Acidity Symptoms and Causes Relate to Body O2 Results

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- Updated on August 13, 2020

Acidity Symptoms and Causes Relate to Body O2 Results 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

What is cell and body acidity?

Acidity in body cells means low pH (less than 7) or the acidic cellular environment. Low O2 in cells causes low cell pH and body acidity symptoms. You can alkalize yourself with natural home remedies offered on this site. Body acidity is difficult to measure. Note that acidity or pH or urine, saliva, and other body fluids may not correlate with acidity in cells and tissues. There are thousands of clinical studies that testify about the presence of acidity (low pH in cells) and its important role in the development of chronic diseases, but family doctors or physicians do not test, diagnose or treat this health problem.

According to various online sources, acidity symptoms include a large number of possible symptoms ranging from fatigue and depression to a headache, dry skin, leg cramps and mouth ulcers.

However, many clinical studies related to acidity in people with cancer suggested that acidity is a secondary effect in relation to tissue hypoxia or low oxygen levels in body cells.

Main causes of body acidity are in body O2 (not in diets)

Effects of overbreathing on brain oxygen levels It is well known that, for example, people with cancer or advanced HIV can consume kilograms of alkaline foods, drink canisters of dissolved baking soda, and use other “acidity home remedies”. But if their low body O2 remains unchanged, they will still suffer from the same body acidity and the same symptoms.

It was shown on the page Morning Hyperventilation (see links below) that severely sick and critically ill people do not die after eating acidic foods. They are most likely to die during sleep (from 4 to 7 am) due to effects of severe overbreathing caused by chest breathing, supine sleep, mouth breathing, hyperventilation and a lack of grounding. Note, however, that diets do play a role in the development of overbreathing and acidic pH in body cells.

Most modern people constantly have low brain and body oxygenation accompanied by acidity in cells. Let us consider the cause.

Breathing changes during last 80 years

The physiological norm for breathing at rest (for adults) is only 6 L/min (the left bar in this graph above). This means that modern people breathe about 2 times more air than the norm when symptoms of acidity and chronic diseases were much less common. The problem is even worse in people with chronic diseases who have even heavier breathing and more problems due to body acidity.

Over-breathing means excessive losses of CO2. This causes constriction of arteries leading to reduced perfusion and reduced O2 delivery to all vital organs. Therefore, modern people suffer from body acidity due to cell hypoxia caused by overbreathing.

Acidity home remedies for higher body O2

About 200 Soviet doctors suggested that tissue hypoxia and resultant body acidity appear due to the reversal of the citric acid cycle (also called the Krebb cycle) when the results for the DIY body oxygen test are below 20 seconds. This threshold (20 s) is an important border that separates development of chronic diseases (when the body O2 is less than 20 s) from the state of stalemate (between 20 and 30 s). Normal breathing values (40-60 s) make cell environment normal nearly with any diet.

As these doctors found, a raw vegetarian diet provides an additional small contribution to eliminate acidic pH in body cells and alkalize the whole body. However, in people with GI problems, Candida yeast infection, and/or allergies to foods, certain foods can cause significant damage to cells greatly worsening their body acidity.

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