Oxygenate Yourself: Breathe Less (Buteyko Method Book)

- Updated on August 31, 2023

Foundations of the Buteyko breathing method; 94 pages

Buteyko breathing book: Oxygenate yourself, breathe less This is my small e-book about the importance of breathing and the theoretical foundations of the Buteyko breathing method. This book is based on my numerous lectures, seminars, talks, and presentations in different countries around the world.

The book is available here only in a software downloadable PDF form. It has 94 pages (about 1.1 MB).

The objective of this book is to explain simply:
– normal and abnormal breathing patterns
– the consequences of overbreathing or chronic hyperventilation (low O2 levels in body cells)
– the importance of the stress-free breath holding time test for human health (instructions for the CP test and results of clinical studies)
– quality of life and their link with breathing patterns
– lifestyle factors and their influence on breathing
– appearance and development of various diseases and their relation to breathing.

The content of this book is based on my introductory lectures devoted to the Buteyko breathing method.

Content of the book Oxygenate Yourself: Breathe Less

You can find the content of this book here: Oxygenate Yourself: Breathe Less (PDF file)

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Diane, you can learn from the Learning Section of this site.

On 2013-06-15T21:20:27, Anonymous wrote:
My name is Diane and I found your site today. I have suffered from CFS for the last 5 years. This illness has robbed me of the life I used to live. I cannot work, have any energy, and battle with a myriad of symptoms daily. Today I walked up the steps in my house and couldn’t breathe. I looked up shortness of breath with CFS and found you. I would love to learn your method and I do not work or make an income. Your book sounds fascinating and I would like to try and learn your method. Thank you for any consideration in helping me to do so. Respectfully Diane Slocum email Inez425@gmail.com

On 2012-12-30T01:22:09, Artour (mod) wrote:
You may need the DIY device book, not this one. Email me about the details.