Variability of factors causing overbreathing

- Updated on August 3, 2019

The hyperventilation-promoting factors are individual to the person and can vary over time for the same person. For example, a healthy young man, after graduation, may become less active physically. Breathing gets heavier. After some years he gradually gains weight. That further intensifies breathing and lowers the CP. Later he starts breathing through his mouth and sleeping on his back. He becomes and feels more and more unwell. Presence of a childhood psycho trauma would be a great amplifier of these negative effects. Here, a combination of factors has gradually made his breathing heavier. If one wants to get back to the norm, to reverse the negative factors is the solution.

“Therefore, the only way left is to carry out the principle that we have proposed for the prevention and treatment of the mentioned diseases: this is the principle of willful elimination of deep breathing. As one learned deep breathing, so should he re-learn it. Using which way? Contrary to the way that deepened his breathing. Everyone has a method and used it to deepened breathing, and it is possible to correct it [breathing] practically by the reverse method.” Dr. Buteyko lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969

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