My Courses and Requirements for Learning the Buteyko Method

- Updated on August 3, 2019

My Courses and Requirements for Learning the Buteyko Method 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Initial requirement: good knowledge of basics.

There are 3 different ways how you can get a basic education in breathing:

1. YouTube or Google Video video clips. You can get practically educated using my video lecture-lessons on YouTube using my name It is better for your understanding if you watch video clips following the numbers on the titles: 01-…, 02-…, 03-…, etc. or use a video playlist that shows videos in the correct order.

2. Reading my small book. “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less” (This e-book is about the importance of breathing and introduction to the Buteyko breathing method; 94 pages)

3. Studying web pages of this website.

For very serious people who: a) have a keen interest in breathing and the Buteyko breathing method; b) like reading the tough scientific language, numbers, and available references, click here for Chapters 1-5 of my big book (PDF file) written for Buteyko breathing practitioners, teachers, and trainers. After reading these chapters, you can look at the pages below and investigate those topics that are interesting for you.

The group courses are conducted in different states mostly throughout Canada, the USA, and European countries. Click here for: Health with Money-Back Guarantee (or Learn for Free).

My teaching is based on 3 levels (“Survival”, “Existence”, and “Normal life”) of learning the Buteyko breathing method by students.

Level 1 “Survival”

Goals: The student is able to eliminate the main symptoms of own health problems (e.g., asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, sinusitis, eczema, insomnia, constipation, etc.) using the Emergency Procedure so that the Emergency Procedure can substitute the use of medication or significantly reduce the dosage (e.g., twice). Such students have low CP s (usually about 5-15 s), while elimination or reduction in medication is their main practical result. Only about 10% of learners or less are satisfied with this level. It takes from 10-20 minutes up to 1-2 days to learn.

I teach Level 1 for free during my lectures, presentations, talks, and ordinary conversations. It involves learning the Emergency Procedure (short breath holds and reduced breathing with air hunger) described in Learning by modules pages of this website.

Requirement for Level 1:
– desire to live or survive.

Level 2 “Existence”

Goals: The student partly normalized own breathing until about 25-35 s CP, so that he has no need for medication and does not experience the symptoms of his main health problem, e.g., asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, epilepsy, sinusitis, eczema, etc. However, such a learner can still suffer from airways inflammation, allergies, GI problems, hormonal problems, and musculoskeletal problems. Various medical drugs can be required to control symptoms of these “high-CP” diseases, This is the level achieved by most people on the west. It takes about 1- 3 months to learn.

These students require 5 group lessons (once per week), each about 2.5-3 hours long. Most sessions are done in a small group, but each student also has 2 individual lessons about 30-50 min long. During the course, the students learn the breathing exercises, practice them, and get homework. Apart from breathing exercises, the Buteyko method includes the teaching of healthy lifestyle factors and detailed explanation of how and why these factors influence breathing.

Among these factors are common-sense ideas about
– keeping the mouth closed (nasal breathing only)
– not to sleeping on the back
– eating only when hungry
– physical activity
– and other methods and techniques.

Requirements for Level 2:
Theoretical: the student should have basic knowledge about CO2 effects and effects of deep breathing on the human body. The student can get this knowledge by various means:
a) attending the introductory lecture
b) reading the small book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less”
c) watching my video course on Google Video or YouTube.
Personal commitment: the student will need:
– at least 1 hour every day for breathing exercises
– at least 1 hour for physical activity
– following healthy lifestyle factors (only those that reduce your breathing).

Prices for online courses can be found here: Skype online Buteyko classes.

Level 3 “Normal Life”

Goals: The student has no less than 60 s at any moment of the day. Such CPs provide the guarantee about the absence of pathologies and symptoms related to many degenerative health conditions (over 150 so-called “diseases of civilization”). While the achievement of this level requires will ower, self-discipline, and determination, there are many students worldwide who got there and none has regrets about the time and energy spent. The final goal of the method for Level 3 is normalization of breathing. Among parameters of normal breathing, according to Doctor Buteyko, are: 60 s CP (breath holding time at rest, after quiet expiration, with no stress at the end of test); 4 l/min ventilation rate (for a 70-kg man); and 6.5% CO2 (about 46 mm Hg CO2 at sea level) in alveoli and arterial blood. As we can see here, his parameters are more rigorous than typical medical and physiological norms: 40 s CP; 6 l/min; 40 mm Hg at sea level (or about 5.3%). It often takes 0.5-2 years for an adult to learn.

Level 3 course has 3 lessons, about 2 hours each.


– Level 2 completed (over 25 seconds for the typical early morning breath holding time);

– 1 hour for breathing exercises every day;

– 3-4 hours for physical activity every day (it includes power walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, etc.)

Sessions are done in groups. However, private sessions are also available.

* If you are very-very interested in learning, but cannot afford it (e.g., you are homeless, or unemployed, or low-income, or from non-western country), send me an email and explain your situation, including the following details: your name, address, occupation, company you work for, wages, and reasons of your interest in the Buteyko method. We will discuss how I can help you.

The method can be learned by children as young as 3-4 years old. There are also special techniques for younger students. The main requirement here is learning the method by parents first.

I am also available for public lectures, workshops, seminars, and teaching new practitioners. Email me: artour at with your plans, suggestions, and concerns. If there is no reply, send me a message through the Facebook. I always write back.

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