Frolov Breathing Device vs. Amazing DIY Device

- Updated on October 14, 2020

Frolov Breathing Device vs. Amazing DIY Device 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

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Safety and efficiency of the Frolov device (FDA’s approval)

Frolov device versions: Lotus vs. Dinamika

Expanded answers by Dr. Artour

Frolov breathing device vs. DIY device on a scale compared Q: What are the differences between the Frolov breathing device and the Amazing DIY device?

A: In our experience of teaching hundreds of breathing students during the previous decade, it is how you use the Frolov or DIY device that matters much more rather than which type of breathing device you use. The same is true for Breathslim, Samozdrav, Carbonic (, and other breathing devices used continuously or for up to 30-60 min per day or longer (2-3 hours in total per day).

We measure long-term effects manifested in changes in the automatic (or unconscious) breathing of our students. If you use the Frolov device correctly (meaning not only water amounts (between 15 and 30 ml) but also the creation of the modified Frolov device with a much larger dead volume, plus your apply lifestyle changes, then you can get similar results, as with the Amazing DIY device.

These are the reasons, why the DIY Device book provides not only instructions for practicing breathing exercises, but also outlines the whole program of breathing retraining that is based, for over 99% of people, on the results for the morning CP test. The same is true for the Frolov device book.

From the practical viewpoint, it may not be easy for some people to construct the Amazing DIY breathing device (one would need to cut a plastic bottle, drill a hole in a cap, buy and cut a piece of vinyl tubing, etc.). All these mechanical activities can be done by a handy person with a few simple tools. Thus, if you are not a handy person, then you can buy a ready Frolov device online.

However, if you are a handy person, you can create the Amazing DIY breathing device and experience similar results (as for the Frolov device) for your breathing sessions and in the long term.

Frolov breathing device Note that all devices that use water (including the Frolov device and DIY device) can worsen coughing and symptoms of asthma if you use cold water for breathing devices when you start the session. It is important for people with asthma and related lung/airway problems (when they have inflammation in airways) to use only WARM or HOT WATER when using breathing devices like the Frolov and DIY device.

Both devices work better at less than 25 s CP (statistically, or for over 90% of people) in comparison with Buteyko reduced breathing exercises. If you are already at 25 s or more, Buteyko reduced breathing becomes useful, especially in the long run. Even Frolov people in Russia say that advanced students need to learn endogenous breathing. Ultimately, your final CP, morning CP, and well-being after sessions are key factors to decide which breathing exercises or devices to use.

Frolov breathing device part (essential oil container) missing in Breathslim Q: What are the differences between the Frolov device produced and Breathslim?

A: Geometrically, they have the same dimensions except for one part: a container with 3 tiny partitions for essential oils that is present only in the Frolov device.

Q: Can I run with the Frolov device?

A: During physical activity, our breathing students use either the Training Mask or some other gadgets tested for their current levels of fitness and breathing parameters.

Q: Is it better to use the Frolov device produced by Lotus or the Dinamika model?

A: There are no essential differences between these two modules.

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What is your opinion about the AerobiKA device? Especially if someone has COPD?