Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity/EMR Allergy [Treated with Breath]

- Updated on September 15, 2020

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity/EMR Allergy [Treated with Breath] 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity/EMR Allergy [Treated with Breath]

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (also known as electrical sensitivity, electro-sensitivity
and electrohypersensitivity) involves abnormal physiological response, similar to an allergy, to small doses of EMF (electromagnetic field), EMR (electromagnetic radiation) or other types of radiation that often include solar radiation.

The human body is essentially an electrical body with electrical charges and currents that control work of muscles, nerve cells, and thousands of chemical reactions. All these processes take place with minuscule voltages of the order of about 10 millivolts. At the same time, usual home devices (such as cell phones, electrical cables, powerlines, masts, etc.) are able to generate much higher EMF (electromagnetic fields) in cells of the body or even cause their direct damage.

This video below (by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt) explains the topic of electropollution and its effects on health. He explains this growing concern and some simple methods and techniques to reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs/EMR at home.

Therefore, it would be naive to expect that there are people who are not affected by electropollution or dirty electricity. In my views, the degree or effects are individual. There are:
– Those who experience limited negative effects (only a small number of people)
– Those who gradually develop various symptoms and health problems that relate to EMFs or dirty electricity (majority of people)
– Those who experience acute reactions (a small number of people).

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

I have a personal interest in people (especially breathing students) who recovered or are currently trying to recover from acute hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields and solar radiation, or so-called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”.

This condition is accompanied by nearly immediate physical symptoms similar to an allergic reaction. It is rare and mostly confined to those people who got a medium dose of radiation (such as 1,000’s of people after Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan).

Note that millions of people can claim to suffer from long-term or accumulative effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, acute electromagnetic hypersensitivity is based on measurable immediate physical symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, mucus in airways, headache, increased heart rate, digestive problems, and/or many others. These symptoms are individual, and they usually occur within minutes after an exposure.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity appearanceThe common scenario for the appearance of this concern is shown on the graph. It may take months for EMF Electromagnetic hypersensitivity to appear.

Using radiation is one of the weapons that can be freely (without any restrictions) used against their targets by secret agents from national security organizations (those who claim that they are very important for the world and public safety).

The acute EMF sensitivity is a very nasty condition. The allergic reaction causes histamine release, inflammation of tissues, cellular damage, increases minute ventilation, and decreases body oxygen content from any number down to 15-20 seconds. This effect of increased ventilation appears within minutes after exposure.

EMF field or solar radiation (most probably due to penetrating solar radiation caused by heavy particles) creates an allergic response leading to the large area of inflammation inside the body.

This condition is hard to avoid since even cell phones and ordinary electrical cables trigger the response. True effects of electromagnetic Hypersensitivity sensitivity also take place during sleep (so it is not something that is in “one’s head”).

Are there any safe doses of radiation?

Radiation and EMF fields are some of the taboo topics ignored by modern governments and health-regulating authorities. EMF radiation is as destructive as a drug and children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable parts of the population.

Countries have widely different norms for safe EMF exposure. Many Western countries do not have any standards. This fact alone indicates that this is a new, conflicting, and confusing health area for health officials.

Apart from rare individuals who experience immediate adverse effects of EMF radiation, there are millions of people for whom “dirty electricity” that includes cell phones, wifi devices, transmission masts, and so on, produces long-term or slow effects without any measurable immediate reaction.

In some people, EMF radiation can be the main factor of their existing symptoms of multiple sclerosis or some serious chronic disease, such as brain cancer (e.g., glioblastoma or highly invasive gliomas in the brain).

Treatment of EMF Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

In many cases, it is easier to treat asthma, heart disease, or even diabetes and initial stages of cancer rather than EMF Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This is because avoidance of triggers is very difficult in the modern world, while an allergic reaction causes intensive body damage, reduces body oxygen levels down to low numbers.

Using grounding or Earthing is an important factor for treatment. Grounding often reduces the allergic or autoimmune reaction probably due to the reduction of induced electrical currents on the surface of the human body. (These currents are always created by the outer EMF, but grounding helps to reduce their strength.)

Is it possible to desensitize the immune system? How long can it take? It is relatively easy to get rid of, for example, allergy in asthmatics to cats or dogs, or even to an allergic reaction present in people with hay fever. The general requirements for many allergic reactions are following. In order to desensitize the immune system, the person needs to achieve a certain level in breathing retraining (over X s for the body oxygen test and heart rate values below Z) and avoid their personal triggers for Y weeks/months.

(You can find out all these parameters below in the bonus content). Then, according to the experience of thousands of people, it is nearly certain that these allergic reactions can disappear. However, while these great results are common in breathing students with allergies to food, cat and dog proteins, tree pollen, and so forth, it is certainly harder to recovery from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity due to common presence of triggers that are hard to avoid.

40+ seconds for the morning CP and 24/7 with less than 70 for pulse ar rest sitting. If you achieve this goal, it takes about 2-3 months to desynthesize the immune system. All people though enjoy a lot of energy, great sleep, dynamic digestion and other benefits of high body oxygenation.


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