Purchase the Frolov Device with 30 Min Online Support

- Updated on August 1, 2019

Safety and efficiency of the Frolov device (FDA’s approval)

Frolov breathing device and happy family

Frolov Device:

– Approved and recommended to their patients by over 200 Russian medical doctors

– Tested by numerous successful clinical trials (asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, and some other conditions – these web pages are to be added later)

– Thousands of happy testimonials and over 1,000,000 satisfied Russians who improved their health and eliminated their symptoms and medication.

– Comes with 30 min comprehensive online support by Dr. Artour Rakhimov, who will suggest you an individual plan for your breath training. This support includes 1 online lesson using a Skype or landline phone number that you provide. The lesson will be focused on your individual plan (optimum breathing exercises and healthy lifestyle changes) based on your Personal Information Form. (This Form will be emailed to you and you have to fill it out and return it back).

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Ways and shops to get the Frolov device

In 2012-2013 and before, the Frolov device was sold for about 100 USD (+ shipping) on Amazon and from producers or online shops. Now the prices are much lower (see details below). But before discussing the options to buy, it is good to know that the Frolov device and Breathslim respiratory device (produced and sold in the USA) are very similar. The Breathslim is an excellent substitute for the Frolov device. They have the same geometrical parameters. The small differences are:

1. The Frolov device has a small inner insertable container for essential oils (good for asthmatics and people with respiratory infections).

2. The Frolov device has detailed instructions (how-to manual) that are excellent for people with severe or serious health problems (less than 10-12 s CP).

Here is my YouTube video review of Breathslim and differences between the Breathslim and Frolov devices.

Option 1. Buy Breathslim from US producers

This Breathslim device costs about 50 $ (+ shipping). Furthermore, you can get a 10% discount if you buy it with this promotion code: NB2012 from this US-based website-shop: Buy Breathslim device(shipped from the USA). Just paste or remember this promotion code (NB2012) and use it when you submit your order. Then the price will be about 45 USD (+US shipping or about 6-10 USD extra).

Option 2. Buy it from Amazon online shop

You can buy the Frolov-Breathslim device from Amazon. For US/Canadian clients, the Amazon price is 40-50 USD (+US shipping: about 6-10 USD extra). This is also a safe and low-price option. Here is the Amazon link to BreathSlim and Reviews.

Option 3. Get it from online shops on eBay

Several eBay shops provide the device. For example, you can get the Breathslim-Frolov device from a shop in Russian Federation for only 18 USD (with 15 USD for shipping), and it will be delivered within 3-4 weeks (the estimated delivery time). But it is likely that this version arrives with instructions in Russian and without the English DVD that explains how to use the device. In this case, it would be good for you to have detailed instructions in English (see below).

Other options

Generally, other options are usually more expensive, or with even longer delivery, or from less known shops and companies. For example, you can buy Frolov-Breathslim for 40 USD (with free shipping worldwide) from http://0911.biz/. There are many online online health shops who offer the Breathslim-Frolov device for 50 USD and higher prices.

How to use the Frolov/Breathslim device

You can find detailed PDF Frolov-Breathslim instructions here: How to Use Frolov Device (Instructions). This book-manual is also published and can be bought from Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions (follow the above link to get those). The manual provides a complete health restoration program (with lifestyle changes, body-O2 test, daily logs for breathing exercises, and manuals). The book also includes detailed Dinamika instructions (18 pages, crafted by Dr. Sergey Zinatullin) for using the Frolov device.

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