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- Updated on October 23, 2020

Buteyko Los Angeles Courses - By Dr. Artour Rakhimov 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Artour Rakhimov, PhD
Now the Los Angeles area in California has another Buteyko practitioner (Dr. Artour Rakhimov), who educates the public and organizes professional courses for patients with health problems, ranging from asthma and hypertension to epilepsy and eczema. Classes can also take place in San Diego, while students from Anaheim and Long Beach may join classes in Los Angeles. There are options to have courses in Santa Monica and Huntington Beach too. Please get in touch by email.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov discovered the method in 2000. Later he became trained by famous Buteyko practitioners from the Buteyko Medical Clinic in Moscow, Russia Ludmila Buteyko, and Andrey Novozshilov, MD. Dr. Artour Rakhimov has been teaching the Buteyko breathing method to groups of people since 2003. He is the author of the most comprehensive book in English about the Buteyko breathing retraining medical technique (you can click on the link and read testimonials of other Buteyko teachers about his book). Dr. Rakhimov graduated from the Moscow State University (with Honors) and he has been teaching Buteyko, as a Buteyko practitioner, since 2005.

The Buteyko Los Angeles Courses are offered to those qualified people who are committed to practice breathing exercises since breathing retraining requires self-discipline, persistence, and loyalty. Indeed, the student ought to change his or her basal or unconscious breathing pattern. Therefore, it is necessary to address lifestyle risk factors, such as sleeping on one’s back, mouth breathing, insufficient physical exercise, wrong posture, nutritional deficiencies, and many others so that to have less breathing problems with easier and slower breathing and more oxygen in the body. (Body oxygen level is the main criteria of health for breathing retraining.)

The main Buteyko LA course is taught in small groups. It is the Level 2 course.

Level 2 course “Existence” of Buteyko Los Angeles

Chronic disorders can be completely resolved by those students who adhere to guidelines and treatment programs offered by this Buteyko practitioner in Los Angeles. In its turn, we can grant a money-back guarantee for up to 90% of loyal students with the following “low CP” disorders:
● Asthma
● Bronchitis
● Obesity
● Chronic fatigue syndrome
● Sinusitis
● Allergic rhinitis
● Hay fever
● Allergies
● Hypertension (primary)
● Angina pectoris
● Sleep apnea
● Epilepsy
● Seizures
● Panic attacks/anxiety
● Sleeping problems
● Eczema

The goal of the Level 2 course is to achieve up to 20-30 s for the morning CP. At this level of body oxygenation, there is no need for medication and students have no symptoms of their main health problem. Higher CPs and learning how to breathe even less is required in order to achieve complete clinical remission, including the elimination of hormonal problems; allergies; inflammation; GI, and locomotor system problems.

It usually takes between 1-2 weeks and up to 1-2 months to achieve these CP levels by breathing slower and easier. The main course includes 5 group sessions (lessons), each about 2 hours long. (Most sessions are done in a small group, but each student also has 2 individual lessons.) During the course, the students learn several breathing exercises, practice them, and get homework. Apart from breathing exercises, the Buteyko method includes the teaching of healthy lifestyle factors (related to exercise, sleep, diet, posture, etc.) by the Buteyko practitioner and a detailed explanation of how and why these factors influence breathing.

Requirements for Level 2 course of the Buteyko LA courses

Theoretical requirements. The student should have basic knowledge about breathing, breathing patterns, CO2 effects, and effects of overbreathing (or deep breathing) on the human body. The student can get this knowledge by various means:
a) attending the introductory lecture organized by Buteyko Los Angeles Services;
b) reading the small book “Oxygenate yourself: breathe less”;
c) watching my video course on GoogleVideo or YouTube.

Personal commitment. The student will need:
– at least 1 hour every day for breathing exercises;
– at least 1 hour for suitable physical activity;
– following healthy lifestyle factors (only those that reduce your breathing!)

Fees for the course

The fees for Buteyko breathing classes and courses are listed here: Buteyko classes and courses by Dr. Artour.

Buteyko Los Angeles Courses for children

The Buteyko Los Angeles Services also teach courses to children 3-4 years and older. There are special therapeutic techniques for younger Buteyko students, including new-born, infants, and toddlers. These techniques, as well as the Buteyko method, are first learned by parents and/or caretakers from the Buteyko practitioner.

Buteyko Courses in Long Beach, Anaheim, and San Diego

Students from Long Beach and Anaheim could probably commute to Los Angeles, while students residing in San Diego need to discuss options related to live courses via email.

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Contact details:
Currently, one can apply for Skype/online classes from CureEndStageDisease.com here: Contact Dr. Artour.

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On 2018-10-18T09:18:08, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
Sorry, I cannot:
1. I do not know what they teach.
2. I do not know what you want.

On 2018-10-16T19:42:08, Anonymous wrote:
Artour, Can you please recommend a practitioner in Los Angeles area. Spasibo. anichka22@gmail.com

On 2017-01-06T07:05:59, Artour (mod) wrote:
For teacher training, email: “dr.artour.rakhimov”, then “@”, and then “gmail.com”

On 2017-01-06T03:09:19, Hazel Williams-Carter wrote:
I live
Here in Los Angeles. I would love to know more details about becoming certified and clarity on times and dates that you are offering

On 2015-10-27T08:48:21, Artour (mod) wrote:
Barabara, for courses around the LA area, please send me a private email.

On 2015-10-26T23:01:46, Barbara Summer wrote:
Wow, you are so very generous in your sharing and I am really touched by that. I would like to take your L.A. course and wondering when that would be. I live in San Diego so hopefully, it is doable in a few days vs. going back and forth which wouldn’t really work. Best, Barbara Summer

On 2014-03-10T17:33:35, lori kunkel wrote:
Hi, i live 3 hours from L.A. and am very disciplined, I’m 56 and have had a lifetime of chronic fatigue and insomnia. I have read SLEEP BETTER and some of your wonderful website, and will do all and more to be a normal breather. I am on low income but that will not stop me, please let me know when you will come to L.A. and teach. Lori Kunkel 717-476-1274. kunkellori@yahoo.com I want to LIVE b4 I die!

On 2013-05-04T22:59:00, Dean Howell, ND wrote:
This seems like such a logical method of breathing. Dr. Buteyko’s wisdom in seeing this going on around him was proof of his genius, and his clinical accomplishments are great!