How to Use Frolov Device Instructions : PDF and Kindle

- Updated on August 31, 2023

Safety and efficiency of the Frolov device (FDA’s approval)

How to Use Frolov Device Instructions : PDF and Kindle

There are excellent Frolov device instructions developed by Dr. Sergey Nakifovich Zinatulin, MD, who was a pupil of Dr. KP Buteyko and currently is the leading respiratory specialist at Dinamika company ( that is the main world’s producer of the Frolov device. However, it is possible to use the Frolov device together with lifestyle changes and while applying the body-oxygen test (or the Buteyko CP test) in order to measure the effects of breathing exercises and lifestyle changes on body oxygenation.

Frolov breathing device With these ideas in mind and as a result of teaching the Frolov therapy to hundreds of my students, I developed these Frolov device instructions. You can buy a PDF book (on this page) or visit Amazon Kindle store for exactly the same Kindle book “How to Use Frolov Breathing Device (Instructions)” with the same price. You can also click on Amazon image below in order to see Kindle version of this book.

Let me remind here that, unlike the Buteyko method, the Frolov device therapy does not require a practitioner to learn breathing exercises and improve one’s health.

Some parts of this PDF Frolov device manual can be found on pages of this website. You can also read the content and first 4 Chapters of this book online. Here is the link to the first part of this book (PDF file): How to Use Frolov Device: Instructions. However, this e-book contains more details. It presents all key instructions and ideas in one book that makes it easier for a person to develop and follow his or her personal health restoration plan.

In addition, the manual includes many ideas and suggestions that cannot be found on this website and in any other sources.

If you have got Breathslim device (an excellent substitute of the Frolov device), this book offers detailed instructions that go beyond Breathslim instructions that come together with this device.

Frolov instructions coverElectronic (Adobe/PDF) version:
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– PDF file may be printed out (90 pages) or read on a computer
– Each copy purchased is a single license to print a personal copy and to install on a computer. For example, three licenses entitle three individuals to print personal copies and to install on their computers.
– Free download of Acrobat Reader

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Clinical References

1998 USA Frolov Device Patent – USA Patent No. 5,755,640 from May 26, 1998

Summary of Safety and Effectiveness – Frolov Respiration Training Device, Case #K992256, Office for Device Evaluation, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA, January 11, 2000.

The main Frolov-device page provides interesting facts about the Frolov device and its popularity in Russia.