Can’t Stop Coughing? 90% Success Rate Remedy

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- Updated on September 9, 2020

Can't Stop Coughing? 90% Success Rate Remedy 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Effects of overbreathing on brain oxygen levels

Can’t Stop Coughing? 90% Success Rate Remedy

If you can’t stop coughing, here is the most natural remedy and proven medical treatment to get rid of coughing since it requires nothing. While some people may be skeptical about the possibility of a breathing technique being able to reduce a cough to nothing in 1-2 minutes, more than 200,000 Russian asthmatics who learned one legendary breathing technique claim that it is possible. This secret has been taught to patients by more than 180 medical doctors who have been practicing this method in the USSR and Russia during the last 5 decades. This very easy breathing exercise to stop coughing naturally while breathing less air has more than a 90% success rate since it improves body- and brain-oxygen levels (see the brain image).

Cause: why coughing causes more coughing

Woman cannot stop coughingDuring coughing you breathe about 3-4 times more air than the medical norm losing too much CO2. It is called hyperventilation or breathing more than the medical norm. Overbreathing leads to less oxygen in body cells and all vital organs.
In addition, chronic coughing (through the mouth):
– irritates your airways due to mechanical friction of air flow
– irritates urge-to-cough receptors located in the larynx and tracheobronchial tree since low CO2 makes all nerve cells hyper-excited and oversensitive (see links with medical references below)
– destroys tiny air sacks (alveoli) of the lungs due to sudden changes in air pressure
– suppresses the immune system due to cell hypoxia
– generates free radicals (reactive oxygen species) and produces many other abnormalities in your body.

Hyperventilation History Graph

Stop a cough now

Here is our great YouTube video with excellent reviews and comments below. Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains: How to Stop A Cough Naturally and now with a breathing exercise. This exercise can be done at home, during a school class or even at night while falling asleep.

Can’t stop coughing at night or during sleep?

MDs and patients with cough and runny nosesIf you have a persistent cough at night, there is a different natural exercise that has other important details. You can find it here ” How to stop a cough at night

How you can stop a cough naturally and permanently

Hence, if you eliminate the cause (start to breathe slower and less and get more oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body), all your coughing symptoms will disappear. I checked this criterion on dozens of my students. It is hidden as your bonus content below.

The proven way to stop coughing, according to the experience of over 150 Soviet and Russian MDs, is to achieve more than 25 s for the body-oxygen test 24/7. As soon as you have over 25 s of body oxygen, your cough will not bother you.


The general outline of this therapy can be found here: Best natural cough treatment. This is the way how you can stop coughing for good.

An additional factor to stop coughing naturally is to use Earthing for grounding the human body to get Earth’s electrons to reduce inflammation. Here are more details: How to ground yourself.

Cough Treatment (Medical References)

There are great medical studies that explain the causes of coughing and its link to hyperventilation. Follow this link for details.

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