Do We Need This “Poisonous” CO2?

- Updated on December 9, 2021

Do We Need This “Poisonous” CO2? 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Do We Need This “Poisonous” CO2? 2Carbon dioxide gas is used for killing animals. In small mammals (e.g., rats and mice) the loss of consciousness is quick (seconds). In larger mammals (e.g., guinea pigs) the animals first become very distressed and disturbed. They are restless, breathe deeply, and salivate profusely. For discussion of animal euthanasia with the use of carbon dioxide one may see (Coenen et al, 1995) and (Paton, 1983). Very large relative concentrations or pure carbon dioxide gas are normally used.

Also, there are many books, newspaper articles, and even some medical publications, which claim that one of the main functions of human respiration is “to remove the poisonous carbon dioxide from the human organism”. In addition, there are many popular health articles, which state that carbon dioxide is a “waste” gas. It follows from this approach that it is better to breathe deeper and faster in order to expel the “poison” at higher rates. However, there are thousands of medical and physiological publications, studies, trials, and experiments that state the opposite. Namely, they strongly discourage over-breathing (hyperventilation), both in its acute and chronic forms.

Why? Over-breathing removes too much carbon dioxide from the organism, while carbon dioxide is absolutely necessary to sustain life. When its level becomes about 3-4 times less than the physiological and medical norms, death is an immediate outcome.

CO2 BronchodilatorProbably, these ideas about CO2 appeared after French scientist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier discovered in 1788 the role of CO2 and O2 in breathing. He explained why mice and candle both died in CO2, but could live longer in O2. What about the killing of animals with high levels of carbon dioxide in the air? Could we die in similar conditions? Let us look at another related phenomenon, drowning. Thousands of people die every year because of too much water being taken in through the mouth. About 4-5 liters of water taken at once would be enough to fill the whole stomach and parts of the lungs with water causing death in a few minutes. However, nobody claims that water is a “poison” because water is equally important and vital (in sensible quantities, not 4-5 liters at once) for humans and any cellular life. The situation with carbon dioxide is exactly the same.

Every living thing needs normal levels (not too much and not too little) of carbon dioxide for healthy functioning. Moreover, numerous medical studies cited in this chapter clearly show that carbon dioxide is the substance that is most needed by patients with various modern chronic degenerative disorders and ailments.

Extract from Dr. Artour Rakhimov's Amazon book "Normal Breathing: The Key to Vital Health", also available in PDF.