Causes and Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle: Low Body Oxygen

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- Updated on October 29, 2020

Causes and Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle: Low Body Oxygen 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Dr. Andrés David Velasquez, MD and Naziliya Rakhimova, MD


A sedentary lifestyle has gradually become common during the 20th century due to the advance of the industrial revolution. The main effects of too little physical exercise relate to reduced oxygenation of body cells. It is easy to check and prove that a person with a sedentary lifestyle has less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test, while the norm is 40 s.

Causes and Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle: Low Body Oxygen

If we compare the breathing of an average person with the medical norm, modern people breathe about twice more than the medical standard.

Brain oxygen for normal breathing and deep breathing What are the reasons why people cannot enjoy physical exercise? People with a sedentary lifestyle have heavy breathing at rest and low body oxygenation before exercise. A person with low body oxygenation at rest normally complains about fatigue and is naturally lazy. Even if people with heavy breathing (over 95% of the modern population) try to exercise, this results in heavy and fast mouth breathing during and after exercise. Most people then feel worse after physical activity.

Causes of sitting too much vicious (diagram)This heavy breathing at rest reduces brain and body oxygenation and leads to depressive thoughts about own physical deficiency (a mental self-image based on poor fitness). Chronic fatigue and depressive thoughts about poor fitness eliminate any desire to exercise forming a vicious circle of causes and effects related to a sedentary lifestyle (see the diagram). For more detail, visit this link.

How to transform sedentary behavior into the joy of exercise?

The most natural way to deal with a sedentary lifestyle is to boost one’s brain and oxygen content by gradually slowing down automatic breathing patterns and increasing results for the body-oxygen test.

One needs to achieve X seconds (see below) for the body-oxygen test in order to make physical activities easy and to solve the main problems related to chronic fatigue and sitting too much. Physical exercise, but with nose breathing only, is the key long-term factor to boost body oxygenation (see Fitness Section for more detail). Up to Y seconds for body oxygen are necessary in order to crave physical exercise naturally and even develop natural aversion in relation to a sedentary lifestyle. Both numbers, X and Y, are provided below as your bonus content.

X – 30 seconds for the morning CP.
Y – 50 seconds for the morning CP.


YouTube video below: Sedentary lifestyle and its effects on health and body-oxygen levels.

So, to solve problems with poor health and desire to sit too much, slow down your too heavy breathing and increase your body O2 levels.

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