High Altitude Training: How to Increase Oxygen in Cells Naturally

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- Updated on October 13, 2020

High Altitude Training: How to Increase Oxygen in Cells Naturally 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

In this video below, Dr. Artour Rakhimov (a coach of 2 World Champions) explains that you can simulate high altitude training with the Training Mask.

Effects of overbreathing on brain oxygen levels In order to get the most benefits of higher altitude training for sports performance, VO2max, and endurance, an athlete can go to high altitude and train there.

High altitude helps to improve sports performance and increase VO2max. The positive effects are particularly strong after the first trip (that should be about 2-3 weeks long). One of the key parameters that is increased due to altitude training is the blood ability to transport oxygen to tissues. Thus, one can measure blood hemoglobin levels after descending to lower altitudes, and this will help to have better results in contests involving endurance.

However, repeated trips have a less strong effect due to reduced physiological abilities to adapt to one stimulus only: low oxygen levels (or hypoxia) that are present in the air at high altitudes.

This drawback of high altitude training can be solved with the Training Mask that reduces O2 content in the inspired air (due to resistance), but also increases CO2 content in the lungs and body cells. Hence, the Training Mask allows to have less O2 in the inhaled air (as at high altitude), but also provides benefits due to hypercapnic training. As a result, training at altitude can be effectively substituted with training sessions with the Training Mask at sea level.

Furthermore, learning how to slow down breathing at rest is crucial for healthy and natural adaptation to physical exercise since this is the single most essential factor that produces a profound effect on long-distance endurance, VO2max, and related characteristics.

Here is a link to the more detailed review and physiology of the Elevation Training Mask.

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On 2019-08-04T07:36:43, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
It is surely a great idea, but there are such devices known and used for many years. You can find also videos on Youtube related to breath restrictors.

On 2019-08-03T12:40:55, Roland wrote:
Dr, I was out walking and not breathing very much when an idea came to me for a cheaper and more inconspicuous device to restrict breathing. Simply take a pair of nasal dilators and add resistance to the chambers. You can just add cotton wool or some extra plastic to create resistance. Do you think this is a good idea?

On 2018-05-02T05:16:45, Dr. Artour (mod) wrote:
It is designed just for exercise. If you try longer, I guess it depends on how your skin on your face tolerates it.

On 2018-05-02T04:48:53, Garrett Parker wrote:
How long continuously can you wear a training mask?

On 2018-05-01T19:38:24, Garrett Parker wrote:
I’m wondering how long you can wear a training mask daily, continuously or should you take breaks? I probably will be exercising some but not the whole time. I don’t have a real job currently and have a lot of free time…lol

On 2016-04-19T16:16:08, Artour (mod) wrote:
It can help as a retreat with breathwork and exercise. But if you do nothing there, nothing will happen.

On 2016-04-19T05:09:52, mark wrote:
Artour, would living at altitude for 3 weeks increase MCP by itself?

On 2015-04-28T13:35:28, Artour Rakhimov (mod) wrote:
Only physical exercise method often does not work.
You can try the Frolov or DIY device for 30 min to see if you can get over 20 s CP.

On 2015-04-27T13:34:28, Levi wrote:
After months of effort, I can jog @ 8.5 km/h for 15 minutes using the elevation mask adjusted to 6000m altitude. Without the mask, I can jog effortlessly for 30m breathing only through the nose. But my CP does not go above 15s; no matter what I do, my CP can’t increase. Something really serious must be hindering my health progress. Even my gut health is better by following your directions in the Digestion Book, but my CP just can’t grow!

On 2014-05-17T14:57:54, Ryan wrote:
The carbon dioxide that one produced is easily lost from the lungs in low-altitude conditions due to high air pressure and this leads to lower cellular oxygen content. The oxygen content of air is just one side of the story.

On 2014-04-17T20:51:02, Anonymous wrote:
If money won’t be an issue and if you had all equipment available how fast would one be able to go from low to normal CP?

On 2014-04-17T12:45:47, Artour (mod) wrote:
They can work and often work well depending on lifestyle before and during sleep.

On 2014-04-16T12:53:20, Anonymous wrote:
Hey, Artour can you say something about altitude chamber tents? Do they work and how fast would one be able to raise CP and gain health? Also how fast would one be able to achieve higher CP if all equipment were available and which things would help?

On 2013-10-02T08:12:44, Artour (mod) wrote:
It likely relates to parasites or very poor digestion.

On 2013-10-01T14:52:49, Anonymous wrote:
Doctor Can you tell me how to gain weight for skinny guys I have seen a lot of skinny guys who have problems in gaining weight they eat a lot but cannot is there any breathing problems