Movies Show Healthier People Many Decades Ago

- Updated on August 3, 2019

Do old movies and films show that people’s breathing pattern in the past was different? You may notice the following visible and audible differences that indicate and prove better health state in people living many decades ago.

1. People kept their mouths shut (except during speaking, eating, drinking, or when experiencing a strong surprise or awe).

2. People spent hours while reading, speaking, and working in the correct posture, which means a straight spine, shoulders back, and the chin up.

3. The gait and other body movements (like standing up, carrying objects, picking objects from the floor, bending, dancing, etc.) were done with a straight spine. Irrelevant muscles were relaxed since CO2 is a natural relaxant of muscles. One can observe their perfect posture, spontaneity, simplicity, effortlessness, coordination, and grace in actions.

4. There were no (or few) sighs, deep inhalations or exhalations, coughing, sneezing, etc.

5. The breathing of most people was invisible.

6. There were no deep inhalations before starting to speak or between phrases. At the same time, people tried to avoid speaking, as if they felt or knew that it causes overbreathing and all related effects leading to poor health.

7. People’s voices were deeper, more melodic, and rich in inner thoracic vibrations since normal breathing and higher CO2 values dilate air passages and relax vocal cords.

Be observant. Can you notice these differences between old movies and films?

All these effects make sense since we already found that normal breathing rates were at least twice less in people living about 100 years ago in comparison with modern men. Hence, old movies also confirm that changes in breathing (or hyperventilation and hypocapnia) are the main causes of the appearance of chronic diseases or diseases of civilization.

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