation of the urge-to-cough nerve receptors which occurs due to low CO2 levels in nerve cells in the airways. It is the same situation as in cases of inflamed nerves in the brain leading to panic attacks, anxiety, and many other problems. Why do people with respiratory conditions often have a dry cough? The cause is low CO2 levels in their airways.

Ventilation rates (chronic diseases)

Condition Minute
Number of
All references or
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Normal breathing 6 L/min Medical textbooks
Healthy Subjects 6-7 L/min >400 Results of 14 studies
Asthma 13 (+-2) L/min 16 Chalupa et al, 2004
Asthma 15 L/min 8 Johnson et al, 1995
Asthma 14 (+-6) L/min 39 Bowler et al, 1998
Asthma 13 (+-4) L/min 17 Kassabian et al, 1982
Asthma 12 L/min 101 McFadden, Lyons, 1968
COPD 14 (+-2) L/min 12 Palange et al, 2001
COPD 12 (+-2) L/min 10 Sinderby et al, 2001
COPD 14 L/min 3 Stulbarg et al, 2001
Cystic fibrosis 15 L/min 15 Fauroux et al, 2006
Cystic fibrosis 10 L/min 11 Browning et al, 1990
Cystic fibrosis* 10 L/min 10 Ward et al, 1999
CF and diabetes* 10 L/min 7 Ward et al, 1999
Cystic fibrosis 16 L/min 7 Dodd et al, 2006
Cystic fibrosis 18 L/min 9 McKone et al, 2005
Cystic fibrosis* 13 (+-2) L/min 10 Bell et al, 1996
Cystic fibrosis 11-14 L/min 6 Tepper et al, 1983

These people suffer from chronic overbreathing, even when they do not have a dry cough. They also will breathe more during coughing up to 20 l/min and higher. They suffer from reduced body-O2 content or less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test. (Note that the medical norm is 40-50 seconds.)

The picture below explains the main details of dry cough mechanism and causes of a cough. Note that CO2 deficiency leads to spasms of all smooth muscles in the human body. These muscles include bronchi and bronchioles, while their constriction is known as bronchospasm.

Dry cough mechanism (chart)

An additional cause of persistent dry cough is inflammation that appears and becomes chronic only in cases of positive body voltage due to a lack of electrical grounding. Electrons from Earth quench and prevent development of inflammation.

Dry cough remedies

The main dry cough home remedy includes a simple and easy breathing exercise (see the video below). More than 170 Soviet and Russian medical doctors tested thousands of their patients and discovered that most cases of a dry cough could be stopped in 1-2 minutes using “Breathe Easy” exercise (to accumulate slightly more CO2 while being totally relaxed). This breathing exercise calms down nerve cells in airways (the urge-to-cough receptors), and increases body-oxygen content naturally and fast. Here is our video with detailed instructions that explain how to get rid of a dry cough fast.

The permanent remedy or a dry cough cure

When people with a dry cough achieve a certain result, in seconds, for their body-oxygen test, they become free from airway dryness and have no more problems with this symptom. This number is provided right below here as your bonus content.

Get over 25 s for the Control Pause test 24/7.


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