How to Lose Weight Without Exercise: Breathing

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- Updated on November 1, 2020

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise: Breathing 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Poor circulation in head due to overbreathing The most natural way how to lose weight without exercise is to improve blood circulation and body-oxygen levels by correct breathing or gradual breathing normalization.

An overweight person has reduced metabolism with less than 20 seconds for the simple body-oxygen test. (The normal value is 40 seconds.) This means chest breathing 24/7 (which drastically reduces blood oxygenation), possible mouth breathing (especially at night), and chronic overbreathing or breathing at least twice more than the medical norm.

Low CO2 levels in the body reduce blood flow and O2 transport to all organs and tissues. (See the brain image on the right side.) Therefore, the suggested how-to-lose-weight-without-exercise approach is based on learning how to breathe slower and less, accumulate CO2, and improve blood flow and O2 transport. This naturally raises blood glucose levels and eliminates hunger.

I applied this approach to hundreds of overweight people. These were students with common health problems, such as asthma, fatigue or heart disease. They just followed the standard program of breathing normalization, and weight loss was a side effect of this therapy. Some of my students, after practicing simple breathing exercises, asked me, “I eat 2 (or 3) times less food for days and am not hungry. What is wrong with me?” Over 180 Russian doctors found the same result for more than 150,000 overweight people who learned the Buteyko method in the USSR and Russia.

How to lose weight with no exercise (chart) This how to lose weight without an exercise program is shown on a diagram. It usually requires up to 30 seconds for the body-oxygen test in order to be close to one’s ideal body weight, and over 60 s 24/7 for the ideal body weight.

The additional beauty of this program is that increased body oxygenation dramatically increases energy levels. With over 30 seconds for body O2 test, people get a natural desire to move and start to enjoy physical exercise. With less than 20 seconds for body O2, nearly all people complain about chronic fatigue.

Breathing exercise: How to lose weight fast with no exercise

If you want to lose weight fast without exercise, here is the simple natural solution used by 1,000 of people in Russia. When you are stressed or get hungry or at any other time, you need to practice this breathing exercise. After your usual exhalation, start breath holding. At the end of this breath hold, when you get a desire to breathe more air, practice reduced breathing. Here is the pattern:

Reduced breathing: how to lose weight fast with no exercise

Overweight people nearly always feel hot in 1-2 minutes of this exercise. (You may probably know that just a long breath hold makes you feel hot.) This is because of the immediate effects of CO2 on circulation, O2 transport, and blood glucose levels.

However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to practice this reduced breathing nearly all the time, for days and weeks.

Do not do this exercise when you have solid food in the stomach. It can cause more inflammation. Moreover, many groups of people have restrictions and temporary contraindications. This relates to people with hypertension, panic attacks, diabetes, pregnancy and some other specific conditions.

Extra tips for how to lose weight with no exercise

Two initial crucial steps which are related to sleep and useful for better wellbeing in the morning. You need to prevent supine sleep and oral breathing during sleep. If you wake up and have dry mouth, this means that you breathed through the mouth during sleep. You need to apply a simple technique that is explained in Learning Modules of this site. Similarly, there are simple methods to prevent supine sleep.

Earthing (grounding the body to Earth) for electrons is a very beneficial method to eliminate inflammation quickly, if you have any, and restore normal work of nerve and muscle cells. This is a new totally natural therapy that now has numerous supporting clinical studies. Earthing quickly gains popularity worldwide.

All other main lifestyle changes (how to develop diaphragmatic breathing 24/7, eliminate nutritional deficiencies, use of low carb or ketogenic diet, and so forth) are discussed in detail in the Learning Section, and these factors are very important for this how to lose weight without exercise program.

In this video, Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains most natural weight loss based on breathing retraining. Note that exercise becomes joy when breathing students slow down their automatic breathing.

Natural lifestyle choices before and after breathing retraining

Lifestyle factor: Body oxygen < 30 s Body oxygen > 50 s
Energy level Medium, low, or very low High
Desire to exercise Not strong, but possible Craving and joy of exercise
Intensive exercise with nose breathing Hard or impossible Easy and effortless
Typical mind states Confusion, anxiety, depression Focus, concentration, clarity
Craving for sugar and junk foods Present Absent
Addictions to smoking, alcohol, and drugs Possible Absent
Desire to eat raw foods Weak and rare Very common and natural
Correct posture Rare and requires efforts Natural and automatic
Sleep Often of poor quality; > 7 hours Excellent quality; < 5 hours naturally
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