Stop Snoring Easy Treatment: Breathe Less (100% Success Rate)

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- Updated on August 13, 2020

Stop Snoring Easy Treatment: Breathe Less (100% Success Rate) 1By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

- Medically Reviewed by Naziliya Rakhimova, MD

Man sleeps and snores with phlegm and coughHow to stop snoring fast? Countless remedies, snoring devices (SnoreCare nose vents), SleepWell Pro (stop snoring CPAP chin straps), SleepPro (Anti-Snore Sleep Chin Strap), other products and solutions, which you can find on the web, have limited success, but this treatment allows snorers to immediately reduce snoring because it addresses the biochemical and physiological cause of snoring.

This YouTube video features Volker Schmitz (Hamburg, Germany) and Dr. Artour Rakhimov (Toronto, Canada) who explain how to treat snoring fast and naturally without using devices that are reviewed in the second video below.

A simple experiment for a snorer or an observer. Count the breathing frequency (respiratory rate) measured in numbers of breaths per minute of a snoring person or ask someone else to find out this number for yourself when you snore. You can also find numerous YouTube videos showing snoring. The common result is 15-20 breaths/minute, while the medical norm for the respiratory rate of an adult at rest is 10-12 breaths/minute. What does this mean?

Cause of snoring

People who snore breathe too fast and too much. They hyperventilate during sleep and at rest too. Snoring can appear only when you breathe at least 2 times more air than the medical norm and your airways are constricted. Consider this graph. It is based on Western clinical research and it explains why snoring was not common some 50-80 years ago.

Hyperventilation Syndrome in Modern People explains cause of snoring

Pathological changes in tissues (such as excess throat tissue or the uvula) can be an additional factor, but even these changes have the same cause (overbreathing or chronic hyperventilation) since hyperventilation leads to cell hypoxia (reduced oxygen levels) and the suppressed immune system that allows abnormal tissues to exist.

Imagine that your breathing pattern becomes normal. Obviously, if you breathe now 2 times less air than before, air flow and air velocity in the airways are dramatically reduced. Would you be able to produce those roaring or loud sounds? Obviously not.

There is an additional powerful effect of breathing less for airways. Since CO2 is a powerful dilator of airways and bronchodilator (and some medical studies suggests that it is the most potent vasodilator), your CO2 level in airways, with easier breathing, will be much greater. Anti-snore devices also increase CO2 levels in airways. This will reduce constriction of airways (bronchospasm), relaxes their smooth muscles, reduces cell hypoxia and stop extra mucus production. At higher CO2 levels, breathing becomes slow, smooth and even and this will prevent snoring and will also stop apneic episodes or sleep apnea.

Review of popular anti-snoring devices

Here is a review of common anti-snoring devices by Dr. Artour Rakhimov who was interviewed by Volker Schmitz (both are Buteyko breathing practitioners).

Treat snoring with easier breathing 24/7

This natural stop snoring treatment is based on the restoration of normal breathing parameters using breathing retraining exercises and changing risk lifestyle factors. One can use hatha yoga, the Buteyko breathing technique, Frolov breathing device therapy, or Amazing DIY breathing device.

The most important factor in this process is to achieve certain results for the body oxygen test. Snorers usually have less than 20 s for the morning body oxygen test. Snoring disappears when the morning CP is over a certain number that is hidden right below here as your bonus content. The bonus content also provides a treatment duration (how many days or weeks) that is common for my students to stop snoring completely.

If you spend about 1 hour for breathing exercises and 1 hour for physical exercise every day, you can cure snoring in about 1-3 weeks.


Crucial lifestyle changes and description of breathing exercises are on the web page Buteyko Breathing Exercises to use as your fast and natural anti-snoring remedy, while anti-snore devices can be used only as a temporary measure.